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And then, there were three


I recently “met” another holistic mom who is raising her five year old son who has multiple allergies, hyper IgE (15,000) and a rare immune disorder Chronic Granumatolous Disease (CGD). With her permission, I’m sharing her story below so that we can all learn together. What interests me is how this mother is also using very similar treatments as myself and another holistic mom of a 12 year old with Hyper IgE syndrome. All three of us are using homeopathy and biomedical treatments. Her son is on a GFCF diet, is no longer receiving any additional vaccinations (he had a strong negative reaction to them)  and is not on a prophylactic antibiotic (which is the general treatment for CGD and Hyper IgE syndrome), and gives me more hope that one day my son will also be off of his prophylactic antibiotic (just need to get DH on board). Not surprisingly, she feels that her son’s health has definitely improved as a result of the natural remedies.

Her story is below:

When I was pregnant with T., I had some amalgams removed, thanks to ‘good advice’ given by a friend. Then I had a prolonged labour, to which T. was pulled out using forceps and I ended up with a blotched episiotomy which required me to administer high dosages of antibiotic solution directly to the wound and consume tons of pain killers. I was told none of this will go to T. via the breast milk. At 3 months I had to stop breastfeeding as I was travelling for work and he was put on dairy formula.

He started having ear infections, eczema and then chronic constipation. I had to use enemas. He was tip-toe walking, looking out of the corner of his eyes, all symptoms of autism as we now known. Then he started falling ill very often, and then he had a bad viral infection, follow by the Ah1ni, and numerous trips to the hospital for bronchitis and pneumonia. Mid 2010, we did a skin allergy test and found out he had 3 allergies, then in August 2010, he was hospitalised for 2 weeks, at which his white cell count was low. I finally insisted on a full allergy test (IgE) trying to find out what could have caused his body to be so weakened. The results came back with over 18 allergies.

I took the same test back to his immunologist in another hospital and he did further testing (lymphocytes, etc), to which he was ‘labelled’ as having Chronic Granumatolous Disease (CGD); (apparently 1 step better than Job’s Syndrome. His body apparently can’t handle bacteria and fungi). I was totally floored when I received the news. You normally hear of ‘rare’ illnesses in America. I thought this was something like the movie, Lorenzo’s Oil.

I’m very pragmatic and decided that a life-long treatment of antibiotics is not going to help T., instead kill him. So I was left with no other option, but instead look towards the natural way of doing things. And this has converted my whole outlook of medicines and health in general. It has revolutionised the way I look at things.

I decided to first try to heal T. of his allergies, telling myself that if he indeed has a genetic ‘problem’ meaning if he was born with a genetic defect or missing a gene, then there’s nothing much I can do except stem cells at a later stage. Hence I thought lets heal him first of his allergies which I have heard of people doing in the past. This led me to Dr Kenneth Bock’s book, DAN and biomedical protocol.

I consulted with a DAN doctor and did the first tier protocol. Then I decided to try classical homeopathy. So far the 1st classical homeopathy had stabilised T. but still I knew there were a lot of underlying issues. By doing the biomed and classical homeopathy, and Epsom salt baths, and Dr Rath’s protocol of high vitamin C and Lysene, I discovered that T. had in fact started to chelate metals mildly. That’s when I decided to try another form of Homeopathy that chelates using multiple remedies to address the various metals in his body.

Now he is going through a serious healing crisis and the eczema is really bad. We do the Epsom salt baths with tea tree oil, and sometimes Apple Cider Vinegar. I also give him Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin C, P5P, B12, Probiotics, Kefir, Omega 3, DHA, Aloe Vera juice, Virgin Coconut Oil, Selenium, Zeolite. And we also do CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy).

So far he is s trooper. But I think I’ll need to add Culturelle for the Lacto GG, Biotin and Oil of Oregano to help fight the yeast that commonly comes up when they are chelating. I’ve also been introduced today to Far infra ray which also apparently helps with Chelation.

And of course to top it off, prayer to God.

