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Our Christmas miracle


It’s the day before Christmas and we woke up to Moses bursting into our bedroom crying and in obvious pain. He was running a fever and having difficulty breathing. Uh oh. He wasn’t feeling well yesterday and with his shortness of breath and abdominal pain (a typical sign of pneumonia), DH felt that it was prudent to bring him to the ER.

Moses sobbed and was hysterical at the thoughts of being brought back to the hospital. He knew that if we went to the hospital, it would mean more needles and that they wouldn’t let him go home. After a few minutes, I joined in the tears next to him. We just couldn’t go back there. And definitely not on Christmas Eve.

But back there, we went.

Sure enough, an x-ray later, he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia (i.e., an infection in both lungs).

But….. the miracle part of it is that…  they let us go home. And, they didn’t do any blood work. Whew!

They figured since he was presenting well (i.e., was walking and had energy) that he could be treated with oral antibiotics and we could go home.

Yippee!  Hallelujah!!!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Praise God!!!!!!

Another miracle…. He developed more abscesses during the last few days….  And, they all resolved themselves (except for the right axilliary one that has been there since November, and which I think is more of a swollen lymph node than an abscess). I didn’t even know that they were all resolved, but when I went to show the doctor all of his abscesses, I was shocked and amazed that they were all gone.

I have started to use the essential oils on Moses — respiratory blend on his chest and his feet, oregano oil on his feet, Frankincense on his feet and an antibiotic blend, which is known to be effective against MRSA) on his feet. Just by putting them on his feet, the oils are able to be absorbed into his blood stream. We’ve also been diffusing peppermint and lemon oils. I feel that Moses has also been detoxing as a result of the essential oils, which may also explain the increase in congestion in his lungs.

In any case, I’m thankful that we will be able to celebrate Christmas at home. I will continue to use the essential oils and will pray that in the long run, they help to decrease the infection / microbial load that his body carries.


3 thoughts on “Our Christmas miracle

  1. So happy that your Christmas ended up on a happy note. Hope your son feels better.

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