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Lavender for bumps and scrapes

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This morning, as we were walking to school, Moses slipped on some ice and landed on his back. He was very upset, scared, in tears and complaining that his neck hurt.

I typically carry lavender essential oil in my purse, so that I have it on hand at all times since lavender is good for so many things (it’s calming, an antimicrobial and good for pain, just to name a few things), but this morning I left the house without my purse.

Fortunately, we were only two doors from our house, so I asked Moses if he wanted to continue to walk to school or if he wanted to walk back to the house to smell some lavender. He choose to walk back to the house.

I grabbed the lavender and gave it to him to smell. He took a few good whiffs of it and then felt much better. I asked him if he wanted me to rub some on his neck to help with the pain (lavender actually has analgesic properties), but he said that I didn’t need to.

I slipped the lavender bottle into my coat pocket, in case we needed it again on the way to school.  Thankfully, we didn’t.


One thought on “Lavender for bumps and scrapes

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