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The Horse Boy


I finally got the chance to watch Horse Boy tonight on Netflix. Our local library has a copy of the book and I’ve read it again and again. I highly recommend both the movie and the book.


Horse Boy chronicles the true story of a family who travels to Mongolia with their autistic son, Rowan, and the family’s amazing and miraculous healing journey on horseback and through shamanic healing.

Inspiring. Heart opening. Beautiful. Touching. A powerful testament of the healing power of a family’s deep love, the healing power of nature and the healing power of Spirit.

If you want to learn more, Jeff at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic has a more thorough review of their amazing story here.


4 thoughts on “The Horse Boy

  1. Love this documentary!! It’s incredible how much love they have for their son.

  2. I just pulled this up on Netflix last night…thanks for the recommendation, I really enjoyed it. It seemed like a beautiful country. I loved the family, too. He had some significant changes from their treatments. Is this what you do Janice?

  3. Glad you both enjoyed it as well!

    Hi Brianna: I do a form of shamanic healing. It’s not quite the same as what they show in the video, but the idea is the same (connecting to the earth and to Spirit and acting as a vessel for healing…)

  4. That is cool Janice! What a gift to be able to give yourself and family.

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