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Sensitive children can sense the spirit world


In case you were wondering, some sensitive children (including autistic children) can sense the spirit world. Every day, I have people who find my blog because I touched upon this topic with this post, which I’ve quoted below, so I can continue the dialogue that I started.

A mom recently started writing about raising two sensitive boys at A Tale of Two Crystals. Her sons hear and see spirits, and I’m very interested to have a dialogue with this mom since I haven’t met many moms who write about their psychic children’s experiences.

My son talks about seeing angels. And also talks about “bad dreams” being in his room. I, of course, believe that sensitive children can really see and sense spirits that most people cannot.

I know that we are not the only ones. Alex’s mom of Alex’s Journey out of Autism, believes that her son had difficulty sleeping in his room because of sensing a ghost in his room. And, Alexis at Taking the Lid off the Sun discusses tips for alleviating the fear of nighttime visitors for sensitive children who can sense spirits.

I had comments from two of my regular readers who also shared with me that their children can sense spirits, and one of them, Tamara from The Morales Crew, shared some great insights.

Thank you for this post! I know we are not alone out there, but like you said it is rare to see someone openly post about it.

Our Eden is sensitive in many ways and being aware of people’s energy, other sources of energy (spirits), and being able to tell us things that will happen in the future is part of that.

I have to wear a rose quartz bracelet because she is actually very sensitive to my anxious energy and if I do not wear it we start to clash. She also wears a rose quartz necklace and sleeps with a rose quartz rock to help her feel more balanced. She tells us it takes her angry away and soothes her. She is also very sensitive to roomfuls of people because she can pick up on things most people do not feel. She just turned five and for awhile now she talks about being able to change her dreams, sees things in the sky that no one else does, and when we smudge our house with sage she will say bye to people and open the door to let them out. Smudging also brings her peace and she will take a huge breathe in and smile saying she feels better.

Since she was little she would tell us things that are going to happen. It started out with her predicting when it would rain at about 18 months old. Then it progressed to talking about things that we had no idea what she meant and then a few days later it all made perfect sense because whatever she said would actually happen. She even found our current house for us.

I firmly believe that her sensitivities to food, medicine, toxins in vaccines, toxins in our home all are directly related to her being able to sense much more then most people. Simply put she is hyper-sensitive to all aspects of her environment.

I will never forget when an acquaintance of mine observed Eden for a few hours at a mutual friend’s BBQ and later messaged me via FB asking if she could talk to me about my daughter. She had never met her before or heard from anyone, including me, about her but instead of taking offense I listened with an open mind. What she had to say was amazing. This woman was also sensitive and the minute Eden walked by her when we arrived to the BBQ she said she knew Eden also felt things most people do not. She was able to explain to me what was going on with Eden and how some of her behavioral issues, that she could tell were happening without ever a mention, were because Eden was being overwhelmed by all she was having to process. I appreciated her input greatly and took all her advice to heart. Funny, because this woman does not have children, but her insight to how to deal with a sensitive child was spot on. The rose quartz was actually her idea and that has been a life saver.

Recently I had a Healing Through Touch practitioner over and Eden instantly sensed that this lady had different energy then the average person. Eden refused to be near her at all and and the practitioner explained that it could be because her healing energy may actually be too overwhelming for Eden to cope with. Thankfully the practitioner completely understood and did not attempt to force any interaction with Eden.

I always mention to people that if Eden was born to other parents who were not as open minded and understanding of her difference as we are she would most likely either have been harmed or put on medications already. I truly believe she picked us because she knew we would understand her, appreciate her, and love her no matter what.

We recently noticed our youngest daughter, Lily, who is two and half start to show her own types of sensitivities for energies too. Not as pronounced as Eden’s, but we think there is something there. Funny because she had food allergies and cannot tolerate a lot of the same things as Eden, so I do believe there could be a link of some sort between the two things in some people.

I resonate and agree with everything that Tamara mentions, in particular: “I firmly believe that her sensitivities to food, medicine, toxins in vaccines, toxins in our home all are directly related to her being able to sense much more then most people. Simply put she is hyper-sensitive to all aspects of her environment.”

This is part of the gift that our sensitive children bring. They can see and sense so much more than most of us can.

On most nights, Moses talks about seeing angels in his room. There are angels all over his room. The truth is that I don’t see them (I’m clairsenient [I can sense energies], but not clairvoyant). Moses appears to be clairsenient, clairvoyant and claircognizant. He clearly feels, sees and knows.

