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Learning to ride his bike

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Oh, yes. Because life is always in balance… With the difficult times come the joys…

Some of the gifts that have likely resulted from the reflexology / essential oils (in addition to his lungs healing), are that Moses’ fine and gross motor skills and physical confidence have improved dramatically in the last little while.

  • When I took him swimming a couple of weeks ago, he wasn’t nervous about swimming in the deep end of the pool (with a life preserver on).
  • Last week, DH said that Moses did the best job that he ever did ice skating. And this is without skating lessons.
  • His skills at Tae Kwon Do have drastically improved.
  • His penmenship has drastically improved AND he is learning how to spell and write on his own (without us needing to write the words out for him to copy).
  • On Monday, he wrote in his journal for school: “I love me.”
  • And this week, he officially learned to ride his bike. The picture below is hours after having the abscess removed.
  • And today, we went to a dance class and learned our friend’s “Robot Playground” choreography. Check out the video here!
Riding his bike

Riding his bike

This healing journey is certainly not easy, but it can be rewarding when I open my eyes to see the gifts.


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