I wish T. and his family the best in T.’s healing journey and will continue to post updates regarding his progress and any changes to his treatment so that we can all learn from each other’s healing journey.

May 12, 2012 – Her thoughts on healing the gut using the GAPS diet and natural food

I feel that my kid cannot be on gluten free and casein free diet for the rest of his life. And if this is my point of contention, then what am I going to do about this problem? So I do reverse engineering. I work backwards.

I asked the question: since T.’s gut cannot handle casein and gluten, what can I do, that will change that? How can I get his gut to a point where it can handle gluten, where it can tolerate casein? Hence, since T. has now improved his immunity (no more episodes of high fevers, no more upper respiratory issues like pneumonia, etc) and is out of the ‘danger zone’ for over 1.5 years now, I think its time to heal the gut and nip this allergy in the butt. So I researched patients, parents, doctors and protocols that have claimed to do so, without the use of allergy drugs, etc. How did they do it?

I went to the importers of food stuffs for hotels and got Norwegian salmon, Australian grass fed lamb and beef and started boiling away for a whole freaking day to make broth. I bought tons of tupperwares and I borrow freezer space to stock up. I ain’t not saint, but I cannot do it without planning. I started to learn how to make water kefir, fermented foods for enzymes, etc. Bought tons of books, etc.

I won’t be able to control T.’s diet 100% but for me, its about tipping the scales, from gluten free, to more natural foods. Drinks, I give fresh juices and kefir (water kefir with fruit juices), less rice milk. More stews, casseroles, and pies, and just protein and vegetables, etc at home; less pastas, pancakes, bread. The vegetables, fruits and lemons we use are to alkalise the blood from the protein he takes and overall we limit the carbohydrates for when we are out and about.  Breakfast is tough, so I too give almond milk and some rice puffs, but there are days, he just eats a bowl of fresh fruits.

Yes I agree it’s not easy, but I do a lot of prepping. A lot of meat/fish gets cut, marinated, meat balls get made and rolled up and all packed and frozen. T.’s can’t take diary because of the casein, but I found that fermented milk kefir (which is stronger than yoghurt and definitely better than commercial stuff in the supermarkets) was ok for him, and so was fermented clarified butter with the milk solids removed. Crazy right? I tried with just 1 table spoon to watch for reaction, so now he is slowly taking it. His eczema was already there before I introduced it, so it wasn’t related. I do simple things like stopping vegetable oils, and only use coconut oil, clarified butter and olive oil for example.

For me personally, I think the eczema is the 2nd last round. Heal the gut, heal the eczema. I know its going to be complex, not tough. I was told its normally a 1-2 year period. But hey, time flies when you’re having fun J sorry just being sarcastic (me being fed-up of being fed-up). You know, it’s not another way of eating, it’s just our mother or grandmother’s way of eating. I’m more concerned about the last round of healing actually. The emotional part.

It was hard for me. Lots of re-educating myself once again, having trust in this new ‘diet’, learning how to prep for it and getting my game plan into action. 90% is really about getting the game plan right, then the 10% is the execution. You can google Dr Natasha Campbells’ GAP protocol on youtube. Both she and Donna Gates are in it. I think this is the link for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLP0Ijo2CK4 and there’s ton of help on forums, etc.

March 2, 2013

Another thing I discovered recently was Macrobiotics. some dried dakon and wild pine shitake donko simmered in water purifies the blood and mucus. there’s a lot of healing using the macrobiotic foods, especially when they were using it to heal people from the nuke’s that fell in Japan. I don’t do whole Macrobiotics but its easy as its mostly vegan and besides it helps adding variety to T.’s diet. Also don’t forget unpasteurised miso soups! Yummy, filling and good for the gut as well. Tyler is doing much better now, but we still have a lot of healing to do (gut, inflammation) and the big emotional stuff


2 thoughts on “And then, there were three

  1. Wow, I am so glad that you have found more people to share your journey with! Wishing you all much healing, awareness, and joy along the way.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Stacy!

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