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Everyday miracles


My first blog was actually called Everyday Miracles (here and continued here), a place where I focused on the everyday miracles,  joys and simple pleasures that blessed my life.

After awhile, I wanted to focus more on Moses’ healing (both the joys and also the difficult times) and wanted to be very authentic in my sharing, so I started this blog, which at the time, I didn’t share with anyone I knew (except with my mom and DH). I’ve still only told a handful of people about this blog.

Then later, I started a third blog, Energy Healing, which was a place where I first shared journal entries related to spontaneous writings that I received from my highest self, and later morphed into sharing information about me developing into an energy healer.

Raising a Sensitive Child, however, is the places where I’ve shared the most, and it feels as though things have progressed enough with Moses’ healing that I’m ready to write about other things. I’m feeling like this will be the main place that I will share and I’d like to integrate posts about everyday miracles, joys, simple pleasures, as well as talk more about  Spirit, intuition, energy healing, as well as continue to discuss our family’s health and healing.

I’ve been reluctant to do so in the past because I had a fear that if I shared esoteric stuff that some people who are looking for methods to help their children may discount the “factual” information that I present. But, it has occurred to me that most of my main readers actually are interested in esoteric stuff. I have tons of people who find my blog from a number of avenues, but the people who stay as loyal readers are the ones who are interested in everyday miracles and, even mysticism.

It feels right to me to come full circle and integrate all of my interests in one place. One place for me to authentically share.  It feels like it’s time to start talking about the sensitive mama who is raising the sensitive child….


3 thoughts on “Everyday miracles

  1. I love the shift already. 🙂

  2. Yay! 🙂

  3. That’s so great that you feel comfortable sharing those things here. It seems that people with multiple blogs tend to have a blog that’s their “baby” and it seems like this is it for you.

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