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Clearing Carcinosin (Update)


It’s been awhile since I’ve given you an update on Moses’ Heilkunst homeopathic healing journey.

Moses had a very difficult time clearing Carcinosin (Cancer chronic miasm). Emotionally. Behaviourally. And physically.

Typically, it takes 6 weeks for one to clear one of the chronic miasms to 10 M, and it took Moses 6 months to clear Carcinosin to 1 M because I spaced out the powders since his reactions were so big. (We didn’t even get to clearing 10M).

DH has dubbed this summer “the summer of abscesses”, and that it was. Moses had yet another abscess drained in the hospital on Thursday (it was his left armpit this time). Thankfully, they drained it under local anesthetic, which although was traumatizing for him in the short-term, meant that we didn’t need to stay in the hospital. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!

My Heilkunstler always reminds me that abscesses mean that things are coming to the surface to be resolved (which is a good thing), but it’s still not fun for Moses or the family.

We recently started clearing Syphilinum (Syphilis), but given Moses’ huge reactions, his Heilkunstler chose to dose Syphilinum using the Fibonacci method of dosing, which is supposed to result in more gentler healing reactions. I hope that she’s right…

[According to Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, the Fibonacci series is “…based on a mathematical sequence which defines a perfect spiral motion, as is found through many processes in nature. A spiral is formed from a kind of dance between a radial and spherical force which creates a continuous expansive motion”; therefore, it sounds like a combination of the traditional radial centisimal (C) scale and the spherical LM scale that is typically used.  The Fibonacci series are particularly useful for deep and old diseases].  Check out this visual representation of the  Fibonacci sequence here.

Fibonacci sequence in nature…

Earlier this week, I was starting to feel down about Moses’ state of health because his symptoms were up (i.e., increase of rashes; increase of wheeziness — he’s been needing his Ventolin puffer several times a day at school and at home;  the corners of his lips are cracked — they look so sore; he’s been complaining of intense abdominal pains; he’s continuing to have nightmares every night; and, of course, the abscess). I’m so tired of healing reactions, ER visits and doctor’s appointments. It’s hard to stay optimistic and centred of the time, especially when DH and his doctors just see the increase in symptoms as an increase in illness and disease. As a result of all of the abscesses, he has an appointment to see yet another doctor — an infectious diseases specialist. I’m also concerned that they will likely increase his preventative puffer medication due to his increase in wheeziness. Ack. More medication means more stuff that Moses’ body needs to detox (which then causes a healing reaction). Such a vicious cycle.

But then yesterday, Moses and I had an appointment with our chiropractor, who also does cranialsacral therapy and total body modification. We have faithfully been seeing our chiropractor every 4-6 weeks. I *love* our chiropractor because he understands homeopathy and energy healing, and is very intuitive. I always find visits to our chiropractor so confirming because he can read the body so well, and he can often pick up on the effects of the homeopathy and the energy work that we’ve been doing. (I’ve been keeping a record of all of our chiropractic visits here, so that I can keep track of how we’ve been progressing over time).

I told his chiropractor about current Moses’ symptoms and recent abscess drainage. In particular, I was concerned about the intense abdominal pains that he’s been having (which are not typical for him), and had been going on for a week. He missed two days of school as a result of these pains. His chiropractor released his neck and the base of his skull, which can be related to stomach upsets. According to his chiropractor, Moses’ body is doing well. Moses only needed some minor body point corrections, and not major work on any of his organs (this is great news). His chiropractor felt that his body was detoxing energetically, which is likely related to the fact that he recently started detoxing Syphilinum. His spine is good and his body is generally clear. He reminded me how far Moses’ body has come from when he first started treating him last year. In the beginning, he needed to do a lot of work on clearing his organs, and currently, his organs are actually doing really well. To me, this is a sign that even though all of the outer symptoms have (temporarily) increased, his internal system is actually doing well (i.e., it confirms what his Heilkunstler has been saying all along — abscesses are a sign of healing as it means that toxins and disease are on their way out and away from the organs). His chiropractor assessed that on a scale from illness to healthy, Moses is actually on the side of health. He is healthy (despite the outer symptoms). It made me feel that we are definitely on the right track, and I just need to have trust and be patient with the process. Yay, yay, yay, yay, and yay!

So, in any case, we will continue on this course of healing, and I will (try to) be patient with the process.

