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Vaccines increase IgE levels and allergic risk


Today, a reader commented on one of my blog posts:

My daughter is also suffering for hyper IgE syndrome. She has been diagnosed a few weeks back. Her value was 14,000 first. Then we got her vaccinated and it got 28,000. I think that vaccination increased it. She is also allergic to cow milk and egg and wheat.

To put this into context, IgE refers to immunoglobin E.

Immunoglobulin E, a class of immunoglobulins that includes the antibodies elicited by an allergic substance (allergen). A person who has an allergy usually has elevated blood levels of IgE. IgE antibodies attack and engage the invading army of allergens. The E in IgE stands for erythema (redness).

Normal IgE levels would be less than  130 IU/mL or 312 micrograms/L.  Anything over 2000 IU/mL is considered “hyper” (although doesn’t necessarily mean that one has Hyper IgE syndrome, which refers to a specific gene mutation). An increase of IgE levels from 14,000 to 28,000 is a dramatic increase in IgE levels.

This highlights one of many reasons why we no longer choose to vaccinate our son. Vaccinations increase IgE antibodies. And as IgE levels increase, this leads to an increase in allergies and sensitivities.

There’s at least one scientific paper that has demonstrated this link (i.e., that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines induce the production of IgE antibodies):

I know that people are always wondering why the current generation of children have so many allergies. Why are all of our children so allergic?  I believe that the 36 vaccines that today’s children receive by the time they are 6 years old have a major role in this.

Anyway, I’m sharing all of this information because every single time we have an appointment with Moses’ pediatrician and allergist, they stress the importance of getting Moses caught up on his vaccinations (and they are not above using “scare tactics”). When they ask “what are we afraid of”, I mention that vaccines are known to increase IgE levels. It just doesn’t make sense to us to  inject Moses with toxic substances that are known to increase IgE levels when his levels are already greatly elevated.

More reading:

In case you missed this video earlier, it’s worth watching. (It’s short, but very informative and easy to understand):


2 thoughts on “Vaccines increase IgE levels and allergic risk

  1. Amen sister!!! I’m in the process of getting my vaccine-exemption forms notarized and I’m actually looking forward to dropping it off at the Health Unit. I’m half-expecting them to pull out a gold medallion on a chain and swing it in front of my face saying “Vaccinations are perfectly safe. You WILL vaccinate your child.” I’m saying bring it. 🙂

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