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Focus and essential oils (Emily’s story)

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Emily shared this with me today, and with her permission, I’m sharing with you. After only five days of using essential oils, this is what she had to say:

I think the oils are working! I have been putting the oils… Grounding blend, calming blend, Vetiver, Lavender & Frankincense on both boys feet at night. And, in the morning, I put the focus blend on the spine, grounding blend, Vetiver and Frankincense on the base of the skull — I put a little Lavender on top because the boys love the smell of the lavender. I am just playing with the oils and seeing what happens. I also bought a diffuser and use Lavender and Grounding Blend in it. I turn it on in the evenings before they start to wind down for the evening. Also, I put the same stuff on my husband. He travels alot and never sleeps good the night before he leaves for his  flight. Well, last night, he had a good sleep. He woke up feeling good!!

From my observation, my youngest son (8 yrs) seems to be calmer and less impulsive with the oils. Also, able to focus better on his schoolwork. He is still a chatterbox, but we were able to get thru with our school with a very cooperative attitude. A lot of times, he would lose focus and patience with his schoolwork. It really seemed to be working.

My 12 yr old said he was able to concentrate better at school. I also put a drop of Vetiver between his thumb and index finger him to smell when he needed to concentrate more.

Yay, yay, yay!  This is so exciting given that this is after only five days of using the oils!!   I know that things are just going to get better and better for Emily’s family! 🙂


One thought on “Focus and essential oils (Emily’s story)

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