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Mama’s self care


After our stressful couple of weeks in the hospital, these last two weeks have been about mama’s self-care:

  • Received cranialsacral therapy and total body modification from my chiropractor;
  • Consulted with my shamanic healer;
  • Consulted with my Heilkunst homeopath;
  • Consulted with my naturopath;
  • Received acupuncture;
  • Played a Wish Game with some dear friends
    (To feel safe and supported in my life — so be it, and it is so, and so it is!);
  • Started to move my body again;
  • Went to a yoga class;
  • Walking on the treadmill / shaking on our vibration machine;
  • Daily breath work and meditation;
  • Have a massage booked for this Friday;
  • Have a facial booked for next week;
  • Made a green smoothie;
  • Started a new supplement to help increase my body’s glutathione levels;
  • Drinking some lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

Looking for more balance in my life.

A big shift for me is that I let go of teaching a weekly yoga class and have started taking a weekly yoga class for me.  I might even take a dance class. As you know, I love movement and dance.

After taking a bit of a break from doing energy work, I am accepting clients again, which I love.

Looking for that balance.

I really feel that I have been pushing through something big over the last two months. I’ve been going through another death phase of sorts. To create space for something new to emerge and be born. Releasing old patterns, old paradigms. Letting go of old fear.

From a Heilkunst perspective, it makes sense that I’ve been going through this as I’ve just spent the last two months clearing the energetic “trauma” associated with my birth. My mom tells me that my birth wasn’t particularly traumatic, nonetheless, it was a doozy for me to clear energetically. I went through a period of time when I was having difficulty breathing (something that is generally not a problem for me). Felt depressed. Lethargic.

From an energetic perspective, I think it makes sense that I’ve been going through this because of all of the energetic shifts the whole world has been experiencing. We are in the middle of experiencing a great shift. The shift of the ages. Everything that is not in alignment with our greatest good /highest truth feels very uncomfortable. We are being asked to shed our old skin, so that we can be reborn and remember our true magnificence.

I feel like I’m finding myself again. Discovering new ease in my body that I wasn’t aware of before. Learning to be in that place of ease. I’m still learning.

Moses is doing well, by the way (which I’m so grateful for), and is also why I can make this time about me. Mom and dad’s self care is so important (as I’m sure you know). As my mom says, “When mama is nurtured, the whole family is nurtured”.

(This is very similar to my post, “It’s Mama’s turn now” back in June).


4 thoughts on “Mama’s self care

  1. Sounds fantastic. All of it. My Heilkunstler was telling me I should be taking a greens supplement but I fear the taste. Is it OK? Being fairly new to homeopathy, I’m only just starting to open my awareness about what’s really going on in my body and mind. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately (and am just starting to get past pretty dramatic episodes of night sweating). My Heilkunster says this is all related to healing. I think it’s all pretty fascinating.

  2. Hi Hanna: The recipe for the green smoothie (see link above) is delicious!!! I also find that Greens Plus isn’t so bad… Or you can mix some chlorophyll drops or spirulini in pineapple juice or something like that…

    That’s great that you’re also being treated with Heilkunst. I think it’s great when the parents join their children in the healing journey, and we’re all in it together, healing and learning together.

  3. Amen to all of that!!

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