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Hope for parents of “non-responders”


This is a message for parents of “non-responders”, for those parents whose children do not respond to medical interventions, biomedical treatment or even homeopathy. For those children who are not getting better despite all of the many therapies that your child is undergoing.

I share this message because my son is a former  “non-responder”. He did not respond favourably to many treatments. He was “too sensitive”. His system was so stressed out /over-taxed that even the gentlest therapies would cause his body to detox too strongly. (Now that we have his diagnosis, we know why – because his IgE levels were off the charts).

We tried supplement after supplement.

Treatment after treatment.

Naturopath after naturopath.

Homeopath after homeopath.

Cream after cream.

Physician after physician.

Antihistamine after antihistamine.

Medicine after medicine.

Specialist after specialist.

Healer after healer.

It feels like we had tried them all. We were desperate. We were frustrated. Yet still hopeful. We never did give up hope that something would help him. Every cell in my being knew that we would find something that would help my son.

Then one day, I met a local mother of two sensitive children. I mentioned how Moses was allergic to everything, and she very enthusiastically told me that the Heilkunst homeopaths at the Dynamis Health Centre could help my son. There was something about the way that she shared the information with me. Like she knew / had no doubt that they would be able to help him.

By this time, I was battle-wary and very skeptical. I told her that we had tried homeopathy. In fact, he was  taking two homeopathic remedies at the time. We had consulted with three different classical homeopaths, including a well-recognized one who had authored a book and had specialized in the treatment of childhood eczema.

She told me that this was different. Heilkunst homeopathy was different from classical homeopathy. Truthfully, I was kind of annoyed. I didn’t know that there was different kinds of homeopathy. I was actually tired of trying different things / seeing different specialists. I was annoyed by her optimism.

I tried to convince her – we’ve tried everything. Nothing has worked. Why would this be any different?

She told me her own story. That she had a highly allergic daughter who was no longer allergic to any foods and she had a son who would have been on the autistic spectrum had it not been for this therapy. She told me that their story was the same — she had also tried everything under the sun to help her two children, and nothing else worked.  But this had.

She sent me a link to this video, Heilkunst  and Autism: Removing Cause vs. Managing Symptoms.  The presentation is by Rudi Verspoor, the founder of the Hahnemann Centre and Heilkunst Homeopathy Clinic in Ottawa. She told me that it presented a “grounded way to look at health, treating chronic/complicated illnesses and cure”.

I didn’t watch the video right away. I was so skeptical. There is something about someone being highly enthusiastic about something that makes one put their guard up.

Besides, we were trying a new supplement, and I wanted to give that a go.

The truth is that I wanted his healing to come from a supplement. Supplements make sense. They are easy to understand. There’s an imbalance to something, so you give the body what’s missing. But in Moses’ case, supplements alone were not enough.

It took a crisis for us to consider Heilkunst. I can’t remember what the crisis was in particular. There were so many of them at the time. We were constantly in the ER. Moses was constantly sick. We were at our wit’s end. Moses was particularly in a bad state of health after he received the MMR vaccination. He wasn’t sleeping through the night. He was having deep night terrors on most nights. He was acting out during the day. Behavioural problems. On top of that, we were dealing with his multiple allergies. Asthma. Recurrent pneumonia. Terrible rashes (remember Job’s syndrome is named after Job, the biblical character who had a terrible skin affliction and who suffered greatly).  It would take me two hours to get him ready in the morning. It was a fight just to brush his teeth, his mouth was in so much pain. His whole system (digestive) was in chronic pain. His skin inflamed. We were worried that the MMR vaccination had been the last straw and that he might be on the autistic spectrum. None of the specialists (traditional medicine or alternative practitioners) were able to help us in a meaningful way.

I remember lying in bed with my husband, discussing our hopeless situation, and it was DH (my skeptical husband) who suggested it. “Let’s try it. Let’s give Heilkunst a try. I’m willing to try anything.”

