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MRSA came to visit our home


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) came to visit our home two weeks ago. MRSA is a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics (which actually developed as a result of the over-use of antibiotics), and as a result, is difficult to treat. It can result in painful skin infections (as well as other infections). It is common in hospitals and we can only surmise that we picked it up from one of our many trips to the hospital.

DH developed an MRSA infection on his lowerback and it was so painful, it radiated pain down to his leg and up his spine. He couldn’t lie on his back, or even sit in a car without being in agony. We didn’t realize at the time that it was MRSA because it took a week for it to be cultured. The day that the test results came in, DH’s physician recommended that DH live somewhere else for a week, for fear we would pass it to Moses. The first thing I did was google MRSA and Job’s infections and I found tons of cases of Job’s syndrome patients with multiple MRSA infections given that  individuals with Job’s syndrome are susceptible to staph infections. It painted a terrible and horrifying picture in our minds.

It wasn’t the best timing because we were expecting out-of-town guests. I didn’t want DH to live somewhere else for a week, so we sought second opinions from Moses’ pediatrician, my mother (a nurse), my Heilkunstler and also my intuition. DH decided to stay at home, but we took a lot of precautions, such as Moses not being allowed in our room, DH using a designated bathroom that Moses couldn’t use, lots of handwashing, switching to an antibacterial soap (something that we hate to do under normal circumstances, but given the situation, we needed to take all precautions), sanitizing the bathroom with bleach, spraying our beds and couches with antiseptic spray, wiping everything down with antibacterial wipes.

Then two days later, I developed a MRSA infection on one of my persistent rashes (I think it’s psoriasis) on my left knee. (Likely because  I was helping to change DH’s dressings and my rashes had been terribly itchy that I couldn’t help but scratch them). Within a couple of days, the infection was so painful, I couldn’t bend me knee and it hurt and throbbed with pain constantly. It felt as though I had cut open my knee and that someone was poking it with a stick. ALL DAY LONG and all night long. Ridiculously painful. It shocked me how painful it was and I prayed that Moses would not get it. Moses rashes were up and were all open and/or scabbed over on his back from scratching, making the likelihood that he would get it high.

My Heilkunstler prepared two homeopathic droppers, one to help me deal with the infection, and another Syphilis dropper (given that staph infections are related to the Syphilis miasm). I also started a 10-day dose of trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, an antibiotic that MRSA is not resistant to. This was my first dose of pharmaceutical antibiotic in over 15 years. I also researched alternative treatments for MRSA and I learned that turmeric is helpful. I took a  teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water a couple of mornings (yuck!). I started upping my dosage of MMS. I took oil of oregano. I took Cold Effects (North American ginseng) to boost my immune system. I prayed. I researched all that I could on MRSA. It was depressing reading because most of the websites said that once you had MRSA, you would be a carrier for life, susceptible to future infections, and it is often passed  back and forth amongst family members. Ack!

Why did MRSA visit our home?

I wondered why MRSA visited our home. Why now? We’ve been so optimistic. Moses has been doing so well. This happened right before DH’s 10 mile race (and it now looked like he wouldn’t be able to run it). This happened a day after I had an expansive evening sharing Munay Ki rites with a fellow healer, following weeks of self-care (weekly body work sessions, etc.). It wasn’t related to a healing reaction on my part (or so I thought) since I was waiting until we were back from our vacation to start the next round of Heilkunst healing.

It seemed to ironic that it was MRSA, a particular infection that Moses was susceptible to, yet DH and I were the ones who had it. And not Moses.

I talked to my Heilkunstler and she said that even though Moses is the one with the diagnosis, really, the diagnosis is related to the deeper miasms that both DH and I carry. I had heard many times before from various sources that Moses is a powerful healer, and through his little body,  he has been processing a lot of karma related to the family line, helping the whole family’s healing. It almost felt as though by DH and I having MRSA, we were helping Moses to process some of the karma ourselves (not that we aren’t anyway, but we were now doing it in a more demonstrative way). Not sure if that makes sense to you, but it kind of made sense to me. In any case, I’d much rather it be my husband and me to have infections than my boy.

My Heilkunstler shared with me that staph infections are indicative of parental betrayal and being violated by family. Self-sabotage. Harsh words, but the words resonated for me as when I was a child, I experienced violations and betrayal. My Heilkunstler also reminded me that one of my daily droppers was a mixture of Lachiasis (guilt and shame) / Nat-Mur (old grief), and that these together worked synergistically to bring healing of old guilt, shame and grief in my body. And, which could very well manifest as an MRSA infection.

