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The highlights of 2012

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I want to end 2012 on a high note, reviewing my highlights of 2012.


  • I am blessed to have my dearest husband and Moses to share my life with.
  • I am blessed to have such a close relationship with my mom and dad, and a loving relationship with my brothers.
  • I am blessed to live close to my husband’s family and to have especially have such a loving and supportive mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife, cousins and the rest of the huge extended family. There are deep family roots here.


  • I feel very blessed to have the dear friends that we have and to receive the support that we do during times of need;
  • I feel blessed to have a group of soul friends who I can share my deepest fears and also my greatest joys;
  • I feel very blessed to have a group of women who I can relate with on a deep spiritual level;
  • I am blessed to have friends to laugh with and cry with.


  • DH and I are blessed by good health.
  • I am thankful for Moses’ good health and his continued healing.

Self-Care and healing

  • Meditation
  • Yoga (restorative, yin, flow)
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Heilkunst homeopathy
  • Shamanic healing
  • Chiropractic
  • Total body modification
  • Cranialsacral therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Essential oils
  • I am blessed to have such amazing health care practitioners and healers in my life.


  • I presented a well-received talk presentation at an international conference in Phoenix.
  • Found an ideal balance with work life, as an environmental consultant and also as a healer. I feel very blessed!!
  • DH also loves his job.


  • I love our home! We are creating deep roots.
  • I love our neighbourhood, our city, our province, our country, our planet earth.


  • Weekend get-away at my friend’s cabin with two of my dear friends;
  • Northern Bay Sands with our family and family friends;
  • Vacationing with DH and loving Sedona;
  • Spending quality time with my mom in November; and
  • Gros Morne with a dear friend in November.

Workshops and healing

  • created a powerful vision board with some dear friends;
  • Teaching restorative yoga workshop;
  • Thai yoga massage workshop;
  • Introduction to Bowen Therapy;
  • summer equinox fire ceremony;
  • a healing session with two visiting indigenous Peruvian shamans;
  • 2 day Dying Consciously workshop in Gros Morne with a dear friend in November;
  • 4 weeks of Energy Healing for Sexual Trauma;
  • 4 weeks of Feminine Energy Body Empowerment;
  • 4 weeks of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism (such powerful and beautiful offerings from Mommy Mystic);
  • and candlelit restorative yoga on the winter solstice.


  • I feel blessed to have a healing room in my home where I can pray, meditate, practice yoga and help cultivate healing for others;
  • I feel blessed to have a spiritual lineage that I strongly resonate with; and
  • I feel very blessed with my relationship with the Divine.

My spiritual offerings

  • Subbed two yoga classes;
  • Hosted three despachos (prayer bundle ceremonies) for healing the masculine, healing the feminine and honouring our ancestors;
  • Hosted several Wish games; and
  • Offered healing sessions for individuals and families locally and also throughout Canada, the US, Australia and even an individual in Turkey.

So all in all, 2012 was a tremendous and fabulous year with many, many, many blessings. There is much to be thankful for.

I pray for continued blessings for all of us (my family and yours) in the new year.

Peace and love, dear friends.


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