I’m currently doing a ritual that welcomes three healing angels into our home for five days. He asked me why the candle was lit and I told him it was in honour of the three healing angels that had come to visit us.

He said , “Mom….  (talking slowly to me, like I’m a bit simple)… There’s more than three angels in this room. There are hundreds of angels in this room. They are all over the place. Look — some of them are even coming in through the [closed] door”.  And he laughed.

When we take pictures, there are often many orbs in the photos with Moses (orbs are said to be angels captured in photos). A couple of older posts about this here and here.

All this to say that, yes, children can sense and see angels and other spirits. If your child is one of them, I feel it’s important to acknowledge that they can see and sense spirits, so that they keep that channel of intuition, knowing and connection to Spirit open. This is an amazing gift.

I feel that all people have the ability to develop these skills, but if we allow our children to keep these channels open, then they don’t need to spend years rediscovering them later on in life.

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18 thoughts on “Sensitive children can sense the spirit world

  1. I’ve been reading your posts now for several months and I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write thousand blog. I am raising a sensitive child and can very much connect, which is comforting since I haven’t found this community in the Chicagoland area so its nice to find it online.

    Being sensitive to peoples energies myself, I feel lucky that I can relate to my son. While he hasn’t started to talk of spirits, he cries for me after he wakes up as if he is scared and for naps he would much rather nap in the same room as where I’ll be. My entire life I’ve had nightmares and it wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I embraced them as a gift and it changed my experience of sleep. My hope is that my son learns about his gifts early on, that we embrace them and we teach him.

    So thank you for sharing and creating this community.


  2. Great Post Janice.
    Healing stones work wonders, and you have reminded me now is the time to reintroduce them in our bed for Emily. I am interested in finding a necklace of rose quartz for her, if you or any of your readers know where I may get one online I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you for sharing the shared insights/experiences here they resonate… i found myself talking to the screen with conviction upon reading the post.
    Also, interesting on the sage experience when I sage the home,Emily follows me around and does twirly whirls thru the smoke and says “Angels” waves and runs to the open windows and doors and says bye bye.When she started that I grabbed my drum and made it musical fun time.

    Moses and other sensitive ones communicate with authority and confidence on their experiences, and as long as we all as sensitive parents embrace that they will thrive.

    Carla Rose

  3. Hi Mindy: Thanks so much for your comment and for being a part of our community of sensitive families! Your son is fortunate that you are sensitive to energies as well, and that you understand and treasure his gifts. 🙂

    Hi Carla Rose: Ah, yes, I love crystals too and keep a rose quartz in Moses’ room, as well as an amethyst, and some other crystals. He loves crystals too!

    And, I *love* your story of Emily saying angels and saying goodbye to the spirits as they leave your home, during smudging. Powerful reminder of the power of smudging. I love smudging, but it’s been a while since I’ve done the whole house. Even more than sage, I love burning palo santo. I love the smell of palo santo… I need to get some more of it… http://www.shamansmarket.com/-strse-7/Palo-Santo-Wood-Stick/Detail.bok

    “Moses and other sensitive ones communicate with authority and confidence on their experiences, and as long as we all as sensitive parents embrace that they will thrive.” Yes, I really believe that’s true!

  4. We have gotten Eden rose quartz stones from rock shops, alternative healing stores, and also new age-y stores, if that even makes sense. For both her necklace and my bracelet I have found that eBay has great deals for items made with rose quartz. I was able to get a bracelet for $2 and two heart shaped pendents that I tied with hemp string to make necklaces for about $2 as well. I have found that we need back ups for cases when one might get lost or broken, so I always buy more then one when I find something she will like made out of rose quartz. We were recently at a local mine and they had a gift shop that had lots of cool rocks and crystals. $20 later I think I bought every size and shaped rose quartz item they had because it always seems that when I am looking I have a hard time finding ones, so now I have a stop pile :o)

  5. You know, it wasn’t until maybe a few years ago that I made the connection between all my sensitivities. I knew I had food sensitivities, that I was sensitive to medications, toxins, cosmetics, allergens, etc, and that I was emotionally and spiritually sensitive. Then one day I realized that I was just sensitive all around, and that it was a GIFT. But not until your blog did I know that these things commonly went together.

    When I was a child, I am pretty sure I saw spirits. Bad spirits. I was always scared of them. But it’s hard to say for sure–they took on forms such as evil leprechauns or swirling energy on the ceiling. I guess that’s the sort of thing that is often blamed on a child’s imagination.

