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Water sculptures


I came across another amazing story that I just had to share. In Dawn Paul’s article, Autistic Children are Awesome, Have Many Hidden Talents and Have Shamanic Tendencies, she writes:

…clues to an autistic child’s gifts could be found in their “stimming” – the repetitive physical movements that autistic children often make (stimming is short for “self stimulation”). For example, Rupert had a child on one of his Horse Boy camps who flatly refused to get on a horse; instead he just wanted to play with the water in a pond. Rupert allowed this and some clever soul watched over the child. The boy appeared to be slapping the water, gathering it up somehow, then letting it go, then he would fling his arms up into the air, only to then go back to rapidly scooping up water. He constantly repeated this process. To the onlooker, it looked like madness. But the man that was watching over this child took photos, and amazingly, the photos actually captured images of water sculptures that the child was making. He was actually shaping the water into images – of dolphins and horses for example, and when he created a pleasing image, he would fling his arms back in happiness, then he repeated the process all over again.

Rather than seeing autistic children as damaged and in need of healing, Rupert believes they are very special, so special in fact that he calls them “Dreamweavers,” as Rowan’s condition led Rupert to achieve many of his dreams. Rupert’s views on stimming are that they are a method of creation, which are intentional. Either they clear energy – for example shaking hands around the middle clear energy channels within the child’s energy body, or they create a vibrational resonance, an energy, that is needed for some reason. Therefore, when a child arranges, say, sticks in a particular pattern, they are creating an energetic frequency, which either they themselves, their parents or the world at large needs for some reason.

Wow — how amazing is that?


3 thoughts on “Water sculptures

  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing such inspirational beautiful information Janice.

  2. I really enjoyed this article. Sometimes I wish I could swap bodies with my son just so I could experience life through his senses. I’ve seen Adam throw sand up in the air in a very calculated manner, eyes squinted, head turned. Now I wonder if he was creating little works of art as well. 🙂

  3. Lively mom: I have no doubt that he was!!

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