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Comparing different approaches to homeopathy


As you know, I have spent quite a lot of time researching different methods of healing, and I have read many blogs of parents who are healing their autistic children (blog list is here). My observation is that for difficult-to-treat cases, the parents who are having the greatest success in recovering their children are using some form of energy healing (most commonly homeopathy, but sometimes, another form of energy healing) combined with biomedical treatments. For those who don’t know that there are different approaches to homeopathy, I thought that it would be useful to compare the different types of homeopathy, in particular: classical homeopathy, CEASE therapy, Homeopathy Center of Houston and Heilkunst homeopathy. I’ve tried to make this a balanced article as I know that each of these approaches have been beneficial to some individuals.

Classical Homeopathy

Principles of Classical Homeopathy:

  • Homeopathic prescriptions based on the characteristic symptoms of each child or adult, rather than on routine or ’sequential’ approaches that fail to match the individualising symptoms of the patient.
  • Only one remedy prescribed for use at a time so that clarity of treatment is maintained, rather than the case confused by prescriptions of complexes (combination remedies) or multiple remedies in sequences.
  • Remedies usually prescribed in liquid form rather than as pilules so the remedy dose can be easily adjusted to suit the sensitivity of the child or adult being treated.
  • The prescription of a test dose at the beginning of treatment so the child or adult’s sensitivity can be determined.
  • Sufficient time allowed for the initial consultation so that the child or adult’s symptoms can be adequately collected and analysed; at least an hour for toddlers, and 1 1/2 hours for children or adults.
  • Practitioner able to be contacted by the parent or patient between appointments should minor adjustments to treatment be needed.
  • Only homeopathic treatment so that the practitioner has not confused or complicated by the addition of other unrelated treatments or therapies. (Source)


  • Affordable
  • Treatment is simple
  • Common and well known approach; easy to find several practicing classical homeopaths in one’s city
  • Some individuals have reported success with classical homeopathic treatment
  • Generally excellent support from your homeopath


  • Not a quick fix
  • Aggravations – things can get worst before they get better
  • Your homeopath may want you to stop all other all other supplements and therapies
  • Can be difficult to find the “right” remedy


  • Recovered from Autism – excellent resource describing the steps that Kaeden’s parents took to recover their son. They consider their son completely recovered from autism, and classical homeopathy was a key component of their son’s recovery.
  • The Light  – recovering E. and B. Mom says that classical homeopathy has exceeded her wildest expectations.
  • Recovering Nicolas – After years of research, supplements, hbot, etc. Nicolas’ mom decided to try Classical Homeopathy. Since moving from a heavy and costly biomedical regiment to using a single homeopathic remedy, Nicholas no longer has any symptoms of autism. Read her update story (“living life autism-free”) here. Nicolas’ mom shares other autism recovery stories here.
  • Classical homeopathy case studies here.

Our personal experience

  • We consulted with three different classical homeopaths, including one who specialized in children with eczema and an author of a book about treating children with eczema with homeopathy. We didn’t find a noticeable effect, although Moses’ rashes got extremely worse. That being said, I know that some people have had amazing results from classical homeopathy (see above).

For more information

  • Homeopathy for Autism website (Classical Homeopathy) – here.
  • Classical Homeopathy for the Whole Spectrum – here, including their thoughts on the differences between classical, CEASE and sequential homeopathy here.

CEASE therapy

CEASE therapy treatment consists of a number of steps and therapies.

  • Detoxification (homeopathically) of the most relevant stress factors in the patient’s history: vaccines, anaesthesia, antibiotics, childhood diseases, etc. In cases with a history of difficult delivery and/or caesarian section, osteopathic help will be called in. Osteopaths are of the opinion that the meningae are often too tense leaving the brain insufficient room to grow (causing stress!).
  • Secondly the oxidative stress of the celebral cortex is treated with fat soluble vitamin C and the brain is nourished with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which are important building blocks for the brain.
  • Thirdly the metallothionein function in the bowels and the brain can be restored with the use of zinc. For this we use an ascorbate complex (water soluble vitamin C combined with potassium, magnesium (tranquillizer) and zinc). This also restores the integrity of the bowels. In addition Saccharum Officinale D6 likewise yields good results in restoring intestinal flora and function.
  • Next, specific aspects of the austistic behaviour can be addressed by constitutional homeopathic treatment of the child, whereby a remedy is selected that is largely based on the behaviour of the child. The remedy Saccharum Officinale and other constitutional remedies are important elements in restoring eyecontact, contact with the outside world and the emotions etc. Cuprum Metallicum can offer the solution to the typical rigidity and obsessiveness. Both remedies are part of Inspiring Homeopathy and not yet very well known in the homeopathic world. (Source)