I watched the video and I got excited about it. I blogged about my thoughts at the time here.

Within seven weeks of starting Heilkunst, I was convinced that we were really onto something. You can read about those first weeks here.  By the third round of healing, I was convinced that we were witnessing a miracle.

I kept telling myself that the “proof would be in the pudding” and so far this method of healing is delivering real tangible changes in Moses’ health. His asthma has cleared. He is medicine-free. He is no longer suffering from night terrors. He is generally a happy little boy. We’ve been noticing that he is less set off by things, and much more chatty than he ever was. Although he’s never had any problems verbally, his conversational skills have gone through the roof in the last couple of weeks. He’s been talking our ears off. And this is only month 3. I know that we still have a ways to go, but I look forward to this healing journey that we are now on.

Pure joy (Moses after the third round of healing)

That month, I emailed my Heilkunstler and told her: “Moses  has been doing great this month.  Skin is very broken out, but his lungs have been clear for most of the month.  No more asthma medications too!  Feels like a miracle!”

She responded, “That’s wonderful!  It may feel like a miracle, but the beauty of Heilkunst is that we know why things are changing — principled application of informed medicine, therapeutic education and regimental support, along with lots of love!”

I told her, “I have a copy of the Autism: The Journey Back book that you recommended and I feel that I understand it a lot more now.  It’s hard to believe at first after trying so many other forms of healing.  I’m thrilled that we are on this healing journey.  I still find it remarkable.  Why don’t more people know about it? ”

She responded, “Well, the treatment requires confronting false belief, which not everyone is willing to do because it can be difficult.  For those of us already on that journey, Heilkunst simply provides a more comprehensive road map and the tools (homeopathic medicine, etc.) to move along the path more quickly and with less suffering.  Heilkunst is there for everyone to find, but not everyone will resonate with it.”


I’m sharing this because I want to tell you that it wasn’t a fluke that Moses has been healing. He has been healing because he has been undergoing “principled application of informed medicine” (i.e., Heilkunst treatment). If it can help Moses, who was a former “non-responder”, and who has been diagnosed with an extremely serious chronic genetic immune disorder, one that is considered incurable, it can definitely help your child. At the time that we started Heilkunst, Moses didn’t even have a formal diagnosis, and still it helped him. It continues to help him. I feel that without a doubt, it can also help your child. (Read more about how and why Heilkunst works here).

“The physician who can cure one disease by a knowledge of its principles
may by the same means cure all the diseases of the human body; for their causes are the same. ” Dr. Tilden

Still, it’s not an easy journey. If you have read any of my other posts about our Heilkunst journey, every month brings up healing reactions (the first two months actually “brought out pneumonia” in my boy). Even after two years of undergoing this treatment, I still find it difficult to understand my Heilkunstler at times. It’s like she talks a different language. Sometimes, I’m frustrated because I want to share Heilkunst with the world, but it’s so difficult to understand and explain that I don’t think many people resonate with it. But, the thing is, if you are looking for something that heals the root cause of disease, this works!

If you want to read more:

  • Watch this video, Heilkunst  and Autism: Removing Cause vs. Managing Symptoms.
  • I highly recommend reading Autism: The Journey Back . It is relevant for everyone (not just parents of children with autism), as it discusses how and why Heilkunst works.
  • I have chronicled every step of our Heilkunst healing journey here 
  • Read about how much Moses healed after one year of Heilkunst healing here.
  • Read my latest update post about how Moses is doing (he’s essentially happy, healthy and well between healing reactions and only has 5 allergies/sensitivities [down from 40+]).
  • Read about other parents / people who are healing with Heilkunst here (especially read Adam’s journey and Sam’s Story)
  • Arcanum Wholistic Clinic has a great blog, written by a Heilkunstler, who tries to explain to the layperson what Heilkunst is and how it works.
  • You can find a Heilkunstler in your city here. If you don’t have one in your city, they all do telephone consultations. Many of my appointments with my Heilkunstler have been by telephone. (When we used to live across the city from her office, it was just easier that way). And now, my Heilkunstler is moving to Ontario in the near future, so we’ll continue to have telephone consultations.