The MRSA infection helped to really bring out my feelings of “being a leper” (the homeopathic remedy, Hura, which is an ideogenic disease). DH and I didn’t touch for most of the week. Our out-of-town guests decided not to stay with us (for good reason). We couldn’t bring Moses to a swimming birthday party. Both DH and I felt infected and diseased.

Cranialsacral Therapy / Total Body Modification

Moses and I had a follow up session with our chiropractor. He could tell that my body was fighting an infection and was able to desensitize my body to staph (using energetic vials of staph), as well as boost my immune system with other vials energized to represent parts of the immune system. This was part of the total body modification work. Then, he did some cranialsacral work with me. He shared that my solar plexus, which had been highly reactive during previous sessions had softened and that some of the energy had moved up to my neck (hence, the new pain in my neck — another story altogether), but this was actually a good sign. It had occurred to me that all of the body work that I had been receiving (cranialsacral therapy, TBM, Munay Ki rites, massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and breathe work every few days during the last month) could have also led to the development of MRSA.

During my first session with my chiropractor, I felt old wounds from my traumatic childhood release. During the second session, I felt that I was being re-birthed into his hands. During the third session (yesterday), my body felt at ease. Like everything made sense, everything was falling into place, and everything was going to be alright. This infection is yet another dramatic healing reaction, after which, our whole family will be more healed, more at ease.

Moses is MRSA-free

MRSA has been in our home for two weeks now, and Moses is still MRSA infection-free.  It’s amazing and a miracle. And we are so thankful. I’m now thinking that the infection may just leave our home, without affecting Moses. (But if by chance, God forbid, he does get it, we also have the tools to help him through it).

His chiropractor desensitized Moses to staph using TBM. And our Heilkunstler started him back on a daily Syphilis dropper (again, given that staph is related to this chronic miasm). We talked to Moses’ pediatrician and she didn’t think it was necessary for any of us to leave the home (we couldn’t since both DH and I had it anyway). She didn’t even think it was necessary to swab him for MRSA. In fact, she was convinced that Moses was actually already colonized by MRSA given all of his time spent at hospitals, but was asymptomatic. Somehow that idea brought me relief because I had been so scared of Moses getting the infection from us. If he was actually carrying it already and is asymptomatic  – wow — that’s really amazing. Another huge sign of how strong Moses body had become at fighting off infection.

His chiropractor also shared that Moses lungs were softer and “freer” than they had been a couple of weeks ago. Another great sign.

Decolonizing from MRSA

I found information on Wikipedia (and other sites) on how to decolonize from MRSA.

After the drainage of boils or other treatment for MRSA, patients can shower at home using chlorhexidine (Hibiclens) or hexachlorophene (Phisohex) antiseptic soap from head to toe, and apply mupirocin (Bactroban) 2% ointment inside each nostril twice daily for 7 days, using a cotton-tipped swab. Household members are recommended to follow the same decolonization protocol.*

DH mentioned this decolonization technique to our family doctor and the  doctor thought that it was a brilliant way to decolonize from MRSA (he didn’t even realize that it was possible prior to this). He agreed that it would work and even wrote down the instructions for future reference. We are going to do this, but we need a prescription for the antiseptic soap, so it will have to wait until we get back from our vacation from Gros Morne next week before we get the prescription (the doctor had thought that you could get the antiseptic soap over the counter, but you actually need a prescription). In the meantime, we will use the Bactroban ointment on our nostrils (all three of us), and DH and I are showering with an antibacterial hand soap (again, I hate doing this, but under the circumstances…). Moses is still bathing in tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties. We will continue to take all other precautions as well (hand washing, frequent washing of clothes, bedsheets, etc.).

Good News

  • Moses is healthy.
  • DH’s infection has healed and he will be able to run the Tely 10 tomorrow!
  • My infection is clearing up and no longer hurts.
  • We are going on a much-needed vacation to Gros Morne with dear family and friends on Monday.
  • I’m back to feeling hopeful and optimistic and feel that this MRSA infection was just another step in our family’s healing, and that when we return from vacation, we will return refreshed, healthy and well in body, mind and Spirit.

Related to the last point, I chose 3 tarot cards this morning that let me know that we were on the right track. The three cards:

  • The Tower – a picture of a tower being struck by lightning and people falling out of the tower.
    • Meaning: A time of great change, either outward or inward.
    • Old structures and beliefs are swept away to make way for creativity and inspiration, and the next step on your path.
  • Princes of Wands – a pictures of a young boy warrior riding a horse.
    • Meaning: Enjoying travel and adventure (our Gros Morne vacation).
  • Ten of Cups – picture of a content and happy family with their 10 cups full to the brim.
    • Meaning: A promise fulfilled. Dreams really can come true; you can be blessed with good fortune, success, and a warm and loving family. Rainbows appear after it has rained. The storm is over and the indications are that the positive situation will endure. Loving and permanent relationships. Happiness. Spiritual and emotional blessings.

