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Robot Playground Virtual Dance Flash Mob


Here’s a fun post! Moses and I participated in a Virtual Dance Flash Mob in honour of International Dance Day 2013.

It was super fun as both Moses and I love to dance. My dear friend, Corie, was the corie-ographer extraordinaire.

It’ll likely be very difficult for you to find us unless you know exactly where we are in the video, but see if you can try. Hint: The first clip that we are in is ~21 seconds. I’m wearing a purple top and Moses is wearing a navy blue hoodie.



If you and your kid(s) want to learn this fun choreography, check out the instructional video below. Moses’s teacher has been teaching her Grade 1 class this choreography using the video during their activity breaks during the day!


4 thoughts on “Robot Playground Virtual Dance Flash Mob

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  2. So fun!!! And yes…I found you both. 🙂

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