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Blog list: Healing with Heilkunst homeopathy or Sequential homeopathy


Well, as you know, I love to compile blog lists. Here’s a blog list of individuals who are healing with Heilkunst homeopathy. I am sharing this list because I have found Heilkunst homeopathy to be integral to healing my son’s chronic illness (symptoms related to his Hyper IgE diagnosis), and want to share this method of healing with the world.

Heilkunst Blog List

Adam’s Journey – healing her autistic son with Heilkunst homeopathy; read about Adam’s amazing progress after 18 months of treatment

Healing with Heilkunst – healing her two children (one is on the autistic spectrum) with Heilkunst homeopathy

Went to a Farmer’s Market – using Heilkunst homeopathy to heal herself and her sensitive sons

Nancy is Well – used CEASE homeopathy and is now using Heilkunst.

The Mama Files –  using Heilkunst homeopathy to heal her sensitive child

Treatment 4 Autism – healing her autistic son with Heilkunst homeopathy, in addition to biomedical treatments. Her son is now in general education school.

Raising a Sensitive Child – our journey of using Heilkunst homeopathy

Suzanne McRae – she is healing with Heilkunst homeopathy (in addition to to other forms of energy healing). She also has an autistic son, a young adult, who is being treated by Heilkunst. Especially read this post here. And also here.

At Home on the Rock – using Heilkunst homeopathy to help chronic fatigue syndrome (she doesn’t specifically mention Heilkunst homeopathy in her blog, but based on our correspondence, I know that she is specifically using Heilkunst homeopathy).

Arcanum Holistic Clinic – blog posts by a Heilkunstler. Very informative!!

Blog post about Trevor –  he was recovered from autism after only 6 sessions of Heilkunst treatment.

Read Mama Mac’s blog post “The Drums of Hope: A Lesson in Optimism for the Autism Recovery Journey” – Heilkunst homeopathy is one of many things that she has tried to recover her son. And, he is recovering!

Finding my Kid – they just started Heilkunst treatment in Nov 2014.

Blog post about how Heilkunst homeopathy helped someone who had fibromyalgia here.

Sequential homeopathy blog list

I also feel that other forms of sequential homeopathy (such as through Homeopathy Center of Houston) can help significantly.

Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary – Joanna (Drew’s mom) lists sequential homeopathy as one of the most helpful treatments that have contributed to Drew’s recovery. She has great tips on other treatments that help Drew’s recovery here. You can read about their sequential homeopathic experiences here.

A Ventography! – Sequential homeopathy combined with cranialsacral therapy significantly helped Annie (a five year old girl with autism). Read more here. Read about the other treatments that she found helpful here.

My Child: A Former “Non-Responder” – an amazing story of how Michael, an 11 year old former “non-responder” to biomedical treatments, made remarkable improvements with sequential homeopathy.

Autism testimonials for the Homeopathy Center of Houston – here

Heilkunst homeopathy testimonials and case studies:

Cooper’s story – he recovered from autism using Heilkunst

Micah’s story – After 7 months… “Today Micah is smiling, he is engaging much more, and he is getting healthier each month. When I look at Micah, now, I now see my little boy and a twinkle in his eye. His progress is nothing short of a miracle. He would never play with toys or engage with others, now he is doing both…”

Sam’s case study – Using Heilkunst to treat chronic disease (recurrent viral infections, chronic gastroesophageal reflux, severe asthma with strider, multiple food allergies. I found this case study inspiring to read when Moses was early in his Heilkunst treatment.

Testimonial – full autism recovery on Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s blog

Testimonial – Alexandre making his way out of autism on Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s blog

Fibromyalgia and Heilkunst story here.

Rheumatoid arthritis and Heilkunst story here.

Congenital heart defect and Heilkunst story here.

Eczema and Heilkunst story here.

Anxiety and Heilkunst story here.

Auto-immune disease and Heilkunst story here.