  • It sounds as though individuals who are using CEASE therapy are happy with the treatment.
  • Affordable.
  • Well known approach.
  • Generally excellent support from the CEASE therapist between sessions.


  • Not a quick fix
  • Short-term aggravations – things may get worst for a short period of time before they get better.


My personal opinion

  • I feel that detoxing vaccinations and other toxins are an important step in healing autism.
  • I feel that CEASE therapy can be a successful treatment. My personal opinion is that after detoxing the vaccinations, if further healing is necessary, then addressing the chronic miasms may be a missing piece.

For more information:

  • CEASE Therapy’s main website is here.
  • Read about how dosing may differ between CEASE and classical homeopathy here. (Use Google Translate if you can’t read Spanish).

Homeopathy Center of Houston

The Homeopathy Center of Houston’s homeopaths devise a plan for each client by uniquely combine many widely practiced homeopathic approaches including:

  • Sequential homeopathy (the framework for chronological healing)
  • Classical homeopathy (the basis of all homeopathy)
  • Homotoxicology (to help reverse deterioration from toxicity)
  • Gemmotherapy (a plant-based approach to drainage)
  • Oligotherapy (enhances cell metabolism through nutrient absorption)
  • Enderlein’s Pleomorphic Remedies
  • German Biological Remedies
  • Cellular Re-Programming Therapy (CRPT)
  • Spagyric homeopathic remedies
  • Custom formulated proprietary HCH complex remedies (remedy and/or potency combinations) developed by our homeopaths, specific to our clients’ needs, unavailable except to our clients.
  • Proprietary HCH Genetic snp based Remedy complexes for certain genetic markers based on genetic research in autism and detoxification pathway problems (source)


  • Some parents have reported remarkable recovery stories.


  • This treatment is quite expensive (~$450 per consultation including consultation, remedies and shipping).
  • Distance treatments if you don’t live in Houston
  • Aggravations – things can get worst before they get better
  • Not a quick fix


  • Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary – Joanna (Drew’s mom) lists sequential homeopathy as one of the most helpful treatments that have contributed to Drew’s recovery. She has great tips on other treatments that help Drew’s recovery here. You can read about their sequential homeopathic experiences here.
  • A Ventography! – Sequential homeopathy combined with cranialsacral therapy significantly helped Annie (a five year old girl with autism). Read more here. Read about the other treatments that she found helpful here.
  • My Child: A Former “Non-Responder” – an amazing story of how Michael, an 11 year old former “non-responder” to biomedical treatments, made remarkable improvements with sequential homeopathy.
  • Autism testimonials for the Homeopathy Center of Houston – here

My personal opinion

  • From what I’ve read, it sounds as though the treatment at the Homeopathy Centre of Houston is similar to Heilkunst treatment (i.e., sequential homeopathy), and I think it also involves the treatment of chronic miasms. I would endorse this clinic.

For more information:

  • the Homeopathy Center of Houston’s website here
  • Read Drew’s mother’s thoughts about her son’s treatment with Heilkunst (i.e., sequential homeopathy with Rudi Verspoor) and the Homeopathy Center of Houston (she found them both to be effective, but the Houston’s Center is more aggressive in their treatment) here.