So be it!

Other useful MRSA links


July 28, 2011 – I had an appointment with my doctor and my rash is still oozing, so I’ve started my second dose of antibiotics (a 14-day course). I was advised not to use band aids, which help to breed bacteria, and instead, use dry dressings with tape. Within a couple of days of the dry dressing, my rash closed up. Thankfully.

August 3, 2011 – We have been showering daily with Phisohex (a prescription antibiotic cleanser) and putting Bactroban in our nostrils for the last week. Great news – Moses is still MRSA-free!!

August 16, 2011 – I’m done my 14 day course of antibiotics and had a follow up with my doctor. The infection has cleared up. He didn’t bother to do another swab to make sure that we’re MRSA clear. He just said, “We’ll wait and see what happens…”. Great news — Moses remained MRSA-free during this entire time and we’re allowing him back into our room now for morning snuggles…  🙂

August 17, 2011 – My Heilkunstler suggested that I start a paper remedy for the antiobiotic that I was on (write the name of the antibiotic on a piece of paper, along with a 30C for the potency for a couple of days) and place it under my pillow.

October 24, 2012 – Due to Moses’ recurrent abscesses, his infectious disease specialist suggested that we try this decolonization technique:

– All members of the household do the following daily for five days:

  • Bathe in a bleach bath (1/4 cup of bleach with a full bath); and
  • Bactroban 2% or Mupirocin 2% in both nostrils 2x per day, using a cotton swab.

She said that decolonization may or may not work in the long run, but it’s worth a shot in our case.


11 thoughts on “MRSA came to visit our home

  1. Oh wow…..what a time you have had! So glad you are on the right track though and that Moses has stayed cleared of it! Good luck to your dh in the Tely 10 (although…it was really thundering, lightning and raining here this morning…hopefully that will pass before race time 🙂 ) Enjoy your vacation 🙂

  2. Thanks, Linda. DH did great in the Tely 10 today. His best time ever!! 86 minutes!!!

  3. That’s wonderful — Congrats to him !!

  4. Oh wow! What a blog entry…just amazing to read Janice 🙂

    I’m so glad Moses hasn’t been infected with MRSA – it can be challenging to manage at best! Moses is certainly getting stronger! Good stuff! It sounds like you’re doing all the right things to keep it at bay.

    A number of pieces of information you provided in this post rang through to me…Nic was experiencing staph repeatedly toward the latter part of last year…and it was very interesting to read that staph infections are indicative of parental betrayal and being violated by family – both of which ‘I’ can relate to…is it possible that Nic is carrying some of my stuff?…I do believe so…

    Thank you for an enlightening post

  5. Glad to know that some of this information could help you, Aliki… Seems that we are on very similar journeys indeed….

  6. What a journey. Just something you might want to check out in the future.

    Manuka Honey. You can apply it to wounds and it supposedly will kill MRSA. It has natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties. You can read about it on pubmed website. Also there is a manuka honey research department in New Zealand – here is link

  7. Hi Denise: Thanks so much for the advice about Manuka honey! I’d heard of it before, but hadn’t looked deeply into it. Have you ever used it and where do you get yours?

  8. Hi Janice
    I used the honey on a surgical wound I had – not sure if it helped, but it did not hurt. I used YS Organics, which I’ve read is not the best. I don’t know which to recommend. I haven’t had time to research – so let me know if you try one. Wedderspoon is highly rated on Amazon, but that’s the best I can offer right now. Let me know how your search goes.

  9. Thanks, Denise. I’ll let you know!!

  10. Pingback: Homeopathic paper remedies « Raising a Sensitive Child

  11. Hi Janice

    I got diagnosed with MRSA on my face a couple weeks ago. I had surgery back in May that let me with what I thought was a sebaceous cyst. For the longest time I thought it was just acne – long story. Anyways, I used to have blog, then deleted it. But with this MRSA thing – I felt like starting up again since I was spending much time in isolation. I sent my son to live with my mom, in the apartment above us. I pray that he will stay free of this bacteria.
    Needless to say – I literally started it yesterday – take a look. I’ve learned lots of interesting things. I’ll be detailing some of them in days to come.


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