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Healing my highly allergic child


I wrote this article for Allergy Kinder in January 2012. It’s a good synopsis of our family’s healing journey to date.

My five year old son was a highly allergic child. So allergic, that when he was two years old, he was sensitive or allergic to 40+ known foods, in addition to chemicals, food additives and environmental allergens. Allergic to just about everything. His allergies were serious and he even had three anaphylactic reactions when he was two years old and was hospitalized for four days because of accidental ingestion of eggs. We were at the ER just about every week for other allergic reactions (breathing difficulties). We were at the ER so often that the staff would remember us as the “parents of the boy who had so many allergies”. Every time we went for a playdate to someone’s house, my son would get sick (even if he didn’t eat anything there). He would often vomit after playdates.

There was a period for several months when the only safe foods were: organic hemp hearts (which he didn’t like), organic lamb, organic quinoa, organic ketchup, organic corn, organic bananas and organic apples.  That’s it. (Thankfully, he wasn’t allergic to tomatoes or corn, both of which are common allergens).

When he was four years old, we found out the cause of his allergies — he was diagnosed with a very rare immune disorder, Hyper IgE syndrome or Job’s syndrome (named after the biblical character’s terrible skin afflictions), which explained his highly allergic nature and terrible rash. An allergic person usually has elevated blood levels of IgE. A normal IgE level is typically less than 130 IU/mL and his measured at 70,000 IU/mL. We were told that there was no cure for his condition. The best treatment that the immunologist could suggest was for my son to be on a lifetime course of antibiotics and antihistamines for his skin, his lungs and whole body. A lifetime of allergies, asthma, rashes, abscesses and illness.

I have spent the last five years on a mission to heal my son’s health issues. My husband and I have tried literally everything under the sun to help our son.  Abdominal castor oil massage.  Acupressure. Body Talk. Chinese herbal medicine. Cranialsacral therapy. Chiropractic. Countless creams. Crystals. Dowsing. Eating for your blood type. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Energy Healing. Fermented foods. Heilkunst homeopathy. Himalayan salt sole. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). Naturopathy. Prayer. Probiotics. Sedona Method. Shamanic healing. Special baths. Supplements galore.  Total Body Modification. Visualization.

Some treatments helped. Others didn’t.

With the grace of God, I am happy to say that  we have been able to reduce his allergy list to five foods: dairy, gluten, fish, eggs and some tree nuts. His IgE levels have dropped to 16,600 IU/mL (a 76% decrease in one year). My son’s terrible rash is cleared and his asthma is  under control. He is thriving.  He is doing well emotionally. If you were to meet him now, you would see a bright, funny, sensitive, healthy, strong, and vibrant boy. I am so thankful!

I feel that my son’s healing has been so remarkable because we have pursued all three levels of healing (i.e., healing his physical, energetic and spiritual bodies). His physical body through supplements, chiropractic and cranialsacral therapy. His energy body through Heilkunst homeopathy and  Total Body Modification.  His spiritual body through shamanic healing, prayer and visualization.  Healing that occurs at  the spiritual level is the most powerful healing that can occur. For example, taking a vitamin can help address an imbalance in the the physical body, but not the spiritual body. A healing intervention must be on the level where the illness was created or one of the higher levels. This is why traditional medicine is generally not helpful in addressing the root cause of disease — because it addresses problems solely at the level of the physical body. This is also why we found the Heilkunst (homeopathic) healing and shamanic healing to be so effective and profound.

If you are looking for deep healing for your child, I want you to know that is that it is possible. Visualize your child as being healthy and strong and her allergies as already healed. Connect with the divine and all knowing part of you that has access to all of the answers. Ask for guidance on what it is that your child needs for healing, and follow those impulses. Follow your intuition. Know that your child chose you as his parent, and you know best what your child needs. Be grateful and celebrate the gift that your child brings. It’s as simple as that. Simple, but not necessarily easy.


2 thoughts on “Healing my highly allergic child

  1. Hey beautiful soul X I have made Allergy Kinder a Facebook Page solely 🙂 This is exciting as it provides me the opportunity to truly be open with what I would like to share with the world! Just shared this article link honey…love to you dear friend XO

  2. Thanks, my dear!!! I also updated my Allergy Kinder post to let people know about the Facebook page. Love to you, dear friend!

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