Heilkunst Homeopathy

“Heilkunst goes beyond the limited treatment of only symptoms, and is built on a foundation of many inter-related jurisdictions. While a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst will use homeopathic medicines to address the roots of disease, the remedies will also be used simultaneously to annihilate the negative effects of drugs, balance your Constitution, in addition to also treating present symptoms. At the initial consultation you may be asked to complete a “sequential timeline” describing the emotional and physical traumas incurred over your lifetime. This exercise forms the “map” or guide during your treatment and each layer will be effectively peeled off like the layers of an onion. For example we would treat the car accident you had in March, of 2001, antibiotic use for bronchitis in November of 2000 and the death of your beloved grand father in May of 2000. By getting at the roots of these events, the symptoms effectively lose their anchors. The next juncture is often the patient’s vaccinations. Although based on the Law of Similars in preventing childhood diseases, they contain many toxins, such as formaldehyde and Thimerisol, which will leave a cellular residue for up to 60 years. The patient’s own birth trauma is next and then we address the Chronic Miasms which are your genetic inherited diseases. Most of us will carry at least 1-2 of these heavily laden black bags throughout our lives. Your grandfather’s Tubuculosis can show up in you as chronic Bronchitis, your great grandmother’s Rheumatism can be the anchor for your Allergies, and your Uncle Bob’s diabetes can show up as Cancer down his family line.” Source

Note: Whereas a classical homeopath will only prescribe one remedy at a time, Heilkunst will prescribe several remedies and combinations of remedies simultaneously (for example, my son typically has one dropper that addresses his constitution and his emotional state; another for any other symptoms he might be having; and he will typically be clearing something major (like a chronic miasm) using a homeopathic powder — it might take 3 weeks to clear one dose of his homeopathic powder, so he doesn’t take this very often). Currently my son takes 4 homeopathic droppers a day (actually, he just smells them) and each of the droppers has a number of different remedies within them. He takes one of them once a day and three of them 2-3 times a day.


  • The framework is highly successful at addressing chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions
  • Affordable (my Heilkunstler is very affordable; some well-known Heilkunstlers are more expensive, but still a lot less expensive than the Houston Center)
  • Excellent support between sessions.


  • This approach to homeopathy is not well known and not all cities have a practicing Heilkunstler (note that distance treatments are available).
  • Not a quick fix — the first level of healing (sequential homeopathy) typically takes one year, although most individuals notice an improvement within three to six months (we noticed a difference with the first 7 weeks).
  • Some of the short-term healing reactions can be de-stabilizing (however, after the healing reaction, individuals always experience a greater level of health).


My personal opinion

  • From witnessing my son’s remarkable healing journey over the last two years, I highly recommend Heilkunst homeopathy, and feel that the framework (sequential homeopathy, addressing chronic miasms) is highly successful at addressing chronic conditions. Read my post about how Heilkunst offers hope to parents of “non-responders” here.

For more information:

  • Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst and Homeopathy’s website is here.
  • I’ve listed more links about Heilkunst here.

Aperture Homeopathy

I don’t know anything about Aperture Homeopathy, but a few individuals who have had experience with this form of homeopathic treatment have commented below.  Aperture Prescribing is only taught in Australia by a college called Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy however they do treat international patients. Feel free to share your own experiences with any of these homeopathic treatments.


22 thoughts on “Comparing different approaches to homeopathy

  1. Thanks VERY much for this break down/comparison of the different approaches. I’ve always wondered what the differences were between them.

    I started with Heilkunst simply because another person who had the same condition as me recommended this office/Heilkunstler to me. She had a lot of success with them. At that point, I was unable to do any research of my own into anything and so thankful I was directed in this path. I remember my first appt. — even though they are at least an hour in length, I was unable to process anything after 15 minutes (too much brain fog and that much exhaustion).

    Oh….I noticed a change with my very first set of remedies. 🙂

  2. Hi Linda: I’m glad you found it helpful, and thanks so much for sharing your own experience with Heilkunst. 🙂

  3. Thanks for outlining this…it’s encouraging to read this since we also decided to do heilkunst. I spent about two months researching/calling and one of the biggest factors for us was cost. The Houston center is nearly 1000 per month! With heilkunst we can treat both of my kids simultaneously, and hopefully myself soon, too. I have a feeling that treating the miasms is big for my kids, too, which is why I chose heilkunst over CEASE. I didn’t see regression from a particular vaccine… I saw stuff from birth with constant reflux and colic probably from a milk allergy and gut dysbiosis in my son, and neurological issues in my daughter. We have a lot of chronic illness in our family, too, so I’m hoping the miasm treatments give us a lot of healing… I love to read your posts…Thanks again!

