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Moses’ allergies are healing


More tangible evidence of Moses’ healing…  he has fewer and fewer allergies!

According to the prick test, he only has three allergies:

  • milk (4+);
  • fish (4+) ; and
  • gluten (3+).

He showed no reaction to peaches, peas, turkey and……. tree nuts! Yep, that’s right….  no reaction to tree nuts.

He is going to be scheduled an oral challenge for tree nuts in the hospital sometime in the near future to make sure that he can really eat tree nuts safely.  Will let you know how this goes!!!!!

At home, DH and I will gradually try to introduce some of these other foods (peaches, peas and turkey) to Moses’ diet. We gave him grapes the other day (a food that he used to be reactive to), and there was no reaction. We gave him peaches tonight, and so far, so good.


To put this into context (for any readers who are new), this is absolutely amazing given that my son was once allergic / sensitive to 40+ foods. His culinary world is starting to open up. We also need to test eggs again to see if Moses can tolerate eggs within baked goods. (Last time we tried, it gave him a stomach ache).

We are still sticking with organic foods as much as possible and avoiding foods with preservatives, artificial flavouring, artificial colouring, etc.

All this to say that, Moses’ body is healing. Since his body is less allergic, I’m taking this as a sign that his IgE levels have decreased. We’ll know for sure when his IgE levels are tested next month.

Thanks for all of your continued support and prayers for our son!

We are so grateful to Spirit!


Sept 24, 2011 – Peaches turned out to be fine. Eggs, however, turned out to be not a good idea at all. He is still very allergic / sensitive to eggs.

October 2011 – He can now officially eat almonds!!!


4 thoughts on “Moses’ allergies are healing

  1. Awesome!! What good news

  2. That is amazing news. Keep up the wonderful healing work.

  3. WONDERFUL !!!! So joyful for you !!!

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