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Fermented salsa


I did it — I made my first fermented food…  fermented salsa. One of my readers recommended it as a good place to start with fermentation because you don’t need any special containers (just a regular mason jar will do), and you don’t need a special starter.

It’s one of Cheeseslave’s recipes — you can find it here.

What’s fermented salsa, you ask? It means it’s probiotic. Like yogurt or kefir. With all the assaults we have on our gut flora — from antibiotics to the birth control pill to chlorinated water — we need more probiotics.

I made it without the peppers and with extra salt (instead of whey, which Moses can’t have). I made it today, so it’ll take a couple of days to ferment and be ready.  I’ll post an update to let you know how it tastes and what Moses thinks of it.  I suspect that he won’t like it because he generally doesn’t like to try new things, but I want to persist with this because I think that it’s really important that he gets some good bacteria in his system.  (We do supplement with a good probiotic as well).

p.s. Keely’s Kitchen also has a fermented salsa recipe here.


Aug. 15, 2011 – It worked and like it!  I didn’t know what fermented salsa would taste like, but it has a bit of a “sour” taste. Kind of like sauerkraut, but with tomatoes and onion. I’ll definitely make it again.

Moses doesn’t want to try it (he doesn’t even like “normal” salsa). I hid one piece of fermented tomato under ketchup a couple of nights ago and he didn’t notice, but I tried the same thing again today and he said “I don’t like tomatoes” (he didn’t even try it).  hmmm….  I need to try a fermented food recipe that I think he’ll actually want to try…


4 thoughts on “Fermented salsa

  1. Mmmm…looks delicious! 🙂

  2. Hey Janice!

    I’ve been reading lots of blogs that focus on “Nourishing Traditions” and some paleo stuff. I’ve been making my own yogurt for about 4 or 5 months now. It is so much better than anything I can buy! I need to start trying some other stuff. I have a friend who is trying to get a kombucha starter going (and if she gets it going, I’ll try a “baby”). Good luck!! I look forward to reading about your experiments! 😉

  3. Congrats on your first fermentation! I need to try that recipe, too, but I’m more interested in making fermented ketchup for my little guy since he likes ketchup so much. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

  4. Hi Lisa: Thanks!!!! It turned out good and I’ll definitely try it again. Oh — what’s the fermented ketchup recipe?! Moses loves ketchup as well!

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