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My midsummer’s dream


On Monday night, Moses and I had a date — we went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was playing at Bannerman Park.

Oh, how I love Shakespeare in the Park, but the last time I went to one was 7 summers ago, before Moses was born. I didn’t think that it would be something that Moses would enjoy / be able to sit through, so we haven’t been making it a priority to attend.

That’s our friend, Corie, as a beautiful fairy!!!

This year, one of our friends was playing a beautiful fairy, so I knew that I definitely wanted to see the play. I still didn’t think Moses would be very interested in seeing it, but a dear friend offered to watch Moses at the playground, while I enjoyed the play because she had already seen the performance. Yay!!

Much to my surprise, when we got to the park, Moses told me that he wanted to see the play.  I didn’t tell him anything about it other than the fact that Corie was in the play and that it was a Shakespeare play, so it might be difficult for him to understand. We told him that if he got bored, he could go to the playground with Aunt Dominique at any time.

Well, Moses didn’t get bored at all. In fact, he thoroughly enjoyed the play and sat quietly on my lap, engrossed in the play for 95 whole minutes! From time to time, I whispered to him what was going on, and he responded by shushing me.

Wow, wow, wow!  Talk about a midsummer’s dream for me!! My boy enjoys live theatre and Shakespeare!  It was one of my favourite shared experiences with him (as good as going to a drumming circle with him).

Afterwards, he told me that he likes going to plays, and we made plans to attend Above and Below at Bowering Park this weekend. All week long, he’s been reminding me that the play is at 2 pm, making sure that I don’t forget.

I really feel that this was one of the gifts of our last round of Heilkunst healing (i.e., clearing Carcinosin 200C), which was so difficult for both of us to get through emotionally. During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing more of the gifts that it brought. Moses has been more stable emotionally, happier, making jokes, laughing and dancing.  He has been his typical funny self. The other night, he sounded out a word (he’s learning how to read!), and on his own initiative, he decided that he wanted to colour a picture (something that he never wants to do), and this time, he not only wanted to colour a picture, but he wanted to do it with care and attention.  He was so proud of himself when he was done, and so heart-warming for us to see.

We had a consultation with his Heilkunstler on Monday and she remarked that Moses’ generative energy is increasing, his sense of self is increasing, and that his body is better able to handle any imbalances that occur.


5 thoughts on “My midsummer’s dream

  1. What a nice experience for you to share with Moses! Thomas has a love for costumes, drama, and pretend…maybe he will enjoy something like this, too, when he is older. I am so glad you are seeing Moses return to his old happy self and doing new skills like coloring and reading!! I hope this next potency isn’t too hard on him (or you)! Are you clearing anything right now? My hubby and I just started our first clears!

  2. Hi Brianna: I just started clearing Medhorrinum yesterday, so I’ll let you know how it goes! That’s awesome that you and your hubby are doing it too – looking forward to hearing how it goes. I really think that it helps the children even more when the parent(s) are being treated as well. Plus, I think it helps us to better understand what it’s like for our children to clear what they are clearing.

    During the first year of my clears, I often found that I needed to spend one full day in bed — completely exhausted and in a fog… I think that overall, the treatment has helped with my state of mind.

  3. I have dreamed of going to see Shakespeare in the Park for years and have never been able to do it (nothing playing nearby). Having your child enjoy it with you is a pleasure in a completely different level! Oh, how I wish my Dante could someday enjoy literature. My husband, the cynic, will sometimes make comments like, “yeah, was he reading Shakespeare all of a sudden today?” — all in due time, I say!

    Thanks for sharing Moses healing process, it is such an inspiration. I’m going through some outbursts with Dante and the Helium as well – so this helps me feel in company. Hugs!

  4. Hi Mom Connected: I also pray that Dante will enjoy literature one day. I love your response to your husband that he will be, all in due time!!!!!!!!

    Big hugs,

  5. Fun! It’s so nice when they enjoy the things you enjoy. I was able to take mine to a choir and orchestra concert recently 🙂

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