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Where did my comments box go?


I need help with from my WordPress blogger friends…  WordPress seems to have changed the template a bit and now my comments box is waaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of my page, rather than directly below a given blog post (when viewing an individual blog post).

Very hard to find.  See what I mean?

I can’t seem to figure out how to fix that. Any ideas? Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Where did my comments box go?

  1. I love your blog! Its so nice to hear from a natural point of view and a fellow mommy:) I will be following you:) I have a home wellness business if you have ever heard of Melaleuca. They are an awesome company that offers many great non toxic products as well so I can appreciate your “non toxic” way of life and I applaud you for all that you do! My family is my main priority and I hope to maintain a healthier way of life for them:)

    Hope all stays well with you and yours!

  2. I’m so glad I saw this post down at the bottom of your recent posts list! One more post and I would have been totally lost as to how to comment here. I am SO behind on your blog. Heck, I’m behind on all of them, even after whittling out some from my reader.

    When did you move??

  3. Hi Jill: Thanks so much for dropping by and so nice to “meet” a fellow Newfoundlander who is interested in green living!

    Hi Lisa: We moved at the end of April, and we love our new home!!! Glad you found out how to comment!

    I wish the comment box is hidden. I have too many links on my side bar, but I don’t want to get rid of any…

  4. What about getting a new template? It’s probably just a problem with this one template. They have added a lot of new ones, have you checked lately?

  5. Hi Lisa: Thanks for the advice! I think I was needing a change too! And now my comment box isn’t hard to find!!!

  6. Whoo! I like the new template!

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