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Moses will be receiving ten reflexology treatments from a massage therapist who needs to practice on a child as part of her reflexology training. How amazing is that?!

He had the first session today. I wasn’t sure how he would do — I didn’t think he’d sit for a full one hour session, so Kim planned a 30 minute treatment. He did just fine (it helped that I brought snacks and his DS to keep him occupied), so next week, she’ll plan for a 45 minute session. Interestingly, she was able to detect irregularities on his left foot (corresponding to the left side of his body) related to his eye, his lungs and his adrenal glands, which make sense since his left eye is still healing from the eye shield ulcer and the left side of his lungs generally present the most problems. She used a drop of peppermint essential oil to support his lungs in the apricot carrier oil.

I’m sure that these treatments will support his body, organs, lymph and immune system, and I’ll continue to share weekly updates on this post so that I can track what she finds and how his body responds to the treatment.

March 24, 2013 – The day after his reflexology appt, Moses developed a swollen lymph node on his left groin — a healing reaction that resulted from the reflexology appt? I did a quick search about healing reactions and reflexology and it does seem like they go hand in hand. I’m treating it with melaleuca and a diluted mixture of melaleuca, oregano, protective blend and lemon essential oils.

March 30, 2013 (2nd appt) – I was on the fence about keeping this appointment because I wondered if it would make the swollen lymph node worse (the lymph node is still present, although seemed smaller to me today). My husband wanted to keep the appointment because he thought it would help, so we kept it. Kim did a full 45 minute session, so this time was able to get to all of his systems (last time, she didn’t get to his digestive system, skeletal system or nervous system). This time, she also concentrated on his lymph system and also opened his lymph system near his collarbones. She used a protective blend essential oil to support his immune system and help fight infection in his body.

Moses did well for the first 40 minutes of the session, but was getting impatient towards the end of the session. She said that this time, his left eye point seemed okay and his lungs seemed okay (and interestingly enough, his lungs have been clear all week). Yay! She found that he was dehydrated this week, so we need to focus our attention on keeping him hydrated. She also found that his adrenal glands on both sides weren’t clear this time, with his left side being particularly gritty. She showed me how to do some of the main points that are pertinent to him, including the lymph system and his lungs, so I will see if I can remember to work on some of these points when I am applying the oils to his feet.

I’m really fascinated by this whole process and modality of healing. I’m feeling very, very optimistic, especially given that his lungs have been clear!!!

April 6, 2013 (3rd appt) – Well, the abscess was drained yesterday by a doctor. Today, Moses was very ansy during a lot of the session. Kim said that his right foot was clear. Yay. His left foot showed some “fullness” in his lungs and his adrenals. Over this last week, Moses lungs have continued to be clear for the most part, although he needed his Ventolin puffer a couple of times. We are also starting to give him RespirActin rather than his Ventolin puffer, which seems to be an effective (and natural alternative). We will continue with reflexology, but if any new abscesses appear, we may reconsider…

April 7, 2013 (day after 3rd appt) – Well, a day after Moses` third appointment, he developed two swollen lymph nodes under both armpits (he had a very small one under the right armpit previously). Ack! We`re definitely going to take a good long break from reflexology. Need to give Moses` body a chance to process this, and then give his body a break from clearing…

April 12, 2013 – Read about my reflections about the last week here.


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