  4. Hi Brianna: Yikes — I didn’t realize the Houston Center was *that* expensive!! I look forward to hearing how your children do with the Heilkunst treatment… I agree that healing the chronic miasms are key…

  5. Wow!! Great post Janice!! I’ve been pretty certain of the differences between classical homeopathy and heilkunst but I’ve never even heard of CEASE! A great resource for newcomers for sure. I always love how informative your posts are. 🙂

  6. Awesome! Thank you so much for the information. How to compare aperture with other homeopathy? Is that similar to Heilkunst treatment? Can anybody share their experience for aperture? Thanks.

  7. Hi Lily: I’m not sure what you mean by aperture. Do you mean acupuncture?

  8. Aperture is a type of homeopathy only practiced in Australia I believe. I, too, would love to hear a comparison of that type on this fabulous site. Thanks for the excellent summary of the other types of homeopathy above and the pros and cons are so helpful!

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  10. I hope that you will contact some current parents about the Homeopathy Center of Houston. The cost figures quoted are actually either very old numbers, or pulled from a few exceptional situations, such as parents who preferred to buy extra items in order to keep a “stockpile on hand.”

    When we first were developing our program for autism, we had to rely on “name brand” and often very expensive, but very effective remedies, which did make things more expensive. But in the past 5 years, as the program continues to refine, and due to the opportunity of now having a number of remedies produced exclusively for us, in quantity to our specifications, we have passed the savings on to our clients. Over the past 5 years, we have cut the average invoice cost to between $400-500 for most of our clients. There is always some variation, because not everything must be replaced every time. And there continue to be those who like to “stockpile.” But the average total invoice over the past 3-4 years to present has actually reduced. At present our average invoice runs $450 inclusive of consultation, shipping and all remedies necessary. And our results continue to improve. I invite folks to view the new video on our site or on YouTube to see some of our past and more recent faces of recovery. http://youtu.be/YOejkRu-wNA

    We continue to offer genuine hope of improvements or even recoveries, even more than ever, as we have improved the outcomes, the journey along the way, while at the same time becoming more affordable for our parents.

    Thank you for allowing me to update your post!

  11. Hi Cindy: Thanks for the information and all of the great work that your centre does. I updated the information in the blog post to reflect your updated costs. Take good care!

  12. Aperture Prescribing is only taught in Australia by a college called Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy however they do treat international patients. It’s a different style of homeopathy that goes deeper and treats the whole person. I had my rheum arthritis healed by classical back with I was 19 however as a 38 year old mum I could not heal my children with classical. Supplements helped heal, and strict diet for 3.5 years!!!, one son, but the other 2 nothing was working. AP was the best thing we ever did

  13. Thanks so much for sharing, Lexi!

  14. My family and I are have been treated with Aperture Homeopathy for over a year now. Our lives are changed forewer and for that I am eternally gratefull! My 8 year old son doesnt display any Autistic traits anymore and our lives are free from diets, supplements, visits to the therapies. We can be spontenious and there are no meltdowns of any kind. I have my life back as a strong, confident and loving mother as I always wanted to be. Before homeopathy I suffered depression and was stressed and tired all the time. Just the fact, that we havent been to see our doctor for any colds, flu or tummy upsets for more than a year is impressive. My son still faces learning chalenges because of dislexia, but the fact, that he attends mainstream school is awesome! He is social, attentive and eager to learn. The commitment of teachers and students from Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy made it happen. We are supported by my homeopath (former student) and only wait for more great things to come. I highly recommend it.

  15. I also used aperture homeopathy. You are never told what is being treated, rather given numbered packages. There are some big reactions and I know of a few that required hospitalisation during a ‘detox’ reaction. It made me very sick to the point I was unable to care for my children. You are provided with detox remedy, which is meant to manage symptoms but did little for us. There is a big expectation and judgement that you either ‘suck it up’ and allow your kids to heal or that you are holding them back when not comfortable with negative reactions in them. I know of one child whose OCD was drastically exacerbated. A lot of it is based on emotional healing rather than the physical ailments as it is believed the physical is a result of the emotional, rather than Heilkunst and CEASE, which seem to have a more balanced view. It is a new type of homeopathy, a new college and I am not confident of the educational standards. It may be worth looking at AROH and I encourage you to research any homeopath you use very carefully to ensure they are well qualified. I am now considering Heilkunst or CEASE at the moment after an extended period to recover from Aperture.

