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Happy to be home


There is something that compels me to share this journey with you. The highs and lows. The ups and downs. It helps me to document Moses’ healing journey, unburden my heart during the difficult times and hopefully share some inspiration with you from time to time.

Yesterday, Moses had a third abscess this month drained under local anesthesia. This time his right armpit. The surgeon put in a drain that required one stitch so that it could continue to drain.

Unfortunately, there was a complication, and two hours after it was drained, we needed to bring him back to the ER because it was draining, not pus, but blood.

By the time we got to the ER, half of his sweatshirt was soaked through with blood, all the day down to his pants. And thankfully, the site that was bleeding didn’t cause him pain (or any fear).

Since he was bleeding, they needed to insert an IV since they were concerned that if he lost too much blood and needed a blood transfusion, they wanted to be prepared. Moses was very upset / terrified about this development since back in November, they had a very, very difficult time accessing his veins for IV insertion. Thankfully, the nurse was able to insert the IV on the first attempt. Thank God.

His surgeon soon arrived (since this was the evening and after hours, he had to return to the hospital), and assessed the situation. He essentially used strong compression to stop the bleeding and they taped the site in place. Thankfully, this procedure wasn’t painful, and it really helps that we all like and trust Moses’ surgeon.

Moses was admitted to the hospital so that he could be monitored overnight. The nurses were instructed to take Moses’ blood pressure every hour to make sure that all was well. We are at the hospital so often that we know many of the nurses both in the ER and on the surgery floor. In fact, one of his triage nurses was my sister-in-law’s cousin, and Moses’ first nurse on the floor was actually an old friend of my MIL’s. So nice to be surrounded by so many familiar faces. We now also know the chaplain who visited Moses and we gladly welcomed her prayers.

We were free to go today, after two painful dressing changes. The tape that they used bound strongly to his skin and was excruciating for them to remove. My poor boy’s sensitive skin.

We were thankful that Moses’ surgeon discharged Moses and didn’t insist on starting him on IV antibiotics.

The blessings

One positive development during these recent hospital experiences is that I’m really trying to make friends and make peace with the medical system, and as a result, our experiences with the medical system have been more positive.

During the days before this hospital visit, I had been trying to find balance for myself and had been doing a lot of nurturing things for me:

  • a get together with some dear friends for a group energy healing;
  • a walk by the ocean with some friends;
  • Yin Yoga taught by one of my dearest friends; and
  • received an amazing essential oil raindrop therapy from a dear friend.

Thankfully, I was feeling balanced, replenished and full before the hospital visit. It helped to carry me through this ordeal.

Since I carry essential oils with me at all times in a small key chain holder, I always have my “oil friends” with me for support.

An everyday miracle was that after the hospital, we stopped off at the toy store where we coincidentally bumped into one of our dear friends, who had a visit with us over lunch and then came over and played with Moses while DH and I napped. I napped for the entire afternoon. She was a God send.

Robin and Moses hanging out while mama slept

Robin and Moses hanging out

We are very, very, very thankful to be home. Please pray for continued healing for Moses and for our whole family.


4 thoughts on “Happy to be home

  1. Just read your last four posts and I’m so, so sorry to hear this has been such a difficult time for Moses. 😦

    He sounds like such a brave little boy. I can’t imagine what it’s like as a parent to watch your child have to endure so many painful procedures.

    Sending you prayers for healing and comfort…

  2. Hi Hanna: Thanks for your kind words… It’s been a crazy month, but somehow we are getting through it. I’m feeling a surge of inner strength / inner peace around it all. I do feel that these abscesses are symbolizing Moses releasing disease. We just hope that after the last two abscesses (that are still unresolved) are resolved, our family will get a nice loooooong rest.

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