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Miracle at the ER


During our first week back after our vacation, DH came down with a cold (sore throat and chest congestion) and Moses also developed one too. It particularly affected his lungs. He was having difficulty breathing and despite giving him his Ventolin puffer several times, he was still having trouble catching his breath. DH was going to bring him to the hospital, so I started doing the Healing Code for Moses, and a few minutes later, Moses breathing became clear and DH decided not to take him to the hospital. Moses spent the afternoon playing with his cousins at the park.

Moses awoke at 1:30 am later that night and again was experiencing laboured breathing, and the Ventolin wasn’t helping. I tried to do the Healing Code for him, but he was so agitated that I was anxious and I couldn’t relax enough to do them. He was also complaining of stomach pains (which often times for Moses, means pneumonia). I asked him if he wanted to try to sleep or to go to the hospital and he choose the hospital, so I brought him to the ER.

While we were in the waiting room, I collected myself enough to do a Healing Code for Moses. A few minutes later, when we saw the triage nurses, Moses lungs sounded completely clear and his oxygen levels were at 100%. He played a Wii game that they have in the waiting room and I asked him if he still had stomach pains. He told me that he had a tiny bit of one (but I think it was just an excuse to keep playing Wii). Since he was doing so well, he was not a high priority to be seen. After an hour of waiting, I called DH to let him know that Moses was completely well, but he encouraged us to stay since we were there anyway. After two hours of waiting, I was just about ready to bring Moses home when they called his name to be seen.

When he saw the doctor at 4:00 am, the doctor that examined him told me that “he was perfect”. Lungs were clear. Stomach was soft and healthy. No pain. No fever. No symptoms at all. The doctor said that he had no idea why his symptoms would have gone away that quickly. I responded that, “I believe in the power of prayer, and I had prayed in the waiting room.”

We were home and in bed by 5 am, and then Moses was up at 9 am completely healthy and well (whereas, I slept in until close to noon). Moses spent the afternoon running around in the park, playing with his cousins, full of energy (whereas, I was tired all day). He only need his Ventolin puffer once today (whereas, yesterday, he needed it ~ 20 times [not an exaggeration]).

The power of prayer (and in particular, the Healing Code). Read another time when the Healing Code healed Moses laboured breathing at the ER here. Read more about the Healing Code here.


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