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Feeling empowered and rolling with the punches


Moses had an appointment with a specialist who does immunology / infectious disease consultations. I really like this specialist and felt open enough today to share with her about the essential oils that we’ve been using. (I generally don’t share with the doctors what we’ve been doing to treat Moses since I found very early on that for the most part, they weren’t interested and I could tell that they thought I was a bit nuts. Some outright told me that they didn’t condone what we were doing (e.g., homeopathy, IgG testing) because it could be harmful).

Ironically, Moses has been abscess-free for two months, but wouldn’t you know it, on the day that we have an appointment with a physician, he had developed a pretty big swollen lymph node / abscess (~2 cm x 3 cm) on his left groin (which I think was a healing reaction to his reflexology appointment on Saturday, as it developed within a day of the treatment). Even with the swollen lymph node on his groin (in addition to a small small, but still swollen lymph node on his right armpit), she thinks that he doing really well (i.e., otherwise asymptomatic). His lungs are clear. No thrush (which she was impressed with, since this used to be a constant concern).

She didn’t have much new to offer us, except for an antibiotic prescription for the swollen lymph node / abscess, which she truthfully told us she wasn’t sure if it would help, and would likely cause diarrhea. I loved her honesty and candidness. Needless to say, we won’t be filling this prescription.

The best part was at the end of the appointment, she said that we should continue to do whatever we were doing because it did seem like it was helping.

I left the appointment feeling really good about things. The doctors once thought we were crazy because we were under-medicating our very sick child. And, now our once very sick child is getting healthier and healthier and healthier. I’m feeling really good about the options that we have, and how empowered I feel with the essential oils.

For example, today I felt like I was feeling flu-ish, so I made an essential oil flu bomb (5 drops each of melaleuca, oregano, lemon and an antimicrobial blend in a gelatin capsule). It felt so emotionally satisfying to be mixing up my own natural medicine and I love all of the smells of the essential oils as I mix it up. Essential oils are powerful physical and emotional healers.

I’m praying that Moses’ latest flare up will resolve on its own, without medical intervention. I’m basically  treating it with the same oils that are in the essential oil flu bomb (but diluted with fractionated coconut oil), and using the same oils on his feet, undiluted, along with some other oils. Please pray with me. We may take a break from reflexology until this starts to resolve since we don’t want to overtax Moses’ system.


3 thoughts on “Feeling empowered and rolling with the punches

  1. I’ll say a little prayer for Moses tonight. 🙂

  2. Sending you prayers that Moses’ body resolves this on its own.

  3. Thank you both for your concern and prayers.

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