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Listen to Your Gut


My friend shared with me this great resource: Jini Patel Thompson’s Listen to your Gut website.

Jini Patel Thompson feels that there are eight key protocols that nearly everyone needs to implement in order to see their digestive healing progress rapidly:

  1. Rest the bowel
  2. Eradicate pathogens
  3. Re-opulate the gastrointestinal tract with good bacteria
  4. Heal inflammation and ulceration
  5. Resolve nutrient deficiencies
  6. Detox your living environment
  7. Heal emotional contributors
  8. Balance your endocrine system

Such great information. A lot of information that I’ve seen before, but she has specific supplements that she suggests in Step 5 (click on this link to find out which supplements she suggests), and I also like that she includes step 7 (i.e., heal emotional contributors) and suggests techniques such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), which is a method that I’ve used in the past which I’ve found to be very effective and easy at addressing and healing emotional issues.

Healing the gut is so important for some many ailments, including colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis, IBS, auto-immune disorders, MS, allergies and autism.

She also had specific suggestions for my friend’s son, who has Hyper IgE Syndrome (Job’s syndrome), including:

  • an elemental diet
  • Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol (cycling on and off as needed, according to his symptoms). See her video with 5 year old Zara for the easy way to take it.
  • cod liver oil – 6 capsules per day, or 1.5 tsp.
  • Vitamin D (get levels tested, but likely needs at least 3,000 IU per day)
  • Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) – 1 per day
  • Bone Support – 1 tbsp per day
  • Minerals Of Life Trace Minerals – 1 tbsp per day
  • Natren probiotics – high dose
  • Cycle on and off (2 weeks on, then 1-2 weeks off) these immune strengtheners: Astragalus, Maitake
  • L-glutamine – 1,000 mg per day
  • N-Acetyl Glucosamine, or if he has intestinal inflammation or pain issues, then MucosaHeal instead – follow label directions for adults
  • B-Complex vitamins – 1 per day
  • Houston Enzymes
  • MetaCleanse – likely will only need a small amount, or 1 tbsp. chia seeds mixed in liquid

She also suggests a daily green juice (here is a recipe for a green smoothie that we use in our family).

She also suggests watching this”Healing Journey Movie”.

Many of her suggestions are things that we are currently doing for Moses, have considered doing, or have done in the past. It also gives us some ideas for things that we might want to implement at some point.


2 thoughts on “Listen to Your Gut

  1. Hi Janice!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear friend! I genuinely hope that 2012 brings you and your family health and happiness XO

    Your last couple of posts have been so informative and interesting…I’m really interested in giving Nic some glutathione, as my mama instinct tells me that this would do some amazing things for his health…I checked out MaxOne, but can’t seem to find out if they ship to Australia?…any thoughts on this?

    Oh my…despite the challenges we will surely face in 2012, I feel truly optimistic about the potential and possibilities of 2012…

    With love and light

  2. Thanks for the best wishes, Aliki. I wish health and happiness for you and your family too! I also feel optimistic about 2012. 🙂

    Yes, the company does ship MaxOne to Australia. Unfortunately it’s more pricey ($120 + taxes and shipping for one month’s supply and $95 + taxes and shipping for the loyalty price (i.e., if you commit to purchasing a 3 month’s supply).

    I do feel that this product can do amazing things for Nic’s health as well (but procede slowly because it’s sooo potent). The one bottle will last you several months if it’s for Nic’s use.

    MaxGXL is less potent, but I suspect that you are avoiding it since it’s derived from shellfish.

    I’m sure that you noticed in your reading that it’s not formulated for children, but many are using it for their children with great results. As always, use your intuition, which guides you strongly.

    You can place an order through http://www.max4u.com, or you can call Max International to place an order 1-801-316-6230 (My associate number is 364917). I find that their website is not very user friendly.

    Many blessings, dear friend.


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