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Joy pockets #4


It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you my joy pockets (thanks to Holistic Mama for the inspiration).

5 senses tour

A big week:

  • Moses’ first day of grade 1! !
  • Moses is doing well physically and emotionally. 🙂

A picture of health!

  • Doing yoga again in my healing room.
  • Received an amazing healing and restoring massage  from my dear friend, Cheryl. My intention was for ease and grace in my body and life.
  • Shared a shamanic healing session, and plans for more during this coming week.
  • A hike with dear friends along Torbay Point.

A pic from last weekend at Middle Cove Beach

  • More breathing space at work.
  • Date night with DH  — the most amazing pizza at Piatto (yum, yum!)
  • Impromptu visit at a friend’s house.
  • Play dates at the park.
  • Making plans for our upcoming trip to Phoenix (I’m presenting a talk at an international conference!) at the end of September.
  • Making plans for our upcoming trip to Sedona! DH and I are taking a mini-vacation!
  • Making plans to take a Dying and Living Consciously workshop in November in Gros Morne.
  • Making plans to co-facilitate a Despacho Ceremony for healing the feminine next weekend.
  • A new painting “Precious Moments” by my friend, Dominique Hurley, has made a home in my healing room. Precious Moments is a beautiful painting of Buddha, and joins two other Dominique Hurley paintings in my healing room: Balance and Lakshmi.

September feels like a full month!!!!


3 thoughts on “Joy pockets #4

  1. How sweet…I love how you dedicate so much attention to health and well being. The healing room sounds wonderful…can you give more details? I’m intrigued 🙂

  2. Hi Brianna: Thanks!! My healing room has a massage table, a water fountain and candles. There’s a little statue of a yogini meditating in the corner. I use the room for meditation, yoga, and for my healing sessions.

    When I use it for yoga, I move the massage table to make space for my yoga mat. Dim the lights and light some candles. Heaven. 🙂

  3. The best kind of joy pockets are full ones. Blessings to you and your family Janice. 🙂

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