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Lemon essential oil helps with homework

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Tonight, Moses was struggling with his homework (he often gets impatient and frustrated when reading).

Then, it occurred to me — try some essential oils.

I referred to my Modern Essentials book, and it recommended: focus blend, lavender and lemon. Secondarily, it recommended: peppermint, orange, cypress and eucalyptus. Since I have lavender, lemon and peppermint, I grabbed those three bottles and told my son that we were going to smell some oils.

We both took a good whiff of all of them. After he smelled each one, Moses took a huge sigh and made an exaggerated gesture that the oils were relaxing him (he’s very dramatic). When he got to lemon, he sat up straight and exclaimed:

Wow – lemon bursts my brain! I love it….
When I say it bursts my brain, it means that it smells great!”

And he sat there smelling the lemon bottle like crazy.

Then, he proceeded to read through his book without struggle. No impatience. No frustration. Less guessing. More reading.

He decided it would be a good idea to stop and sniff some lemon oil after he was finished reading each page. And that’s how he proceeded to read the entire book, with good effort on his part and some assistance from me.

I think we’re definitely on to something!


One thought on “Lemon essential oil helps with homework

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