    As I got older, I would see things in the corner of my eye, like a black shadow of a man, turn my head, and it was gone. Sometimes I heard my name being called, as if by a distant voice.

    I eventually reasoned myself out of these things. For some reason, I started to believe that ghosts were not real. But then as I got even older, maybe preteen or early teen, I knew that spirits were all around us, good ones and bad ones. I think there were always bad spirits lurking in the homes we lived in. When I was in high school, I often was up late by myself doing homework. When I was ready to go to my room, I would have a path of lights turned on up to my bedroom, and turn them off one by one, rather than heading upstairs in the dark. I could really sense something evil in the dark, and when the last light went off, I ran into my bed and threw the covers over me. The only house we lived in that I wasn’t afraid of the dark is my parents’ current house, which they blessed to remove evil spirits that my siblings were complaining of (I didn’t live there before they blessed it).

    Anyway, I am just rambling on. I wish my parents could have understood my sensitivities. But I’m glad to have them, even though it can be challenging. I still don’t know what my son’s level of sensitivity is. I don’t think he’s really sensitive like me. But he’s different. Everyone notices that he’s different.

  6. Hi Lisa: Thanks for sharing your experiences with sensing spirits (and also the connection with an overall sensitivity to everything and the gifts that it brings as well). So great to hear the perspective of a sensitive child who is now a sensitive adult!!!! Yes, I do believe that there are different vibrations of spirits. The lower vibrational spirits need healing as well, and this can be facilitated by shamans (I don’t have any experience in working in this capacity myself — not yet anyway…).

    By the way, I have no doubt that the intuition and sensitivity that you’ve been using to raise your son has really benefited him…

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  8. How can I truely tell if my child is sensitive to the spirit world? I believe he is very gifted. He is my third child and Recently we had a paranormal team with psychics come to our home because he would tell us that he sees Nonno (grandpa in Italian) and has since he was a baby. He is almost five. Nonno and Nonna were both in our house. They passed away long before I dated my husband. They psychics blessed our home and left rose quarts and amythist rocks in each of the rooms. But my son still has “bad dreams” and is terrified to be alone in any room. I still believe he can see spirits. He won’t talk about the dreams. we did however get from him that he dreamed of me the other night which scared him. So How can I help him if he is sensitive to the spirit world?

  9. Hi Hollie: It sounds as though your son is definitely sensitive to the spirit world. I would definitely trust your intuition on this, and encourage your son to talk about what he sees. Let me know that it is a gift and he is safe to tell you what he sees. So wonderful that you had psychics bless your home. There are some great books about this topic. I love Doreen Virtue’s book, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children. You can help to clear the space in his room by burning sage in his room. There are some great resources at this link here: http://energyconnectiontherapies.com/services/.

    I have heard great things about a healer in California that will help to clear your child’s karma and energy body. We haven’t used her services yet (she’s very pricey), but am considering it. http://racquelmoore.eventbrite.ca/

    You may also be able to find an energy healer locally who can work with your child.

    I haven’t listened to this yet, but Mommy Mystic just shared a chakra mediation for kids on her website. Perhaps you can play it for your son. http://mommymystic.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/chakra-meditation-for-kids-or-adults-who-want-to-feel-like-a-kid/

    Some other useful things to consider here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/intuitive-children/

    I hope that some of these ideas may help. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  10. Like these other wonderful Moms I too am grateful that you wrote this blog. I live with two sensitive children. My oldest has more dreams than actual sightings. And since I was pregnant with them both I was surrounded by orbs when my picture was taken. My youngest son is only 2 years old and he has visitations. I have to smudge his room on a regular basis and he also waves bye bye to whatever was there. He still continues to get woken up in the night and I struggle to get him to stay in his bed. By the next morning I have both boys in my bed over bad dreams or feelings. I’m thankful for the suggestions of using rose quartz and amethyst I will add this to their bedtime routines. Any other advice would be appreciated as I was a sensitive child and my Mom prayed a lot with me so Ive been doing the same with my children.

