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Miracles happen


Okay, dear friends. It feels like it’s time for a catch up on how we’re doing.

We’ve been doing really well! Moses has been healthy and happy.

We’ve all been trying to find and express our bliss. DH has been biking just about every day and getting out for either a longer bike ride or a hike every weekend. On Saturday, DH gave me a “me” day and I went to a yoga class in the morning and spent the rest of the day with a dear friend at the Farmer’s market, hanging out downtown and then by a waterfall at the ocean. Heaven. It as a day to decompress, rejuvenate and reconnect with the earth and my body.

I had a Wish Game with my friends last weekend and my wish was to enjoy my life and my body.

I really feel that it’s time for self care and me time.

One of the cards that I choose during the game was, “Miracles happen”, and I reflected that I really feel that we’ve experienced a miracle. I feel that something big has shifted for Moses. Not only is he healing, but he is healed. That’s how I feel. I feel the universe is telling me to open my eyes and rejoice and see how my prayers have been answered. You can see it in the pictures that I shared here, here and here.

Moses is more embodied. His body is stronger. A friend of mine has remarked how he’s gotten taller and his whole body has changed shape. He feels strong and healthy to me.

My dynamic with Moses has even changed. I’ve been energetically shifting so that I’m no longer trying to “save him” / “heal him”. I’m trying to empower him to “save himself” / feel safe as himself. We’ve both been feeling it.

For example, during the last few months, every time he fell (e.g., riding his bike), he would be angry at me, “Mom, you never save me”.

I was puzzled by this response and also saddened by it given that I feel that I’ve felt that I’ve spent his whole life trying to “save him”, and he has been reflecting back that I’m never there to save him.

I discussed it with my naturopath (who is very intuitive) and she said that Moses is likely responding to the fact that he can feel me energetically pulling away, giving him space to heal / save himself, and that this is a healthy transition for us to make. It’s time to empower Moses to save himself. And he is ready, and he can.

Moses and I have been fighting a lot more. I’ve been finding that I no longer have any patience. I’ve spent all of my patience, a lifetime of patience over the last 7 years. I have no more left. DH and I are switching roles, and DH has become the patient one. I really feel that we have been going through a big transition, but it’s a necessary one. I feel that I no longer need to find “that magic bullet” that will heal Moses. I feel that we are well on our path. Moses is healthy and well. He is.

I feel that everything that we’ve done up to this point has been part of this journey.  Trusting myself. Developing a relationship with God. Forgiveness. I do feel that the 2.5 years that we spent healing through Heilkunst homeopathy was an important and integral part of Moses’ healing. And now I feel that the gentle, yet powerful essential oils can help with the rest.

My tough guys in the woods

My tough guys in the woods – ready to tackle anything that life throws at them.

Learning balance

Learning balance and having fun


9 thoughts on “Miracles happen

  1. Janice
    I can so relate to where you are emotionally. My son too is 7 and I have spent the last 6 years trying to save him & cure him from food allergies and asthma. I too feel myself a bit more free because I see my son more able to do things on his own. I see him growing. Filling out. Prospering. While I continue my healing efforts – it’s a nice relief to feel like we are doing OK. Many many blessings.

  2. Hi Denise: So glad to hear that your son is doing well too!!!! Sounds like we’re in a very similar place. Many blessings to you and your son!!

  3. I think my DD 10 mo. old is allergic to whear and dairy. She threw up everytime i have given her these. It runs in the hubs family. I am still nursing her and trying to figure out this food allergy thing. She seems to eat eggs without throwing up but I do notice her eczema flares up the next day. The doctor wont test for allergies until she is 18 months. Reading your post was so inspiring. I was @ my ropes end…researching, reading. Cooking gluten free, diary free, nut free stuff is not new, since i do it for others in the family. Doing it for my daughter is sad. The other day she grabbed the pancakes I made for my older son, and I had to pry it off her hands and felt so bad.
    I am praying and continuing to nurse, work part time.
    I am so happy for Moses and you are such a wonderful mom.

  4. Hi Ariana:

    Thanks so much for your message and also for your kind words. My heart breaks for you and your daughter as it reminds me of my son’s situation at that age as well. it completely breaks my heart 😦

    It sounds like you are figuring out a lot of her allergies, which is a really good start. It does sound like it would probably be a good idea to avoid eggs as well. Here’s some ideas for more DIY at home sensitivity / allergy tests. https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/crystal-testing/

    As you’ve probably read, I highly recommend Heilkunst homeopathy (which is different from classical homeopathy) and also doTERRA essential oils. http://www.miracleoils.ca/2013/04/essential-oils-for-eczema.html

    And of course, most importantly, prayer and following your intuition. You are also an amazing mom. Trust your intuition. Trust, trust, trust, trust.

    Take good care,

  5. Hi Janice,
    I can really feel/hear the shift, too. In you, especially.

    Lovely, and I am so glad that your DH is stepping in to support you with his own patience.

    Love to you, Mama…


  6. Thank you. I know in my heart she will outgrow it, I just have to help her in the journey. Food allergies runs in the hubs family so he is of the approach “well, its inherited, it could be worse”. I am more like, No, lets do somethign about it. I pray everyday for her.
    I also find coconut oil massage using ayurvedic techniques helps her eczema.
    She is getting better. And She will outgrow them all. I have to be like you and not give up.
    Thank you for the links.

  7. Hi Stacy: Thank you – your reflection really touched me. it means a lot… Much love!

    Hi Ariana: Oh, wow – coconut oil massage using ayurvedic techniques sounds very healing. Yes, your daughter is healing and will continue to heal. I have great faith. Take good care.

  8. This is my most favorite post that you’ve ever written. So beautiful…inspiring….encompassing. It has been such a pleasure witnessing Moses healing. He is living proof that miracles do happen. Enjoy, enjoy, and breathe!

  9. Oh, thank you, Brianna! I love to hear reflections from my long-time blog friends. Yes, I am breathing in and breathing out!!! Hope you and the family are well and enjoying summer. 🙂

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