Testimonials on the Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst and Homeopathy website

Testimonials on Healthy Dynamics website – treatment of digestive dysfunction; Fibromyalgia, Type II Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Amenorrhea, Lack of Concentration, Zero Energy; boy with PDD-NOS and severe ADHD — anxiety levels decreased and no more need for ADHD medication; anorexia and bulimia; allergies

Testimonials on Holistic Health care website

A great article about what Heilkunst can heal (i.e., it can help heal any disease, illness, syndrome or symptoms, physical, mental or emotional). Really.

Testimonials on Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s website

Autism: The Journey Back by Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith — this book is a must read if you want to understand how Heilkunst works and also to read inspiring case studies about how Heilkunst has helped children with autism. This book helped me to understand Heilkunst more fully while Moses was early in his treatment.

Path to Cure by Allyson McQuinn. She healed herself and her son with autism, and now is using Heilkunst to heal others.

Testimonials on Michelle Haley’s website.

Karen Robinson’s story about her experience with Heilkunst

Read “Does Heilkunst work” at the link here for several stories about Heilkunst helping individuals.

Read “Mikhail’s miracle” at the link here for a story of a boy’s healing journey back from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Read “What to do when Type II diabetes spoils your new year’s fun” at the link here for a story of a boy’s healing journey back from Type II diabetes.

Testimonials on Wholistic Health

Case studies by Real Medicine Holistic Centre.


2 thoughts on “Blog list: Healing with Heilkunst homeopathy or Sequential homeopathy

  1. Greetings, About 2 1/2 years ago I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome many of the symptoms were as expressed in the video about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Life was miserable. Fatigue was non stop even after rest or sleep. Mental fog, incessant coughing (without a cold), temperature sensitivities especially to the slightest cold, gastric acid /
    hiatal hernia (so that I couldn’t lay flat), Stress from work and the home front, arthritic pain so bad that it was difficult to get out of bed. The doctors said I had a cold, prescribed ibuprofen and sent me home. I admit that I did not go to a specialist which may have been lucky for me.
    Lucky I was speaking with one of my principals in my business who was tired of hearing me cough throughout our phone conversations. Lucky for me she was visiting my area within two days as she thought she knew what my problem was after describing my other ailments. My meals had to end by 6:pm or 7:pm latest so that the acid reflux wouldn’t attempt to come up while laying flat later in the evening. We went to the store and bought an over the counter packet of anti acid capsules which allowed me to get my first good nights sleep. I took these for 30 days but also started taking Aloe Vera for the stomach and gut. I bought PH strips to check the acidic/alkalinity of my body. I went to the intranet for more information on everything. I went cold turkey and stopped eating all processed foods and all dairy products, booze, no more burgers, pizza, FF’s and especially no more soda drinks or candy except, thank heavens, for dark chocolate. Whether I was allergic to any of the ingredients in the process foods or the Aspartame in the sodas I don’t know. I, as most people was addicted to flavor, easy to obtain foods and the quick energy boost of a chocolate bar, when my body was telling me it needed some vitamins and or real food.
    Well, it was salads twice a day with every kind of vegetable imaginable for diversity, home made soups, only the best cold pressed virgin olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar, bananas and other fruit every day. This also included avoiding all Gluten products.
    Yes, the urge was still there but daily I was starting to feel better. The synapses were starting to pop again, I found myself awakening with the sun in the mornings and the pain pretty much left my body not to mention the brain fog and exhaustion.
    With the knowledge I gained by reading about the negative aspects of sugar, processed foods and GMO’s its not hard to imagine a big red X like the poison symbol when I’m tempted to eat something I know is bad for me.
    As I quickly got better I realized how much I missed my swimming, riding, traveling, my friends, work and especially my attitude.
    Remember “You are what you eat.”, if you eat junk your body will take you to the junkyard.
    Eat right and and be well.

  2. JC, I would love to have a quick chat with you if that would be okay. What is your email?

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