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Gros Morne Highlights


DH and I had a great vacation during our short time away in Gros Morne. Moses stayed home with Grammie and we zipped off to Gros Morne for a couple of days. It was a quick trip because we didn’t want to be away from Moses for too long, but it was a long drive (8 hours away), so we essentially spent two days driving and two days vacationing, but it was soooo worth it.

We met up with Gregor and Janice (who are family and dear friends [the best combination of both] and avid travellers who were in the middle of a three month North American road trip from Calgary to California to Newfoundland [to visit us and other friends] and back to Calgary).  It was great to spend time with them, as we missed hanging out with them when we lived in Calgary. They live inspired and intentional lives, and it’s great to be reminded of how life can be when one is intentional about it.

Day 1 – St. John’s to Gros Morne

We arrived in Gros Morne National Park  around 5 pm and settled into our cabin and met up with Gregor and Janice. We caught the sunset at the beach and had a bonfire.

What a spectacular sunset!

Day 2 – Hiking Gros Morne

We spent our first full day in the park hiking Gros Morne! It was a huge deal for me since I hadn’t been on a long hike for a while. It was a 16 km hike, with an approx. 800 m ascent. Yikes! I was nervous about doing it, but knew that as long as I took my time, I could do it. And, I did!! Janice and I spent our time catching up and talking about religion, spirituality, friendships, family, love, health, children and everything in between.

Happy hikers at the trail head to the Gros Morne hike

The steep ascent

My sexy husband!

Look how far we've come!

We did it!

Day 3 – Relaxing

After the long hike the previous day, we spent the second day exploring the Woody Point side of the park and hiking the Tablelands (it was a much shorter hike – 4 km and on even terrain, so much, much easier).

Relaxing at the beach in Trout River

Enjoying ourselves...

Hiking the Tablelands

At the end of the Tablelands trail, there was an amazing glacial fed pool. It felt as refreshing as a day at the spa and we dipped in our feet and relaxed on the rocks. This was the best part of the trip for me. I felt renewed, blessed and even baptized by the coolness of the glacial water on my feet.

Joyful and rejuvenated

Day 4 – Home

We sadly said goodbye to Gregor and Janice at the cabin, and then drove to Cornerbrook (a city on the west coast of Newfoundland that I hadn’t visited before), and then made our way back home…  Moses was happy to see us, but he had also remained happy and grounded while we were away. We talked to him every morning and evening during our vacation. It was heartwarming to hear his sweet voice and stay connected during our time away.

Grammie said that it was a pleasure to care for him while we were away and remarked how different it was from the last time DH and I took a short vacation together (which has been a year and a half ago). A lifetime’s ago away, since last time we returned from our time away, we were wondering if Moses might have Asperger’s syndrome.  Just another reminder of how far we’ve all come. So thankful!

Next week, the three of us will go on a mini-vacation for one night away in Clarenville for a family reunion / wedding anniversary celebration. Can’t wait!

Happy boy


4 thoughts on “Gros Morne Highlights

  1. Oh….sounds like a wonderful time away! Loved reading about your trip and seeing your beautiful pictures. We just drove through Gros Morne once on our way to St. Anthony but hope to get back one day. My health challenges prevent me from hiking…but with the help of my homeopath….I am determined to get back to what I once was. Hiking at Gros Morne is on my bucket list for sure!

  2. Hi Linda: I also hope that you get to hike Gros Morne one day!! We haven’t been to St. Anthony yet and would like to one day!!

  3. Rejuvenating, indeed! Looks so lovely! I would love to email with you a bit on your previous concerns of Aspergers, if you’re up for it! I would love some of that insight as I wonder if my concerns will ever go away when we’ve been told repeatedly “no, he is not on the spectrum”.

  4. Hi Juniper: Feel free to send me an email at spirityoga@live.com if you want to chat more. I’m not sure if I’ll be of much help, but I’ve certainly felt a connection to you and your journey with your son, and would love to chat more.

    We never did pursue an ASD diagnosis for Moses. At the time, I was mostly worried about some extreme behavioural issues, and over time, they resolved themselves (thankfully). Of course, I feel that Heilkunst really helped with that….

    I remember a post that you did awhile back — something about allergy spectrum disorder… I could relate to the post because I felt that’s what was going on with Moses…

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