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Moses – at the end of Grade 1

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It’s the end of Grade 1 and his teacher presented all of the students in her class with a meaningful gift from all of his/her classmates.


  • He has Pokemon cards.
  • He really likes hockey and so do I.
  • I like playing with you at recess and lunch.
  • He enjoys playing with Beyblades.
  • He’s my best, best friend.
  • Moses was great in Robot Playground.
  • Moses likes to play cars in class with me.
  • I like Moses’ cars.
  • Moses is great at drawing.
  • Moses is good at answering questions.
  • He is kind.
  • He plays with me.
  • Moses is so funny.
  • We share secrets.
  • He likes playing cards.
  • Moses looks nice with glasses.
  • He’s just nice.
  • He always lets me use his toys.
  • Moses is a great guy. He has a great sense of humour and a playful nature. Moses is brave and strong. He has come a long way in Grade 1. Alex has an awesome mom and dad. He loves little cars and toys. He has been lots of fun in Grade 1.

Love, Mrs. G. and Your Grade 1 friends

Spring 2013 003

p.s. His favourite team is the Philadelphia Flyers because it’s his dad’s favourite team!


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