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My son can now eat almonds!


When Moses was a year old, I wasn’t thinking and gave Moses some almond butter. Fortunately, he didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction, but his back broke out in huge hives and it sure frightened us. That was the last time he had any tree nuts.

Since then, his allergy scores have been high for tree nuts (re: RAST test, blood tests, prick test and IgG tests). But during his most recent prick test last month, he showed absolutely no reaction to the tree nut mixture.

I’m thrilled to share that Moses passed his almond challenge today with flying colours. During the 2.5 hours that we were at the hospital, he ate 15.5 g of almonds in 5 doses. He can now officially eat almonds! Next time we go to the store, we are going to stock up on almond butter and almond milk! Oh, how I love almond butter!

We need to talk to his allergist to figure out our next steps with respect to trying other tree nuts, but my gut is that if almonds are safe for Moses, then other tree nuts will be too (especially given that the prick test tested a tree nut mixture). We’ll introduce the other nuts one a time though (spacing out by at least 4 days before trying a new food). If you recall, Moses is already eating peanuts.

This is something that I didn’t know, tree nuts come from a variety of different plant families. Almonds belong to the plum family.

  • walnut family: walnuts, pecans;
  • mango family: pistachio, cashews;
  • legythis family: brazil;
  • beech family: beechnut, chestnut;
  • birch family: hazelnut, filbert, hickory nut;
  • plum family: almonds;
  • macadamia family: macademia.

Tree nuts were the only food that we were still concerned about a potential for anaphylactic risk for Moses. Moses is still allergic to wheat, dairy, fish and eggs, and sensitive to gluten, but none of these are anaphylactic risks for Moses (and we hope that he’ll heal these allergies as well). We’ll still carry around Moses’ epi-pen wherever we go, but the great fear of anaphylaxis isn’t there anymore.

(Just to bring any new readers up to speed, when Moses was one years old, he had three anaphylactic reactions to unknown sources, so the fear that we had about the potential for anaphylaxis is a real one, but one that we are ready to let go. I currently think that his past reactions were to chemicals and not to foods per say, and was also related to his sky high IgE levels).

After we’ve introduced other tree nuts to Moses’ diet, we’ll also be able to let him eat foods that have had the potential to be cross-contaminated with tree nuts. As I’m sure most of you know, most foods have had the potential to be cross-contaminated with tree nuts, so this is going to open up our world like crazy!

So very thankful!


6 thoughts on “My son can now eat almonds!

  1. This is such great news, Janice. My husband cannot eat conventionally grown almonds (despite not being allergic) but can eat organic almonds.

    He saw an allergist and did not test allergic to almonds, however he did test allergic to birch pollen and the allergist said the pollens between the two are very similar so perhaps his taste buds are confused. Interesting theory.

    Then…one of the awesome employees at our health food store told me a story about the toxic spray that is used on California almonds (as a means of pasteurization, passed by Governor Schwarzenegger when he was in office) which is a by-product of the race car industry which they have actually banned. Sigh. He suggested we try organic almonds.

    I bought some organic almonds and Fred started eating them slowly. One a day. A few weeks later he increased to two…and then three almonds per day. Now he is eating as many as he wants. He used to get a tingly tongue and throw up from regular almonds…and so it HAD to be the chemicals.

    I’m surprised Isaac and I weren’t affected because we are more sensitive than Fred, but for some reason he couldn’t handle them…and we could.

    Long story short, chemicals are bad news and I’m so glad that Moses is getting back on track with his health. What a remarkable story his is.

    Much love my friend,

  2. Yay!! Way to go Moses! What an awesome step forward! My stomach cringed a little because I ate almons butter last night and it made my tummy hurt 😦

  3. Hi Debbie: That’s a great reminder about the importance of organic foods. As you know, we try to eat as much organic food as possible.

    And thanks to you both, Cassie and Debbie, for your well wishes!!! Big hugs to you both.

  4. Oh my!! That’s just amazing Janice! With your assistance and support, Moses is growing into his destined strength X…powerful…

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