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Catching up


Time for a catch up.

These last 6 weeks have been a difficult time with many abscesses – 17 in total and 6 drained by a surgeon:

  • three on his left armpit (one disappeared, and two were drained by the surgeon)
  • five on his right armpit (one drained by the surgeon, two drained on its own and two more drained by the surgeon);
  • one on the right side of his mouth, which has disappeared;
  • one on his groin, which burst on its own;
  • three on his bum (they all burst on their own, but one was so painful that we delayed our holidays for three weeks);
  • two on his head (one was drained by a surgeon and the other disappeared after the other one was drained); and
  • one behind each ear (both drained on their own).

Four days ago, he had one drained under his left armpit by the surgeon, and three more were drained by a surgeon today – two under his right armpit and yet another one under his left armpit. Currently, there are no others that are developing.

I pray to God that this is it and we will have a break.

We applied wet compresses to his abscesses (he wore a clavicle brace with wet face clothes under both armpits, while home and often to bed) and long baths several times a day to encourage the abscesses to drain on their own. Moses has been a trooper through this entire time.

We are continuing to use essential oils, but I haven’t been terribly aggressive with them (i.e., typically one would apply the oils directly to the abscesses several times a day, but Moses isn’t keen on this), so I’ve been applying them to the bottom of his feet twice a day:

  • frankincense – great for deep healing;
  • an essential oil blend for cellular healing;
  • an essential oil antibiotic blend (oregano, protective blend, melaleuca); and
  • essential oil blends that are good for Moses’ emotional health.

One sign that the oils are having an effect on Moses’ body – his abscesses have been healing amazingly fast after incisions. The speed of his healing response surprises his surgeon.

During Moses’ last appt with his intuitive chiropractor on Friday, he remarked that despite the current infections that Moses’ body is fighting, Moses’ body overall seems clearer energetically. I take this as a good sign that all of these abscesses have been part of Moses’ healing journey. I know that I’ve said this before, but from a homeopathic perspective, abscesses represent things coming to the surface to be healed and released. Moses’ body has done A LOT of healing over the last six weeks.

My feeling is that these abscesses were brought on by a healing response to my time spent with an African shaman in July. Remember, my hyper-sensitive son developed 11 abscesses after three reflexology treatments, so his immune responses are not typical.

As you can see from his recent photos, Moses’ overall constitution is very strong and healthy. I take this as a good sign.

In four more sleeps, we will get to go on vacation and visit our family (including my mom and dad, brothers and extended family) and friends. We can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I think your super sensitive little man is destined for greatness. 🙂

  2. Oh, wow. Thanks for your kind words, Aine. So appreciated!

  3. Janice

    I’m glad to hear that Moses is better. What a journey. And what a tough little man – I agree with Aine about his being destined for greatness.

    I wish I could offer something of help. I’m curious, how does Moses do with probiotics? I have been very interested in probiotics lately. The frustrating thing is that there are so many strains to sort through.

    I also recently did an interview with an author/husband of stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor. I mention this because the immune system is so important in fighting cancer. THey used Gerson – juicing, veganism, coffee enemas.

    I often think of juicing and it’s benefits – but it is nearly impossible to get little kids to drink a green juice…. or a fresh juice in general unless it’s sweet. But I do feel that it could have a big impact. Just a thought.

    At any rate, health, health, and more health to Moses. I hope you enjoy your holiday.


  4. I have an autoimmune disease and my body just goes crazy when I use On Guard essential oil blend–my head feels like it is going to explode, my joints ache so deeply it is completely unbearable, and I become listless. I just don’t know that On Guard is for every body. I just wanted to mention this because it might be more difficult for your son to express what effects him negatively.

  5. Hi Heidi: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with OnGuard essential oil blend. I don’t think my son responds negatively to it, but I appreciate knowing about your experience, in case others experience the same thing with this oil blend.

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