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Beauty in Sedona


We had an amazing time in Sedona.

The apus (mountain spirits) in Sedona spoke to us strongly. We will be definitely be back.

Moses did really well back at home with Grammie, emotionally and health-wise. We were happy that everything turned out so well for all of us. Things were up in the air during the weeks before our trip, and I felt that the message that I received was…



Surrender and release….

I was not in control.

On the other side of surrender, we found all of this beauty…

We loved Sedona.

A beautiful journey together.


Resting under a juniper tree on top of Boynton Canyon


You can read more about our visit to Sedona’s energy vortexes here.


3 thoughts on “Beauty in Sedona

  1. You deserve such a beautiful trip! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  2. I’m so glad that you and M made it to Sedona and had such a wonderful time! My heart feels full reading this post! Mike and I are heading to Napa in three weeks and my fretful self is trying to take over. Thank you for the reminder to surrender!

  3. Thanks, Gina and Lisa!!!

    Lisa: How exciting that you and Mike will be travelling to Napa! I hope that all goes well for your whole family as your vacation time approaches. Happy travels!

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