Sequential homeopathy

  • An aspect of Heilkunst involves sequential homeopathy (treating for traumas one by one in a reverse sequence, with the most recent trauma first. A more clinical description of Sequential Treatment can be found here). I also feel that other treatments that involve sequential homeopathy, combined with tackling the chronic miasms (such as through Homeopathy Center of Houston) can help significantly.
  • Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary – Joanna (Drew’s mom) lists sequential homeopathy as one of the most helpful treatments that have contributed to Drew’s recovery. She has great tips on other treatments that help Drew’s recovery here. You can read about their sequential homeopathic experiences here.
  • A Ventography! – Sequential homeopathy combined with cranialsacral therapy significantly helped Annie (a five year old girl with autism). Annie’s mom tried sequential homeopathy as a “last ditch effort to recover Annie. I wasn’t expecting it to work. I couldn’t handle getting my hopes up only to be crushed once again. I fully intended to give up on my quest to recover Annie if sequential homeopathy was another giant disappointment”. Read more here. Read about the other treatments that she found helpful here.
  • My Child: A Former “Non-Responder” – an amazing story of how Michael, an 11 year old former “non-responder” to biomedical treatments, made remarkable improvements with sequential homeopathy.

9 thoughts on “Hope for parents of “non-responders”

  1. Hi Janice
    What an amazing entry – I can totally understand how you felt. I’ve known both sides – the parent who is hearling about “not another treatment that I am too exhausted emotionally and financially to try.” And, I’ve been on the side where I share with parents whose resistance is visceral. I think that the most frustrating part of a journey outside the allopathic path – is that you really have to keep at it until you find the answer. It’s out there. And also, what works for one person may not work for another. Illness is a spectrum of symptoms that are manifestations of many personal causes – IMO.
    There are many things that interest me about Heilkunst – I think that my son carries many traumas – from me while I was pregnant, through birth, and through the earliest days of his babyhood. Philosophically I get the idea of going back to heal these wounds, these underlying causes… but now again, you’ve added to my full plate of alternatives. I say that with joy that alternatives… answers… exist… and with fatigue.
    You’ve mentioned this treatment a lot – I will watch the video. You have been such a resource – I owe camel milk to you. And I owe a lot of hope to you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Denise: Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I think that’s true — we’ve probably all been on both sides of that…. 🙂

    I know that you and your son are doing really well with the treatments that you are currently on. I offer this suggestion mostly for those who are not satisfied with their current treatments.

    I’m so glad that camel milk is working out so well for your son. And, I’m so glad that my blog has given you hope. Yay!

    I wish you and your son continued healing and wellness!

  3. Thank you Janice for this inspiring post! I am very hopeful we will see healing from this treatment, as well.

  4. Hi Brianna: I have no doubt that you will, and look forward to hearing how it goes. Do let me know!

  5. Love you Janice for what you do for you, your family and others. An inspiration you are!!
    Love Carla

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  7. Hi Janice,
    I read this post weeks ago but realized I never commented on how much I love it. I found out about Heilkunst homeopathy from a family friend who raved about it and yet it took me almost a year to finally give it a try. I laugh at your account of what was going on in your head as she raved about it because so much of it rings true for myself. Now I realize that I have become that overly zealous mother who wants to scream the wonders of Heilkunst healing to everyone struggling with poor health (adults and children alike)!!

    Great post Janice!! It made me laugh outloud and I’ve forwarded it to some other people.

  8. Hi Carla: I appreciate your continued support, dear friend.

    Hi Hanna: So glad that you enjoyed this post, and so interesting that it took you a year to try Heilkunst yourself, and now you are that overly zealous mother! 🙂

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