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A soul’s contract


We had a soul contract, an upper world contract. We were both teachers when we made this contract, but he has often been my teacher in past lives.  I have been told this time and time again.  Just as he is my teacher in the present.

In this lifetime, he agreed to have a terrible condition that would be difficult to treat. That was to be his soul’s journey. To overcome it.

And it would be my soul’s journey to help him overcome it.

As they say, the most difficult times in our lives hold the greatest rewards.

It was to be our destiny. The highest destiny for our lives.

It is my greatest destiny in this lifetime to be Moses’ mom. To lead him through this difficult time. So that I could rediscover “my own true medicine”. Vibrationally. Spiritually. Including the healing power of plant medicine.

I have learned to listen. To trust.

To listen. To trust.

And, we are making it through.

One of my healers informed me today that Moses’ soul told her that he would be done most of his medical difficulties by the time he is 7 years old. He showed her, holding up 7 fingers. Seven.

And, he will be 7 years old in May of this year.  Hallelujah.

I can feel it. I know it be to true.

And it is so, and so it is.

Our story is not unique. On a soul level, your child has chosen you.

My dear friends, listen to that deep and wisest voice within, and you will find healing for your child. You will.

I am learning that there are many paths to healing. Just as there are many paths to God.

You and your child together will find the way back to health.


7 thoughts on “A soul’s contract

  1. Janice,
    Beautifully stated my friend. I’m so glad Moses is doing well!
    I am grateful we chose a long long time ago in our own contracts to unite here as support systems for one another finding what works for our kids individually yet together. .
    Love Carla

  2. Hi Carla, yes, yes, yes! I’m so greatful for your friendship, support, insights and encouragement. Much love to you and your whole family.

  3. You’ve managed to articulate what I know about my own relationship with my daughter so beautifully. I know this is true of us as well. Thank you for writing this and for helping us find the next steps which I know will lead us to true and deep healing.

  4. Hi Sherry: So glad this resonated for you, and wishing your daughter much healing. I do know that you are definitely on the right path!! Please continue to keep in touch and let me know how things unfold for her.

  5. Beautiful post Janice. I often regard Adam as my teacher as well. 🙂

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