  11. Like these other wonderful Moms I too am grateful you wrote this blog. Both of my children are sensitive to energies. My oldest experienced dreams but did see and hear spirits especially when my Dad had died when he was 2 years old. My youngest is highly sensitive as we’ve been dealing with sleep disturbances, sensory issues from everything from food to textures. He’s only 2 and he gets visitations and I have to smudge his room on a regular basis. My poor boy will struggle to sleep at bedtime as he’s awakened and comes and crawls in mine or his brothers bed. I do have my parent angels that watch over both my boys but sooner or later their bad dreams lead them to my bed. So 4 people sleeping in a king sized bed becomes more like a twin for this poor sleep deprived Mama 😉 I appreciate the suggestions of using healing stones and will invest in those. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for your time. 🙂

  12. Hi Jsack: Thanks for your comment. Great to “meet” another mother of a sensitive children!

    I wrote some tips of what helped with my son’s sleep when he was 3 years old: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2009/02/25/getting-to-sleep/.

    I love Doreen Virtue’s book, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children.

    Some other suggestions are listed in the link below. https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/intuitive-children/

    That’s great that you are smudging your son’s room. Other ways to clear space: ringing bells, clapping, asking Archangel Michael to clear the space, putting sea salt in the corners of his room.

    Take good care,

  13. Thank you Janice for the links and suggestions. I will be implementing them in my bed time routine. I appreciate all your help, and look forward to my whole family getting rest. 🙂

  14. I USE to be like that as a child, but my parents weren’t so open OR helpful about it. Matter of fact, I stayed in trouble most the time because I would REFUSE to go around certain people, or I WOULD NOT want to go to the mall with my mom and I was TOO young for her to leave me at home by myself, so she’d get mad and punish me because I didn’t want to go. I had a hard time explaining to her that when I was in a crowd, I felt overwhelmed and panicky. As I’ve gotten older, I realized exactly what was going on, but NOW it’s distorted, like I trust the WRONG PEOPLE, and I DON’T TRUST the truly good people – it’s all messed up, like I’m picking up incorrect vibes NOW. People think I’m crazy, so I just stay away from everybody, but sometimes my husband will bring someone home that COMPLETELY sends my vibrations in a tail spin. I become angry with my husband for bringing them here, I indirectly let them know, I DON’T TRUST THEM, BUT these are people that even my cats will hiss at, and my dog bit one man when he reached out to pet him! SO I’d say probably HALF the time I’m right with my gut instinct, and then the other half, I’m wrong. I’m confused now, AND NOW I don’t know WHEN to trust what my gut is telling me. SO, just out of me being paranoid and wanting to let people who have ill intentions KNOW that I’m no dummy, I painted OVER MY WHOLE living room wall this saying, “Be careful who you let in your house, they might steal something from you – your love, your joy, your happiness, your blessings, and your peace. SO BE VERY CAREFUL!” MY HUSBAND HAD A FIT! You would have thought I coated the wall with cat poo by the way he was acting. AND since THEN, he’s not brought anyone over here. Now, personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with it, it’s quite fitting in my eyes, and I did it like you would see fancy writing on a poster. The people who come to see me LOVE IT, and always say, “I want you to come help me put that on my wall.” I’ve had to redo mine TWICE because my husband keeps painting over it.

  15. Hi Robin: I totally get where you are coming from. I think you would really resonate with the work that our karmic healer does. http://www.eventbrite.com/o/racquel-moore-1960730707

  16. My son is 9 he is a very sensitive little boy not autistic though. We recently moved into a new house he slept in his room for first month now he won’t. He says he feels a breeze and like someone is by him he won’t go in his room. Every night before bed he gets anxiety and has to sleep with me. Don’t know what to do?? He did just start councling

  17. Hi Christina: Thanks for your note. Interesting… It does sound like he has a night time visitor. I work with a karmic healer (who is really out there), but I’m not sure if you want to go there. Let me know if you want her contact info. Otherwise, you can find a local energy healer and perhaps she/he might be able to help. You can try clearing his space (smudging with sage, grounding the room, ringing bells in his space). Here’s a good article about space clearing. http://suzanne-mcrae.com/2012/09/04/the-ritual-of-cleansing-our-space

  18. Today I took my 3 month over to my mothers whom she doesn’t know very well, this was my 2nd time taking her over and I got the same reaction. When we first walked in my baby made a really sad and wanting to cry face then out of no where she started screaming her lungs out, she didn’t stop not even when I tried to soothe her. After 15min of her profusely crying I told my mom we had to go, my baby cried for at least 2 miles heading home, keep in mind before this visit she was perfectly fine. She finally cried herself to sleep. What could she have sensed? Why did she get so upset the way she did? I need answers.

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