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Essential oils for health

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I asked my friend, Jaime from Keely’s Kitchen, to write a guest blog post, so you can hear how essential oils have had such a dramatic impact on her daughter, Keely’s healing journey. I feel a strong kinship with Jaime and have learned so much from her over the years from all of the great things that she has done to heal her daughter.

Jaime is a life-long health enthusiast with a passion for helping people achieve optimum health.  She started her business, Radiant Body Restful Mind over 15 years ago helping people through massage and within the last two years as a Colon Therapist.  She is a Mom of two beautiful girls and supports families in their healing journey. She previously enjoyed teaching yoga and kick boxing when more time permitted.  She loves being a Mom and taking care of her family and also enjoys reading and learning about all aspects of health, creating and enjoying new recipes, yoga, dancing, music, nature, and is a huge animal lover.


I have had amazing results with oils on my 5 year old daughter with focus, calming and socialization. They have played a big part in her healing along with diet and biomedical lead by genetic testing. Not a day goes by that I don’t use the oils on her and for that matter the rest of my family. The oils are in my recipes, supplements, skincare, toothpaste and I make my own cleaning supplies and use the oils in place of deodorant. Our routine every night consists of a warm bath with a couple drops of oils like lavender, marjoram, frankincense and grounding blend to name a few. Then we layer oils on my daughters feet or layer oils on her back on certain nights if she needs extra calming or if her immune system needs extra support and then diffusing them in the air in the bedroom while we read our bedtime books. These oils are truly a gift from nature and are so healing and powerful.

Here is a list of our daily favorites and what they help with:

Grounding blend – I use this oil before we do our homeschooling each day for focus and attention. Rubbing it up the neck and the base of the skull and a dab on the third eye point. We also use Grounding Blend before bed at night. Detoxifying, promotes courage and self-esteem.

Lavender – We use it every night either on the bottoms of the feet, in our bath, backrub or on the base of the skull and neck. I also use it before going out in public since my daughter still can become overwhelmed and upset in big crowds. Recently I started using it for her before her social group class and immediately she was paying better attention, more calm and actually playing with the other kids.

Frankincense – this oil is top of my list for anyone. Stimulates limbic system of the brain. I use this oil nightly on my daughters feet for calming, focus and immune support in her body. I take it internally daily. Frankincense oil supports the healthy production of white blood cells and boosts the immune system.

Vetiver – focus, calm, sleep aid, skin care. It also supports the liver and pancreas. It is very grounding and can be used at night if you have a child who walks in their sleep or seems very fidgety while sleeping. Pairs well with lavender and clary sage.

Focus blend– Helps restore focus and increase ability to stay on task, promotes clarity of thought and increases alertness and centering thought processes.

Some kids can be sensitive to smell or touch. If this is the case with your child you can put all the oils on the feet and can even do it after they are asleep. Otherwise massage can become a favorite time for your child and a very healthy bonding time. Sometimes they may take a few times to really be comfortable with it and you may get a minute one night, two the next and work your way up at a frequency they are comfortable.


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