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The gift of vision


I think the biggest gift that I received from Moses’ shamanic healers was the gift of their vision. They all saw past Moses’ symptoms and shared with me the bigger, divine picture.

When Moses was a year and a half, one of Moses’ shamanic healers shared with me that she was shocked by the strength of his energetic field because she was expecting to feel  a “weak energetic field”. She shared that she felt that Moses was in fact, a strong soul who chose a “oversensitive body” so that he could overcome and heal his body. He would be the “wounded healer” (making reference to the fact that most healers start out as wounded, and as they heal their wounds, this becomes their greatest strength).

His other shamanic healers all shared a similar view, that Moses was a strong spiritual teacher and had chose this body and this difficult path so that he could overcome it.

Hearing these viewpoints helped to elevate my own viewpoint, and ground me in the truth, to remind me of Moses’ inherent strength. And the truth is that deep down, I always felt that Moses would be healed. In fact, deep down, I was puzzled why it was so difficult to keep him healthy given all of the many things that we were doing to keep him healthy. When we found out the news of his genetic immune disorder, it finally made sense to us why it was so difficult to keep him healthy. Yet, I held on to my vision of Moses’ healing.

I firmly believe that my vision of Moses’ healing has helped to make his healing and current health a reality.

I share this for those of you who are parenting children with chronic illnesses or difficult diagnoses. Hold tight to a vision of healing for your child. Know that with the grace of God/Spirit, your child has the capability and strength to heal. And he/she will. It may take time, but he/she will. Believe in miracles. Cultivate your relationship with the divine, however it is that you may define it. Try Heilkunst homeopathy, which in my opinion, has been a Godsend in my son’s own healing journey (and it is in my humble opinion, that it can help virtually any chronic illness or diagnosis that you or your child may be facing).

And remember that even in this moment, your child is perfect. Divine. Holy. A gift from God. And on a soul’s level, your child chose you, out of all souls to parent him/her. Trust your intuition about what it is your child needs.

When Moses was 14 months old, I was really struggling as a mother because my son was itchy, in apparent discomfort, with a terrible rash all over his body and allergic to most everything. I asked God for guidance on how to best care for my sensitive son. The message that I received was:

You child is already perfect, whole, complete, magnificent. There is nothing that you need do to add to that or change that. Just open your eyes and see his magnificence. He is a beautiful sight to behold. Not only from a physical perspective. He is already transforming the world, one heart at a time, starting with yours. Open your eyes and see. He is not flawed in any way. He is perfect. Behold him as such.

So be it and it is so, and so it is. For my child and for yours.

True and deep healing can happen. It has for my son, and it is possible for your child too.


5 thoughts on “The gift of vision

  1. WOW…what a gorgeous message. Thank you for sharing that. It sent shivers up my spine. xoxox

  2. Janice…you are such an inspiring person…this post touched me so deeply…thank-you my friend XAliki

  3. LOVE this post! You really have a gift of words and expressing what is laid on your heart. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    I remember when Adam was first diagnosed a friend reminded me that God knit him together in my womb so he is perfect in every way. There are no mistakes. Only God’s perfect plan.

  4. Thank you, Lively Mom. I love your friend’s words too. Beautiful.

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