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A few successes to share


I was reading some of my old blog posts today, and it occurred to me that I have a few successes to share…

  • Moses’ back is completely cleared of rashes. This is amazing since his back is the favourite place for rashes to appear on his body. We can’t really remember the last time it was clear, so it’s been a long,  long time. His elbow creases are clear as well. Yay! He still has a rash on his groin and in the backs of his knees, but we are definitely seeing improvement. (And according to homeopathy, the direction of cure is down the body, therefore, the fact that the rashes that are “higher on the body” are healing first are a good sign that things are progressing in the right way).
  • He hasn’t had a night terror for a long time. In addition, the nightmares seem to have subsided. He’s still waking up in the middle of the night, but now it’s not because of a night terror or nightmares — it’s just interrupted sleep, and hopefully he’ll start sleeping through the night again soon.
  • Moses hasn’t needed Diflucan (an antifungal for thrush) for awhile.
  • As mentioned, his state of mind (which is the best indicator of health) has been really good lately.
  • It also just occurred to me that the fact that abscesses are Moses’ biggest health issue at the moment (and that all three of his current ones are low on the body), this is also a very good sign according to the direction of cure (i.e., the direction of cure is from within to outside).

All things to celebrate and signs of healing. It’s good for me to reflect on how far Moses has come and celebrate all of the successes along the way.


January 3, 2013:  More good news. We brought Moses in for a consultation with his surgeon, and his surgeon wants to minimize the amount of interventions on Moses, therefore, he’s going to wait for another week before he makes a decision on how to proceed. He wants to minimize the amount of incisions, therefore, if he does anything, he will drain it under local anesthesia with a syringe (i.e., aspirate it) rather than with a scalpel under general anesthesia.

January 4, 2013: Well, Moses called me from school today,  complaining that his bumps were hurting him. Soo…. back to this hospital we went. Long story, short…  two of the three abscesses were aspirated. Lots of crying and tears. It took five adults to hold him down. We’re glad that it’s over and we hope that the last abscess will resolve on its own and that his body can have a break…  That brings us to five abscesses drained by local anesthesia and two drained under general anesthesia in the last six months. Ack!

January 5, 2013: Good news — the third abscess burst on its own today. Thank God!!!

January 8, 2012: OMG — more good news — the abscess that has been under his left armpit since November is now completely gone!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I switched from putting a drop of oregano essential oils on his feet to a drop of melaleuca essential oils on his feet. Did that make the difference???

So…  all that is left is a residual abscess in his groin (the abscess sometimes does not resolve fully when aspirated, since the abscess does not continue to drain after the procedure; whereas the abscess does continue to drain when it is lanced with a scalpel). Pray with me that this one eventually resolves on its own as well.

January 9, 2012: The good news just keeps on coming and coming. At the moment, it appears that all of the abscesses have completely resolved!


7 thoughts on “A few successes to share

  1. I celebrate and rejoice in the healings you are seeing in your son. xo

  2. So much appreciated, Suzanne!!!

  3. Yeay, my friend! Very good signs, great explanation. Go, Moses!

  4. You should try Phisohex it works wonders for Jobs Syndrome Am 46 and have it my ige is at 6000 .. and its the only med i know that helps clear my skin up alot .. Prayers for your son on better health..

  5. Prayers for Moses to have completely clear skin and health using only the strength of his body and good food and supps.

  6. Thanks for the continued prayers and support, my friends.

    And, thanks for the advice, Anonymous. Good to know what works for others with Job’s syndrome. We actually have a bottle of Phisohex at home since my husband and I have used it ourselves when we had an MRSA infection last year. We haven’t yet used it on our son though…

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