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Not quite done…


Well, I thought we were done with abscesses, but we’re not quite done…

Two days after Moses’ 7th birthday (he had a great birthday, by the way!), another one appeared under his right armpit, and proceeded to get huge (~4 cm x 3 cm). We saw his surgeon 5 days later on a Friday, and the doctor said that he thought it might pop on its own if we used warm compresses on it. If it didn’t burst by Monday, it was going to be drained by the surgeon. So, we started warm compresses over the weekend. On Sunday, I had a meditation and prayed that it might burst on its own. Immediately, I had a vision of it bursting when we were at a birthday party and received a message to bring an extra t-shirt to the party.

Sure enough, a couple of hours later, we were at the birthday party and Moses told me that his bump burst. Woo hoo!!! (Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring an extra t-shirt, so we made due with putting napkins under his armpit).

After the party, when we were home, I spent a good 10 minutes manually draining pus from his armpit. There was still more to drain, but it was starting to hurt him, so I gave him a break with the intention to drain more a couple of hours later.

Surprisingly (and much to my dismay), a couple of hours later, the abscess had completely closed up. Moses’ body heals that fast (I think this is an effect of the essential oils), but in this case, I was dismayed that his body healed that fast since there was more pus to drain. Thankfully, a lot had drained, but it was far from resolved. Ack.

We saw the surgeon on Monday and he was happy to find out that it had drained and suggested that we continue with the warm compresses, which we did. I also continued to put essential oils on both the abscess and his feet (an antibiotic combination of oregano, protective blend and melaleuca, plus frankincense [a powerful healing oil], peppermint [good for his lungs] and lavender [calming and emotional balance] on his feet). And over the week, the abscess got smaller and smaller and smaller.

At the follow up the appointment today, I was happy that the surgeon considered the abscess to be healing, and we don’t have a follow up for another 3 weeks. Whew!

I thought we were all clear and smooth sailing, but then after Moses’ bath, I discovered that another abscess is starting on his groin. Ack. This one is still small, and we, of course, hope that it’ll resolve on its own. DH tells me that it’s been there for about a week.  In any case, things seem to be settling down for Moses, and hopefully this one will be the last one for awhile.

Other than the abscesses, Moses has been doing really well healthwise, physically and emotionally, and we’re all feeling happy, content and at peace. We’re just trusting and going with the flow of it all.


2 thoughts on “Not quite done…

  1. Poor Moses. 😦 Always good news though when things resolve without the need for intervention. I was wondering if you gave any thought to the idea that Moses’ abscesses may be worse because it is a symptom of the cancer miasm and we were are currently in the Carcinosin season right now (end of spring). I noticed that Moses had some abscesses when he was clearing Carcinosin as well. Anyhow…just some food for thought.

    As always, God’s blessings to you and your family and I pray for continued strength and healing for little Moses.

  2. Hi Hanna: Thanks for the reminder about the Carcinosin season. hmm…. That is good food for thought!

    Happily, he is currently abscess-free — the last one resolved on its own. Yay!

    I hope your family is doing well!!


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