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Carry on, Warrior

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I told you that I’ve been reading a lot of books lately!

I recently read Glennon Melton’s book, Carry On Warrior: Thought on Life Unarmed and I absolutely loved it.

Glennon’s writing makes me laugh out loud as well as cry. Her writing touches me deeply, right to my soul. Reading Carry On, Warrior was like reading a love letter from a best friend.

I’ve been following Glennon’s momastery blog religiously ever since I read her post, Don’t Carpe Diem.

She writes about life in all its bruty (she sees life as being beautiful and brutal = brutiful).

Glennon is the mother of three children, and writes about the holi-ness of motherhood, as well as its challenges. She writes about the joys and the difficulties of marriage. She writes about living with Lyme disease, and being a recovering bulimic, drug addict and alcoholic. She writes about her heartbreak about not being approved to adopt a child, which is her soul’s longing. She writes about her relationship with God, and her belief that she is a holy child of God, as we all are. She writes about the bruty of all aspects of life really.

She reminds all of us that:

We can do hard things.

Love wins.

And, we belong to each other.

Some more of my favourite Glennon’s blog posts:



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