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Clearing Carcinosin 200C – Heilkunst Round 19


Five weeks ago, Moses started clearing Carcinosin 200C (i.e., to the second potency).  Again, to give you some context, most people can clear the chronic miasm powders for all four potencies one after another, over a period of four days, or sometimes every second day. For Moses, I’ve started spacing out each of the powders by several weeks. You can read about clearing  Carcinosin 30C here.

The day before he was dosed the Carcinosin 200C powder, he developed yet another dental abscess. Given that the last time he developed a dental abscess, he spent 2 weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, it caused us some concern. A week later, yet another tooth was pulled. I gave him his homeopathic x-ray and anaesthesia droppers, and he had a huge night terror the next night.

Physical healing reactions this month:

  • His back has been completely broken out for the entire month. Five weeks later, the rash on his back is starting to subside.
  • He was wheezy most nights.
  • He woke up 2-3 nights a week, telling us he had nightmare.
  • His eye abscess almost disappeared and then got bigger again.

Pretty standard stuff, and pretty mild as far as physical healing reactions. Yay!

But, emotionally, it was a very difficult month for Moses.

For the entire month, Moses was incredibly angry, whiny, full of complaints, and prone to fits of crying for up to one hour at a time several times a day. Full on tantrums. His behaviour was reminiscent of what he was like after his MMR vaccination when he was three years old.

It was the most unhappy that I’d seen him in a long, long time.  He was constantly sad. Felt like life was unfair. Highly focused on the negative.

Even Moses had some fun on this walk with our friends

For example, we had a fun-filled Canada Day long weekend. On Saturday, he got his haircut at his favourite kid-centric place, and played at his cousin’s house and they swam / splashed in the wading pool. We celebrated Canada Day at the Confederation grounds and he jumped in a bouncy castle, received a balloon sword, sat in a fire truck, and listened to some live music. We went to his cousin’s house for more wading pool fun. We went to his favourite place (Hava Java) for a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. We set off some fire works in our backyard, and another at the local park. We even let him stay up waaaaay past his bedtime and enjoyed the city’s fireworks from White Hills. We spent Monday at the park with his cousin, had an impromptu dinner at his cousin’s house and more wading pool fun, and then went to his swimming lessons. It was a non-stop and super fun weekend.

When he came into our room on Tuesday morning, I was still grinning and basking in all of the fun that we had. I was especially thinking of the adventure of seeing the fireworks. As we snuggled, I asked him, “What was your favourite part of the weekend?”

His very serious response: “It was a terrible weekend. I didn’t get to play mini golf…” And he proceeded to cry, weep and wail for 45 minutes, kicking and screaming because he didn’t get to play mini golf. (And the only reason that we didn’t go mini-golfing was because he had chosen to go to his cousin’s house to swim in his wading pool).

It was a very trying month (to say the least). His emotional response was so deep and went on for so long that I was starting to lose confidence in my parenting ability. It felt as though Moses had turned into a spoiled only child (and from an outsider’s perspective, it certainly looked like he was). I kept having to remind myself that he was going through a healing reaction and that this too would pass. I reminded myself of my own deep anger (that also lasted for a month) when I cleared Carcinosin a couple of months ago.

His Heilkunstler said that Moses’ anger was a typical response to clearing Carcinosin “as the reaction to removing a layer of Carcinosin is often a release of anger, as the cancer miasm is all about suppression of one’s inner light, so that engenders rage, which can be discharged when the blockage is released”.

She went on to say that “although the outbursts aren’t fun to be around, it is a good sign that he’s expressing himself, as it means he’s reclaiming his territory from the disease”.

I am happy to say that we have finished riding that wave, and he hasn’t cried for two full days. Woo hoo! And he has slept straight through the night for two full nights. Woo hoo!

The gifts of clearing Carcinosin

On the positive side of things, during Moses’ last session with our chiropractor (who does energy work as well), I remarked to him that Moses feels like a “typical boy” to us, not a sick boy, but a typical boy who has some allergies. And, his chiropractor agreed with my assessment. He remarked that despite the fact that it had been two months since our last appointment, he is now doing more structural work on Moses and some fine-tuning (whereas last year, he was doing deeper work on his organs to help stabilize his system). He felt that Moses overall is doing well. His body is more robust, solid and stable. He felt that Moses matured physically and is at a new stage of development. He’s been growing like a weed!

Even DH commented yesterday how well Moses has been doing. (And DH is often reluctant to say optimistic things about Moses’ health because he thinks doing so “jinxes” us).

We had a great evening last night. We picked strawberries from the strawberry patch that we planted last year, and made a salad with organic lettuce from our small squarefoot garden in our backyard. (Our first try at gardening is a great success). Moses was in great spirits and we all enjoyed one another. I’ve been working less and doing more healing work. DH’s back is on the mend and he’s back to running. We went to the local park and Moses played tag with some “big kids”. All is well in our world!

We grew this lettuce from seed!

My Heilkunst update

I cleared Tuberculosis without a noticeable healing reaction last month. I’m in the middle of clearing Ringworm right now, and I actually developed a huge chalazion under my left eye (the same type of eye “abscess” that Moses is constantly developing). Thankfully, it peaked quickly and is now just about resolved (my Heilkunstler gave me a paper remedy for it). It gave me a new appreciation for what Moses goes through. (When it was really big, it was painful and starting to obstruct my vision.  Moses often has huge abscesses and doesn’t complain about them at all…)

There are some signs that Moses is ready to start clearing the next potency of Carcinosin. (We just noticed today that he developed a new huge abscess on his arm. It looks like a fly bite got infected). He has another doctor’s appointment on Monday, and then we’ll start the third potency. Wish us luck!


August 8, 2012 – Read about more gifts to clearing Carcinosin here.


6 thoughts on “Clearing Carcinosin 200C – Heilkunst Round 19

  1. Thank you for the update Janice! Wow…carcinosin is a doozy! Thank goodness we are not there yet! I wish you luck on clearing the next level. Can you imagine if you had given all the powders back-to-back over a few days?? Yikes! I have not had my laptop available all month…it pooped out on me, but I want to also post some thoughts on my blog tonight! Thanks again for filling us in on Moses. So glad you are seeing him continue to thrive!

  2. Yowza Janice!! I can certainly relate to all that anger and whining as it seemed that Adam was expressing emotions for WEEKS after clearing Carcinosin. I’m glad to hear though that you were braced for the worst and you were pleasantly surprised by the mild physical healing reactions (I love it when that happens!!!). And just how wonderful is that feeling of knowing your child is getting stronger and healthier!?! There’s nothin’ like it!!! 🙂
    God bless Janice and thanks again for sharing!

  3. Oh – and your lettuce looks lovely!! I just learned that I can do container gardening in my city and the bargain price of $20 per plot (for the whole summer!!). Definitely going to look into that next year…

  4. Thanks for your support, you two! This one certainly was a big one emotionally for Moses and me!!

    Brianna — I look forward to reading about what’s going on in your world.

    Hanna — your blog post on Adam’s clearing of Carcinosin helped to inspire me as it reminded me that Moses was really just going through a healing reaction and he wasn’t just a crazy, uncontrollable, contrary child!

    Oh, wow – $20 per plot for the whole summer is a great deal!!

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