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Muscle testing and other methods of divination


As I mentioned yesterday, the highest and wisest part of me knew that Moses would be healed. But, back in our day-to-day life when he was having reactions, when we were in and out of the hospital, when we were having a difficult time knowing what to feed him, what methods of healing to try,  how to deal with his tantrums and mood swings (because his body was so uncomfortable), I needed some practical advice.

I remember during one particular session with my shamanic healer, I asked her, “I need help. I need a manual on how to care for this boy. I need step-by-step instructions on how to care for him.” (By the way, this blog and my “tips for raising a sensitive child” turned out to be the result of the step-by-step instructions that I figured out by trial and error over the years).

I had my notebook handy, ready to write down the pearls of wisdom that she had for me…

And, boy, did she ever.

She asked me if I knew how to muscle test.

I did. (If you don’t know what muscle testing is, don’t worry, I’ll explain it below).

She encouraged me to use muscle testing to figure out how to care for my boy.

Muscle test all of his foods. Muscle test what supplements to use. Muscle test for whether a given treatment is for his highest good. Muscle test for everything. She even said that things would probably change from day to day (and it did for Moses… when he was very young, his sensitivities would change from day to day), so test everything day to day to see if things changed.

It was a great reminder that all of us, literally have at our fingertips access to divine wisdom and knowledge.

Now, what is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is essentially a way to ask your Highest Self / the Universe / God / Source whether something is for your highest good. It’s very simple to do and to learn and you can do it on yourself.

You can ask yes/no questions like:

  • “Is it in my highest good to_[fill in the blank]__?”
  • “Is it in my son’s highest good for him to eat this food?”
  • “Is it in my daughter highest good to try this treatment?”

Then trust the response and take action based on that response.

It’s simple to do, but would take many words for me to explain it, so I’ll just refer you to Mystic Mandy’s blog where she explains two methods of muscle testing that I actually use myself.

  1. Finger method – This is the method that I use the most (I use the second method that she describes).
  2. Standing muscle test – This is the method that I first learned and it’s the easier technique to use at first. This is the method that use when I’m having a difficult time making an important decision and I’m having a difficult time hearing my heart’s voice.

Another method of divination that I sometimes use is a pendulum. I recently purchased a rose quartz pendulum and have been having a great time asking it questions! When Moses was two years and sensitive to just about everything, both DH and I used a pendulum to discover which foods were safe for him to eat. I wrote more about that here.


  • Muscle testing and using a pendulum work best when you are centred, grounded and hydrated.
  • These techniques work best when you were open to whatever response may be (i.e., when you are not attached to the outcome).
  • Try it for yourself and see!

Lately, I just centre and ground myself, ask the question and feel my body’s response. When the answer is “yes”, my heart opens and my body is at ease. When the answer is “no”, my heart closes and my body tenses. It’s that simple.

How about you, do you have any experience with muscle testing or using a pendulum? Do you have a special way to access your intuition?


6 thoughts on “Muscle testing and other methods of divination

  1. I always learn something when I visit your blog! Thank you for discussing the different types of muscle testing and the pendulum. These methods are so helpful with none verbal children!
    I’m swamped with work and my parents are here for several weeks, so I haven’t had time to reply to your thoughtful email. Thank you for your suggestions and for the information you sent me! I will keep it as an option for Dante.

  2. Hello Mom Connected:

    I’m glad you found this post helpful. I do really trust these methods and it’s a way for everyone to access divine wisdom. I’d love to hear how it works with your family. Many blessings to you and your family!

  3. yes cant muslce test to save my life (or spell) but i am really good with a pendulum as long as im not really tired,,which is a lot! I pray and use the pendulum and have found it a God send since i dont hae access to any other forms of testing

  4. Hi Mom Connected: I’m glad that you found this post helpful and would love to hear if these techniques help you and Dante.

    Hi Channa: Nice to hear from someone else who is raising a sensitive son and is using a pendulum and prayer to access divine wisdom and knowledge.

  5. Hi,
    I am learning to listen to my inner voice. Slowly but surely I am getting better at not trusting the ” outer” symptoms and digging deeper. I have found that observing my kids environments is key to finding the right question to ask in terms of healing. And then I trust my instincts. Every time I take my child to the doctor he gets misdiagnosed…. So I figured that I must listen to my instincts, and so far ( I pray that he spirits keep on helping us) they seem to work better …. I think the pendulum is an object that let’s one part of you talk to the other… So, I don’t use an object but I do think i trust the same process…..

  6. Hi Alex: I think one of the biggest gifts of raising sensitive children is that it helps us (forces us) to listen to our inner voice. Our children need us to listen to our inner voice. Our children choose us so that we would listen to our inner voice. We know best what our children need.

    I agree about what you’ve said about how the pendulum helps us to talk to our inner voice.

    I also sometimes just listen (without using these specific techniques…), so I know exactly what you mean…

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