Hanging out on Torbay Point

As for me, it shouldn’t surprise me that Carcinosin was such a major chronic miasm for Moses to clear because it’s been a major one for me. I had to clear it for a second time to 50M a few weeks ago. I had flu-like symptoms that were quite intense during the first day of my trip to Phoenix, but thankfully my nose stopped running on the day that I gave a presentation at a conference. My Heilkunstler also gave me a dropper to help with my nerves related to the presentation, and my presentation was a big success! And, of course, DH and I had a great vacation in Phoenix and Sedona!

On the positive side of the things, Moses did really, really, really, really well when we were away for a week. His Grammie remarked several times how well Moses did, how much fun they had together and how different Moses is now compared to when he was three and a half. Three years ago was shortly after his MMR vaccination and we were wondering at the time whether he might be on the autistic spectrum. The fact that Moses did so well when we were gone is another sign of how far Moses has come emotionally.


October 14, 2012 – Moses hasn’t complained of stomach pains since Thursday. Seems like something has helped (maybe the chiropractic treatment, maybe the homeopathic remedy that his Heilkunstler prepared for his stomach pains). In any case, I’m glad that his tummy is feeling better.

We started using a Nyaderm (an antifungal cream) on the corners of his lips, and I’m hoping that will help bring relief to his lips soon.


12 thoughts on “Clearing Carcinosin (Update)

  1. Love reading about your healing journey with your son. You are documenting his healing journey very well. My son and I recently switched and are now being treated at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic after almost 6 years with previous Heilkunstler. I’m excited to see the further changes that will come for both of us on our healing journey. All the best to you, Moses and your family.

  2. hi i havent had the chance to email you in a long time. we’ve been super busy with lots of changes. a short note, about moses’ recent hospital stay and the anti-biotics given. probably a reason why his immunity is down too and also pushing or detoxing out the medications given. tyler is slowly healing and we used therapeutic doses of Vit C innitially and others to help him fight his infections etc. he’s been off steriods etc for almost 2 years now. his eczema is clearing up after going through a therapeutic dose of probiotics in just 2 weeks (we suffered without any allopathic steriod creams for 6 months using only homeopathy to clear off vaccine residues), which is helping to heal his gut. please check his gut, the anti-biotics would have killed off all the good buggers in there, and gut health is pertinent for these children. perhaps why he’s having tummy issues and low immunity. love ya and gosh another year is coming to pass so fast. i feel the time for change is coming…dont know why, but i just feel it….

  3. Hi Suzanne: Thanks for your comment. Yes, I noticed that you have recently switched to the Arcanum Wholistic Clinic from one of your blog posts. I love their blog and learn so much from them. I always find it inspiring to learn about others’ Heilkunst healing journeys.

    Hi Lin: So nice to hear from you, and thanks for your note. So good to hear that your son is doing so well and has been off of steroids for two years now.

    We do have Moses on a probiotic, but I do worry about his gut since he is on a daily prophylactic antibiotic plus the recent IV antibiotics and now, he’s on another week course of yet another antibiotic. Ack. My husband feels strongly about Moses being on a prophylactic antibiotic, and now feels that any gains that have been made are due to the prophylactic antibiotic (and not due to the homeopathic healing). It feels like a losing battle, but I’m hoping and trusting and praying that the homeopathy and prayers are doing more good than the antibiotics are harming… DH knows that I eventually want to get him off of the prophylactic antibiotic, but I have a feeling that he won’t agree to it for awhile.

    In the meantime, what kind of therapeutic dose of probiotics are you using, and what probiotics are you using?

    We can’t use high dose vitamin C b/c Moses has G6PD deficiency (which is a contraindication for high dose vitamin C)…

    On a good note, Moses’ tummy pains seem to have subsided. His Heilkunstler also started him on a new dropper to help.

    There’s been a lot of prophecies about a big change in 2012 — perhaps you are feeling that… We are moving into a time when decisions of the heart will be more supported than decisions made from the mind…

    Take good care,

  4. Ummmm…can I just say that I think I’m in love with your chiropractor? 🙂 I love finding “like-minded” people as well. I usually talk their ears off. 😉

    I’m so thrilled that Moses is doing so well despite (or should I say – as a RESULT) of all his intense healing reactions. Yay to Moses for being such a little warrior!!! That fighting spirit definitely can’t hurt when it comes to healing the body. You can either succumb to illness or you can fight. Attaboy Moses!!!

