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A dream about a healing journey


You might wonder what brought me to try shamanic healing for my son.

He was a year and a half at the time when we first tried shamanic healing. By that time, we had tried lots of different modalities of healing, so I was open to trying just about anything. I was open to energy healing anyway, so it wasn’t a huge stretch for us to try shamanic healing.

But, it was a dream that led me to actually make an appointment. (Interestingly, during my session with the Peruvian shaman last month, he confirmed that Spirit speaks to me in dreams).

I dreamt that Moses was taking a train ride with a friend of mine, Mark, who had recently completed his shamanic training. They were going on a journey together. In the dream, Mark told me quite casually that he could easily remove Moses’ energetic blockages, if I wanted him to.  He just needed my permission. I could actually see Moses’ energetic blockages in my dream. I kind of stammered in my dream, telling Mark that of course he had  my permission to remove the energy blocks… (duh…)

And then I woke up.

I knew right away that it was a message for me to seek shamanic healing for Moses. It was such a rich dream in so many levels. The train ride, I feel symbolized Moses’ healing journey, and is also symbolic of shamanic healing give that one of the shamanic healing techniques involves “journeying to Spirit”. Also true on lots of other levels in that shamanic healers can remove energy blocks, and when those energy blocks are removed, health on a physical level can follow. It also alluded to one of the main ethics of shamanic healing: that a shamanic healer needs to receive permission prior to engaging in any healing work.

And, so began our journey of seeking healing from shamanic healers. Moses and I consulted with three main shamanic healers over the course of the last four years. More recently, I have been doing my own journeys and have seeking my own healing through my own communication with Spirit. I believe that in the beginning, shamanic healers act as a bridge and a conduit between this realm and the world of Spirit. Ultimately, each individual is empowered to have their own communications and relationship with Spirit (through prayer, through meditation, through breath work, through dreams, through dance and music, through art, through yoga, through nature, through journalling — really in whatever way one finds that they can connect with the divine).

The shamanic healings have been deep and profound, the results of which have percolated through my whole family (my parents, my siblings, my husband and my son). When one engages in shamanic healing and when “energetic blocks” are removed, an entire family shifts and heals together. That being said, in my son’s case, I feel that shamanic healing alone wasn’t enough to heal his genetic immune disorder. I believe that shamanic healing, in combination with Heilkunst homeopathy, were together instrumental in the creating the huge shifts in his health that we have witnessed.


6 thoughts on “A dream about a healing journey

  1. It was a couple years before Isaac was born that I decided to take a “Journeying for Beginners” course. A dear friend of mine who has been a shamanic practitioner for about 20 years, was offering the course and the time felt right for me. It was indeed amazing and something that my whole family has continued with ever since. In fact, a few years later my husband did the same course and was SO taken with it that it is he who is now perusing his own apprenticeship with our friend. Our friend was also at Isaac’s birth and without her I’m not sure how I’d have gotten through that day. I so need to tell you this story some day.

    We have used shamanic healing so many times over the years to help with healing where Isaac is concerned, and where we are concerned. It’s is so incredibly powerful. I’m so grateful for it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. xo

  2. Hi Debbie: So beautiful to hear about your family’s own experience with shamanic healing, and I love that your husband is a shamanic apprentice. I also had a dear friend / Reiki master and now shamanic practitioner who was present at Moses’ birth. I think so powerful to have energy healers present at our sensitive one’s birth, as the birth journey is a big one for our sensitive ones to take, and their presence can help ease the journey for them. I look forward to hearing about Isaac’s birth…

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  3. This is really beautiful Janice. How did you find your first Shamanic Healer? This also really resonates with me and I have always had an interest in Shamanism. I never thought of it as an avenue of healing for Keely. Maybe one day we could meet up at a Shamanic retreat somewhere. One day when the kids are doing amazing and we can leave for a short vacation. I think it would be so wonderful to meet you, you are such an inspiration to me.


  4. Hi Jaime: YES! I would love to meet up with you at a shamanic retreat somewhere one day. Maybe in Peru!!!! I love that idea, when our children are healthy and well and we can leave for a short vacation. I’d love to meet you too one day.

    My first two shamanic healers were actually friends of mine who became shamanic healers. My third shamanic healer was a friend of one of the other shamanic healers.

  5. Hey Janice!

    Well, I do believe you know my view on shamanic healing…you are a gifted shamanic healer and my experience with you has been quite positively shifting…

    I also believe that heilkunst has assisted Nic with some necessary internal shifting – as you know I would like Nic to receive some shamanic healing too, but sense that I’m just waiting for the right time 🙂

    Thank you for your personal and informative post my friend XXXALIKI

  6. Hi Aliki: Thank you for your kind words, my friend. You’ll know when it’s the right time for Nic… 🙂

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