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Loving myself, warts and all


Well, this is embarrassing, but since I’ve been filling you in on my Heilkunst healing story, I might as well tell you that I developed a planter wart on my right foot approximately three months ago. When I first discovered it, I figured it was related to my Heilkunst healing journey (since homeopathy tends to bring things up to the surface  — better out than in), and that it would resolve on its own, so I didn’t do much to get rid of it at first. After a few weeks, it was starting to bother me, so I used Compound W on it, but found that it was still persistent. My naturopath suggested UNDA Anti-wart homeopathic remedy along with UNDA Cheliderm cream, an anti-wart cream. The latter wasn’t available at the natural health shop, but I was  told by the staff at Vitality that the anti-wart homeopathic remedy is one of their best-selling items in their store. I’d been using the remedy for approximately one week, and then had an appointment with my Heilkunstler. Louise L. Hay’s book, You can Heal your Life, states that warts represent “little expressions of hate and a belief in ugliness”, and the new healing thought pattern is “I am the love and the beauty of life in full expression”. My Heilkunstler echoed Louise Hay’s thoughts, that warts generally represent a Thuja state of mind (i.e., feeling ugly).

The ideogenic remedy I’m presenting today is Thuja. This is another homeopathic which can be applied on more than one level, and you may have had experience with this remedy for the treatment of warts. The core belief of this remedy, as it is used in the Ideogenic realm, is related to the feeling of having a wart — something ugly about oneself, which one desires to keep hidden. Thuja feels dirty, or even ‘sinful’ within themselves, as if there is something fundamentally flawed about their Self. Much energy is put into keeping their inner self, which they perceive to be flawed, hidden from society. The emotion of guilt can be very strong, along with feelings of low self-esteem. The classic situation to precipitate this state is in a highly rigid religious community, but it may also emerge in a non-religious context, such as the common experience of feeling ugly in comparison to the omnipresent images of super-models in our media, and other perfected photoshop images.- Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

My Heilkunstler suggested that reflecting on this theme might help to bring the wart to resolution. She also mentioned that it could be related to the Sycosis chronic miasm (Medhorrinum), which I’m currently clearing, and she wondered if it might resolve as this miasm is cleared. She also created a “wart dropper” for me (Thuj 200C / Nit-ae 10M / Caust 1M / drainage). Well, my friends, exactly one week after I started clearing Sycosis and taking the wart dropper (and two weeks after starting the UNDA anti-wart remedy), the wart is gone. Completely gone. It’s so fascinating to me! Interestingly, I felt that the state of mind associated with the wart also lifted around the same time, and I got a cute new hair cut today to celebrate.

I am the love and the beauty of life in full expression.

Moses and me at Northern Bay Sands

Other natural remedies for getting rid of plantar warts

  • Denise at Healthyself found that apple cider vinegar healed her plantar warts.  According to Earth Clinic, several other people healed their warts using apple cider vinegar.
  • Banana peels are supposed to help as well.


December 13, 2014 – Well, I had a re-occurrence of plantar warts (three of them), and they completely resolved themselves after starting homeopathy a couple of months ago (in particular, after clearing the Tuberculosis miasm). My homeopath says that warts are hard to resolve (her son had warts and it took 2 years for her son’s warts to resolve). Glad mine only took a couple of months.

September 11, 2015 – All three of the warts came back with the next homeopathic round (~January 2015), and were persistent. One resolved with a homeopathic treatment a few months ago, and the remaining two resolved this month using this cream, which supports immune function.


3 thoughts on “Loving myself, warts and all

  1. Amazing! I love to hear about homeopathic healing no matter how many times I’ve heard it! I can really relate to the thuja mindset and have found relief from that remedy. I also developed warts (but on my hands) after taking a few remedies and my homeopath at the time said it was the sycotic miasm coming up. My son cleared medorrhinum in low potencies this time around because it is very dominant in his system. He has had a strange birthmark looking rash come up on his hand and it isn’t going away anytime soon! Pretty interesting stuff!

  2. Sooooo fascinating indeed!! Thanks for sharing this Janice. You’re not alone girl! Who DOESN’T have something embarrassing about their body that they are not very forthcoming in sharing with people. 🙂

    I’ve been reading up on Thuja lately too because I’m developing some milia on my face. Thanks for sharing some more about the thuja mindset. I think there’s a lot of truth in that for me and it gives me something to think about.

  3. Wow, very interesting. I once had a plantar wart but I got it out with some wart remedy. I wonder how I was feeling about myself at that point? I think I remember my life circumstances…not very good. I had recently been kicked out of my parents’ guest house and dumped by my boyfriend. Hmmm

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