    Looking forward to the next round. God bless.

  5. I love hearing about Moses’s healing, Janice. It is wonderful to hear that despite his outward infections, he is healthy on the more deeper/important levels. Not until I started homeopathy did I understand this concept, nor appreciate the way that the body heals. Before, I would equate healing with diminishing symptoms…not increasing symptoms…but I can clearly see now how the body works to push disease out to the surface.

    I agree with your assessment of emotional health being a good indicator of Moses’s progress. I, too, have seen improvements in this area.

    The Fibonacci sequence is facinating. I remember learning about it in college and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Best wishes on more gentle healing for both you and Moses as you continue on with the miasms.

  6. Hi Lively Mom and Brianna:

    I love hearing from my fellow Heilkunst-lovers as you completely understand the path that we are following. Thanks so much for your continued support and reminder how these healing reactions actually lead to real and true healing!!

  7. Janice
    I want to suggest CoQ10 and vitamin D3. I haven’t looked at what supps Moses is on – and I remember the vitamin C being a no-no. But CoQ10 has been found in studies to help reduce asthma symptoms. I also read awhile back, but can’t find, that CoQ10 helped clear viral skin issues. You know the skin is very hard to reach with vitamins and even medicine (told to me by a doc) so you can get recurances of infections. But somehow CoQ10 was able to help with viral skin issues. I don’t know what dosages – but something to at least look into – or talk to a trusted doc who knows supplements. Quercetin also – an antioxidant – has been found to help. Have you thought about QiGong for Moses?
    Anyways, blessings to you, Moses, and your husband.

  8. Hi Denise:

    Thanks so much for your suggestions. Moses takes 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. He was on Quercetin for awhile, but a long time ago and I found that his rashes flared up on it. He sees his naturopathic doctor soon and I’ll ask her to revisit his supplement list (which is currently pretty basic) and will get her thoughts on CoQ10 and Quercetin.

    I’m not sure if there’s a QiGong teacher here in our small city in Newfoundland. Moses is currently in Tae Kwon Do, which I think provides him some benefits. I know some simple QiGong movements that I could try to teach him — thanks for suggesting the idea.

    Is your son doing QiGong?

    Take care,

  9. Hi Janice
    My son has practiced Kung Fu on and off. Yes, he will be learning GuoLin QiGong – from a master who will prescribe specific moves and sequence to strengthen his body where he needs. My understanding at this point – is to strengthen lungs and kidneys. I also will be learning.

    It might be really great for Moses (and I know you already do so much) to learn with someone who can know his personal issues and prescribe specific moves and sequence for him.

    I stumbled on QiGong many years ago when reading about a man who, at the time, was in his early 50’s. He was one the oldest people living with cystic fibrosis – amazing – especially given that when he was a child cystic fibrosis was something that was not as well managed as today. Needless to say, he said his lungs were strengthened because his father made him kick a ball – like soccer – when he was little. But then he really credited his life to Kung Fu. And as I researched Kung Fu , I kept coming up into QiGong.

    There has got to be a Kung Fu master who knows QiGong near you somewhere. The only thing I’ve found is that there are many schools of QIGong. We are learning GuoLin – developed by Master GuoLin to heal herself of terminal cancer. GuoLin QiGong is used to heal the body of chronic illnesses (cancer being a chronic illness in TCM view as far as my understanding goes). There are other veins of QiGong that I have read have helped heal cancers and chronic illnesses as well – by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation… From my lay perspective though, GuoLin is the most renowned and successful. But that being said, I would try any QiGong rather than no QiGong.


  10. Hi Denise: Thanks so much for all of this great information. Funny enough, I recently found the dvd that my acupuncturist gave me re: QiGong. Maybe it’s a sign??


  11. just wanted to say ho my heart goes out to you. it’s heart-wrenching watching our children suffer in any way. i am thankful often for my girl’s health, because i don’t take it for granted. it must get so so tiring, for all of you.
    Moses sounds like a real brave little soul. wonderful to hear things have improved so much over time, and just recently.

  12. Hi Mon: Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. Moses really is a brave little soul, and we are also very happy that things have improved so much over time. Take good care.

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