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I played The Wish and changed my life


I played The Wish and changed my life.

That’s the tagline for The Wish game and truthfully before I played the game, I thought that it was cheesy sounding.  But the truth is that I played The Wish last Monday on 8/8/2011 as part of a Global Wish Event hosted by Regina Wright and it healed my heart, opened me up to abundance and brought me inner peace.  Really.

It’s hard to know where to start given that so much has happened in the last seven days. Lots of deep healing for myself and the family. My friend, Dominique, who is an avid blogger described in great detail her experience of the Global Wish Event, which we attended together. From her post

…the 8th day of the 8th month 2011  was a powerful day during which people in 18 countries joined together to make the same wish – to live from the heart.  They did this by playing The Wish game – an absolutely profound experience I totally recommend.  Based on The Wish website and the Mayan calendar, the earth experienced “Cosmic Resonance on a Global Scale” yesterday due to “a huge influx of energy that supported a much more fluid connection with the Universal heart and mind, allowing us a unique opportunity to raise the level of consciousness on the planet.”  Sounds great to me.  Just knowing that thousands of people were focused on the same wish at the same time is powerful – having it amplified by favourable conditions is a bonus.

Therefore, hundreds of people around the world played The Wish on the same day with the same intention: to live from the heart. All of us who played around the world supported each other’s wish to live from the heart and also helped the entire world move into a heart-centred space. The new earth consciousness that is being birthed and supported for all of humanity is that we all live from the heart.

I was blessed to play the game with three other energy healers and through the course of playing the game and sharing from the heart, I received a profound and deep healing of my heart. Some of the amazing gifts and insights that I received from playing the game:

  • The first card that I chose was a block card. I shared that I was blocking living from the heart and living my life purpose due to fear about not being financially supported in doing healing work. One of the participants received insight that I kept my heart hidden in a locked box and only took it out on rare occasions. This resonated with me given that I often felt unsafe to share my heart and only allowed myself to be vulnerable when I felt safe (which was not very often).
  • I choose the following forgiveness card: “I release my heart from past betrayals”, and I forgave past betrayals from when I was a child. I felt a huge weight lift from my heart. I have been spending the last decade or more healing this betrayal and many, many layers had been previously healed, so I was surprised that I still carried so much of a charge in my heart. I received feedback from the group that the armour around my heart was coming off and that a main piece of protection around my heart was releasing. I received feedback that the healing work that I will be doing for others will be therapeutic for myself and I cried huge tears of joy, release and relief at hearing those words of truth. I asked for a tissue to wipe away my tears and Regina returned with a box of Kleenex that had the words, Courage, on it. It felt like huge confirmation.
  • The next card I choose was a pearl of wisdom: “Happiness is a choice and it’s your choice”. One of the participants shared that she heard a big booming voice say, “I deserve it!” and she received a chill down her spine (i.e., deep truth). Another reminded me that when I am happy, I will be in the flow and I won’t have to work or strive for happiness. I simply just need to allow the happiness to be. I received feedback that I am moving from survival mode to self-actualization (which is the theme for everyone on the planet right now). I am moving from doing to being. My heart energy was singing.
  • The next card I chose was an abundance card: “I can be spiritual and wealthy. You are in the flow of your wish”.
  • The next card was a universal truth card: “We are all connected”. I reflected that I often felt like an outsider, that I don’t belong. The others reminded me that all Lightworkers and energy healers tend to feel like outsiders, but reminded me that this will be the new normal. And that we are here to help with the uplifting and healing of the planet.
  • The next card was abundance: “My heart is full of joy”. One of the participants shared that the box that my heart was in is now opened and my heart is full of joy. I just need to let my heart shine. My heart is naturally joyful. I just need to let my heart shine. I am ready! I am a bright light! Another participant shared that she felt that big things were in store for me.
  • The last card that I chose was a universal truth card: “You always have free will”.
  • My free will card was: “Put your heart’s desire into action. Be prepared to have your wish fulfilled”.

In addition, I collected the following eight pearls of wisdom during the game:

  • Happiness is a choice and it’s your choice;
  • Be true to you!
  • The eyes are the window to the soul;
  • Cruelty disappears from a mind filled with love and compassion;
  • You’ve landed where you are because that’s where you are meant to be;
  • I can be spiritual and wealthy;
  • Silence is golden; and
  • Forgiveness is the most powerful tool.

Wow, wow and wow! I really feel that a profound and deep healing occurred during the game. I felt expansive and open and this expansiveness carried me through this week.

I am incredibly grateful to Spirit, the creators of The Wish, Regina, Dominique and Krista.

I am living from the heart.
And it is so, and so it is.

(This is a cross-post with my Energy Healing blog).


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