  16. I and my family have all healed from aperture homeopathy..sure there can be a bit of detox and we experienced some doozies but never was my family in any serious emergency, we have the fear in us from mainstream and its hard to break and not panic at times, but I saw and found once I calmed the detox calmed and went away, and that is true !!…. I think sometimes we can panic for the need and fear that is embedded in us, I have learnt so much from this unique styling of homeopathy. It is 100% safe and it healed my “pandas” son, my chronic fatigue syndrome boy and my bowel disease, we have not had any symptoms for more than 12 months, It is about learning to let go and not fear the healing….The body and gut are linked so of course it takes mental healing to help over come your physical healing….I don’t care what anyone says, this is amazing treatment and without it I hate to think where my “pandas” boy and I would be as we were both heading for major heath issues….I owe my life to this College, it is both professional and very supportive….and they have had a lot of success with healing families.There will always be those rotten eggs unfortunately…it is both affordable and very supportive…we had OCD and we have NOT had any issues with regression….I fully support this College and its wonderful staff, principle and students…

  17. Hi,i am really excited to share that our family have been healing for the past 18months with aperture and WOW,WOW and more WOW.Im a mum with 2 autistic sons,1 diagnosed as mild with trauma and my severe son.I am confident both my sons will fully heal,no questions about it,what I have seen to this day is incredible.no more food intolerances,no more vagueness,no stuck in their own worlds,massive drop in anxiety,playfulness,alertness,blossoming health,no more bowel problems,big developmental gains every single week.Sure detoxing emotionally and physically does get intense but its crucial not to panic,talk openly and honestly to your homeopath so u can receive the reassurance and guidance u need.I think some people find it very confronting taking a look at themselves emotionally,they can panic and run back to a doctor instead of using patience,open communication,trust and allowing their bodies to heal as its striving to.I highly recommend this deep,permanent amazing healing to the point I plan on shortly doing talks publicly about it,it is pure gold.Some detox can sting yes but life sure as hell wasn’t rosy before hand,at least we are all flying forwards now and where we r going is gold.

  18. Thank you for a great article.

  19. donna i am going to try aperture homeopathy for my twin boys possibly on spectrum , the main issue being the language delay which is affecting them in all area !! is there any way i can talk to you about this ?

  20. We had our first consult with an Aperture prescriber yesterday – although we haven’t gotten any remedies in the mail and given them yet, I learned a lot from our first session. I really appreciate that Aperture sees the body as a stream and that when things get stuck, a “lake” is created and things get toxic. Our prescribed asked a lot of questions about pregnancy, emotions, etc., so I also appreciate that they take into consideration toxic load. We have seen some healing with classical homeopathy but I feel there is something still there that is underlying and needs to be addressed. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

