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A vision of Archangel Raphael’s healing

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We are going through a difficult time right now. We made the decision to postpone our holidays to visit my family across the country because Moses has been dealing with an excrutiatingly painful abscess on his bottom. We will reschedule our trip when Moses is feeling better, but in the meantime, we are terribly sad.

A friend of mine shared this healing vision with me this morning…

Visions appeared as Archangel Raphael’s green healing light filled the bubble with the three of you in it. It took a while for the light to permeate the full bubble and every cell of your bodies… And once the bubble was filled with this shining emerald green light, it was amazing. A kaleidoscope of colours started swirling about and the bubble turned into a balloon that lifted to the heavens where angels rejoiced playing with it back and forth and placing their blessings on it. Then it was being held by God, a vision mixing traditional western imagery with the sun and the moon. That’s when the balloon turned to liquid and was placed in a shallow bird bath where you swam as a happy family in the healing waters until a beautiful bird carried you off back to earth and to your house. A dragonfly flew past your window and the house turned into a white gift box with a big red bow. Once unwrapped, your family unit was radiating light – white with wisps of emerald green and just a tad of red. Love – that was the gift. You are love. The 3 of you are the gift. And you are not alone – the angels and archangels, the nature spirits, the sun, moon, God. I sense no sadness – you are supported by rejoicing beings of so many realms and elements. 

Archangel Raphael’s healing light*

  Moses miraculously awoke to no pain. We pray that this resolves quickly and with ease and that we can reschedule our trip very soon.

* Another friend drew this vision that she had of Archangel’s healing light and our family last year.


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