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I read a brutiful* blog post this week, a guest blog post, written by Kate Leong at Momastery. Kate shares her story and her son, Gavin’s story.

My heart was burst wide open by this post. Tears ran down my face. My heart ached. And I was also inspired by true courage, strength and wisdom.

If you are looking for a story about perspective, inspiration, courage, strength and bruty, I’d encourage you to read their story.  (If you want to read more, Kate’s blog is here).

One thing that Kate shared that particularly resonated with me is the following…

What if you chose your life’s blueprint before you were born?  What if your soul sat with God before you arrived here on Earth and decided what your life should look like… what hardships you should endure… what lessons were the most important for you to learn… how your journey could help others on their journeys?  What if your life’s journey was actually mapped out – by you and God – for a higher purpose?

Just thinking about that changed the course of my life forever and gave me a new perspective when looking in the rear view mirror.  It took me from a place of “why do horrible things keep happening to me?!?!?”  (with a couple WTFs thrown in there) to a place of power.  If I chose to endure hard things in my lifetime – then I chose that for a higher purpose.


When I am going through difficult times, I often take that viewpoint and I find that it helps me. I feel that it’s true — that our souls have seen the potentials for what was to come. And, the souls that have chosen particularly difficult paths have done so for some reason — because it serves a higher purpose — a purpose that is difficult to understand at a human level, but makes sense at a soul level. I find and take comfort in that.

*As Glennon from Momastery likes to say — life is both beautiful and brutal — it’s brutiful.


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