  21. I can vouch for Aperture Homeopathy I have tried so many things with my Autistic son & my Anaphylactic son.I have always used Classical Homeopathy but it just wasn’t cutting it this time.When I found this type of homeopathy it was like I had found a light at then end of the tunnel. Cost are very reasonable if you are seeing a supervised student Homeopath it is $50 for adults & $30 for children this includes the remedies, consultation & postage.Appointments are done via phone/Skype or face to face if in Australia Here is a brief description written by the Principal of the College.They are many graduated Aperture homeopaths if you would prefer also.It is essential that parents get treated as well, as you heal they heal, as they heal you heal, we are connected.
    Homeopathy for Autism (Aperture PrescribingTM)
    When children come, they often present similar symptoms on whichever spectrum that they have been diagnosed on. These are simply generalized reactions, to a greater or lesser extent. Shrouded in these symptoms is who this child really is. It is a vital part of this approach to Aperture Prescribing ™ that the homeopathy hones in literally, to encourage the “who they really are” to emerge.
    The prescriptions may seem quite different to Classical style prescribing Aperture Prescribing ™ is a technique which examines not only the sequence of events occurring physically, emotionally and spiritually in a patient’s life, but includes close consideration of the observable fragments which are seen like shards from a mirror glinting through the observable surface problem.
    Most especially in children suffering from auto-toxin damage (any toxin or poison produced within the body) either directly, or indirectly via their parents, it is vital to recognize this message from the soul who is placed behind the mess, yet is still present and functioning, albeit in a very limited and often disturbing fashion. This is no criticism, as the “disturbance” covers all the responses which are not expressions either physically or emotionally of “the who they really are”.
    Via the prescribing not only of the auto-toxic nosodes* required, along with full organ and system support, but a practical and sensible use of the endocrine system nosodes, we are able to draw out more of the glimmer of the whole person who is placed behind what appears to be a concrete layer of damage at all levels.
    At times this glimpse is quite small. However, by prescribing for what is seen they can be encouraged to perceive a safety to be present, no matter how intensely shocked they have become. Once they perceive safety, a greater percentage of energy is released into the body, allowing further healing to occur and also, allowing a greater more present interaction with their family and those around them.
    It has to be remembered that these children have their own “perception of what has happened to them”. This is no fault of the parents. Perceptual experience is what we all have as children, whether there is damage present or not. As Buddha said, “If it affects you, it is real”.
    For example, there may be an underlying birth trauma behind the autotoxins, which needs addressing. There may be an in utero experience which is still lingering or certain other intense experiences or feelings. These are all valid for the child. These are all chapters in the story which has started with their life.
    Sometimes, children truly are pissed off over what has happened to them. This is quite common. They have their own definite emotional reaction towards their loss of connection or stability. Often, they may return in wonderment, because they have been “somewhere out there, because it certainly ain’t safe here”. This later experience is quite definitely vaccine related. The message behind vaccines is “it is not safe to be here”.

    Don’t forget yourself!
    It is also vital to the child for the parents to be treated homeopathically. The fetus is formed in an amniotic sac, filled with fluid. This is their physical “fluid body” However, there is more going on here than that. There are family fluid bodies. Fluid bodies which connect us to friends and colleagues and so it goes on.
    In this particular instance, we are dealing with the family fluid body. I am using the word “fluid” here to represent a vital energy which connects the family. By treating the child it changes the family. By treating the parents we are helping to change the child. At this juncture I am not using the word “change” to imply a movement towards something. I am using it to describe the “return” of the child to” who they are”. In other words their original healthy state.
    Parents who have lived through the diagnosis and suffering involved, both personal and observable through rearing a child in these circumstances are holding a host of post traumatic type symptoms which are recognizable both physically and emotionally. To relieve them of this burden and have these parents operating from a healthy functioning resonance is of prime importance. One can clearly see that when adaptability forms part of day to day responses, that there is a level of health returning. Putting it simply, it is a long exhale and a relaxation. Such an outbreath, a relaxation certainly provides a better environment for all concerned and it is surely much more conducive not only for healing but for healthy child rearing.
    The students at the Dhanvantari College of Homeopath are trained in this specialized approach. It is a unique method of prescribing taught only in the context of this College and was devised by its Principal, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.

    * Nosodes are homeopathic remedies that are made from the specific products of a particular disease. This can be tissue containing the actual disease agents or tissue affected by those agents. Sometimes nosodes are made from vaccines containing the organisms. The nosodes are prepared in a diluted and potentised form just like all other homeopathic medicine. A nosode prepared by a homeopath has no quantity of physical substance left. It is the “energy” pattern not the “substance” that does the job in a homeopathic remedy.

  22. Thanks for presenting the differences in these approaches here.

    I wanted to add another example of a case study of a boy recovered from the autism spectrum through Heilkunst treatment – this is my wife’s book “The Path To Cure – The Whole Art of Healing Autism”, and we’ve now made the audiobook of this available for anyone to listen to for free at http://www.thepathtocure.com/bonus

    It outlines not only his autism recovery through Heilkunst, but what Allyson also experienced herself undergoing Heilkunst treatment for herself at the same time. Her journey, as illustrated in this book, shows her own discovery of homeopathy, and then Heilkunst, and what their differences are from the patient’s point of view.

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