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Dr. Mercola’s recommendations for autistic children

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I love to share some of Dr. Mercola’s articles since they make a lot of sense to me. Last week, he wrote an article entitled Genes are not the main case of autism (although truthfully, I think that genes still play an important part).

His recommendations for autistic children include many things we are following (or trying to follow) for my sensitive child like:

  • Eliminate sugar (particularly fructose) and grains from your child’s diet.
  • Avoid pasteurized milk.
  • Tailor your child’s diet to whole fresh organic foods for optimal health.
  • Optimize vitamin D levels through proper sun exposure.
  • Lower microbial burden.
  • Lower toxic burdens.
  • Reduce EMF exposure.
  • Use tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to minimize emotional stress.
  • Saying no to vaccinations.
  • Homeopathy.

He also discusses Dr. Campbell’s GAPS program, which includes these suggestions:

  • traditionally fermented foods, such as kefir, yogurt and vegetables;
  • sunbathing without sunscreen for Vitamin D protection;
  • avoidance of grains;
  • healthy diet, including juicing, animal fats, meat and fresh vegetables;
  • omega-3 fats;
  • avoidance of processed foods and corn syrups;
  • baths with Epsom salts and sea salt, seaweed powder and cider vinegar, and bicarbonate soda;
  • digestive enzymes; and
  • avoidance of vegetable oils.

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